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How To Withdraw From A University

How To Withdraw From A University-It is true that college is not for everyone but withdrawing from a university is not only tied to dropping out. You may decide to withdraw from a university to transfer to another university or take a break in your studies.

Regardless of your reason for withdrawing from a university, it is very important that you go through the proper procedures and channels to end your enrollment and also have a well-defined and realistic backup plan.

You should make sure that the decision you are planning in taking is what is best for you so that you don’t end up regretting it in a long run.

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So in this write up today, we will be guiding you through how you can withdraw from a university and also how you can plan your future after you have taken this decision.

So without much fuss about the topic, let’s get stated…

How To Withdraw From A University

Use the following steps to guide you through the process of your withdrawal from a university.

Speak to your advisor about your decision

Talking to your advisor about you decision is something you shouldn’t neglect and this is because your college advisor might help you determine other options aside withdrawing from the university.

Your advisor will help you clarify your reasons for leaving and offer wise advice to you about what to do next.

Even if your mind is made up, you will still have to let them know as this is what courtesy demands.

Do well to meet your advisor in person instead of sending an email or leaving them to guess what happened to you.

Make sure you understand the potential consequences of your actions

Do endeavor to meet with an academic adviser from your school and relate your decision with them. Withdrawing from a university will mean that you would forfeit your scholarships if you on any and every other benefits you have secured.

Also, you might not be able to re-enroll in the university when you decide to withdraw from the university.

You will also have to pay up your student loan and this could be a financial burden to you.

Try to finish the semester

If the term is already ongoing, you will just have to wait till the term is over before you cancel your enrollment. So when you complete a semester before withdrawing, it will leave you with a documented final grade.

Also, it could help in your search for a job as the more classes you have, the more experience you will be able to show to your potential employers provided your reason for withdrawal is tangible.

Submit your withdrawal request

You will have to fill out some forms and also provide a reason for leaving. You may be asked to meet with your college advisor for counseling concerning your exit decision where you will be enlightened on some other options available to you aside withdrawal.

Once you are done with the paperwork, your enrollment will be officially terminated.

Try to know about the school refund policy

You taking part in the school refund policy may depend on when you withdrew from the university as you may qualify for a full or partial refund on your tuition.

Sometimes, students who withdraw from a university before the first day of the semester are eligible to receive 100% reimbursement and this could lightening you load and give you some funds to start up something.

You will have to check with the college bursar to see whether you need to make a formal request in order to receive a refund.

Pay any remaining fee on your student account

If you have any unpaid fees or past charges, you may not be able to register at the university in the future or request for an official transcript. So make sure you pay off any unpaid charges in your student account.

Pay off your student loans

Repayment of student loans will be after a six months grace period after your withdrawal date. To meet up with this loan after withdrawal, you can get a job with steady pay if you don’t have any savings anywhere.

Your main focus should be to clear the debt and so you can come up with financial plans that will help you focus on clearing the debt.

Do well to clear your student loan or it might affect your chances of being accepted to another university.

Return any material on loan from the school

If you have any school material in your possession like the library books, lab equipment, parking permit etc. you must return them before you leave the school.

Think about what to do next

Sometimes, you might have figured out what you intend doing after withdrawing from a university but if you haven’t, then you will have to analyze your prospects. Think about things you can do that with give you purpose and it would be a great way to make use of your time and energy.

Withdrawing from college is not the end of the road as there are other things you can do to better yourself.

Look for a job

You will definitely have to look for something to do and this could be getting a job at least to pay up bills. It could be a part or a full time job any of this will be better than just staying idle.

Be patient and start from the bottom all the way up to the top. Look for jobs that do not require degree as those are the best jobs you can fit into since you withdrew from the university.

Apply for internship

You can use this opportunity of withdrawing from the university to build real life work experience and this could be an addition to your experience. Some companies do not require that you have a college degree before you can become an intern, so you can apply for internship and get the experience.

If you have an opportunity to get an unpaid internship, don’t hesitate to take it because they have the potential to lead to gainful employment after the internship period.

When applying for internship, you can mention your time in the university and also the reason you withdrew from the university.

You could learn a skill

There are many trade and vocational schools that offer apprenticeship in plumbing, electrical, automotive repair, welding and carpentry. Learning any of these skills will be a plus to your status as some of these trade jobs are in demand and are also lucrative too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the paperwork take to get approved?

This depends on when you submit the paperwork. So to get the duration, it is best you ask your advisor.

Can I drop out of all my classes within the first week of my freshman year in the university?

Yes, you can. You will have to go to the registrar’s office and admission office to submit your withdrawal request. You will also have to go to the financial aid office to pay off any money you received.

What will happen if I drop out within the first week of my freshman year as an international student?

You will have a lot to lose especially the financial aspect.

Can I go back to university after withdrawing?

Yes, you can. You have two options: you could decide to return to the institution you withdrew from or decide to apply for a new university. Some universities allow dropouts to return to school without reapplying.

Final Note

You might have your reasons to withdraw from a university and it is understandable if the reason is tangible but before you proceed with your decision, you will have to look through all the potential consequences and all you would lose going through with your decision.

You can also check if the university would allow you to reapply when you choose to come back.

We have highlighted and discussed the guidelines you should follow on how to withdraw from a university and do well to follow these guidelines so that you will not have issues with your withdrawal process.



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