Why You Should Create a Support Network When You Move to Canada


Why You Should Create a Support Network When You Move to Canada


Why You Should Create a Support Network When You Move to Canada – Are you planning on moving to Canada or you newly moved to Canada, well it’s a great decision but you should know that this comes with a lot of challenges.

Adapting to a new country is not really easy as you are faced with new faces, way of life and practices that are different from what is being practiced in your home town. You will certainly have to find the best possible ways to blend in and adapt to the new place.

You are leaving your country or hometown and moving to a new country where everything might seem different from what you are used to, the question on your mind might be “how do I cope in this new environment?”

Adapting to Canada has a way of influencing your stay especially if you are a student or worker in the country and even though it is one of the most welcoming and loving countries of the world with loving people, you will have to be ready to face the challenges of moving to the Great White North.

It is important that you get a support in form of a group or person to help you in adapting to the environment. This support network will make it easier for you to cope and get used to the new country and even support you in any way they can. As a new immigrant, they will show you around and teach you the culture of the place.

In this article, we are going to be showing you how you can build a support network in Canada.

How To Build A Support Network

Building a support network as a new immigrant can be challenging but it is very good you try to get close to one or two persons as it will help you in adapting to the country.

  • Do not be reserved

It is normal for you to be reserved as a new person in a particular place but if you actually want to build a support network that will help you adapt to the country, then you will have to mingle with people. Don’t be too reserved and do be too obvious either. You can make friends by introducing yourself to your new neighbors and you can also try attending events in the community you are living in as this will help you get acquainted with people in the area and make friends easily.

You should also know that friendship is not an overnight thing and so you will have to persistent and give it time but with time, your effort will be rewarded.

  • Be helpful to people you meet

People are attracted to kindness and when you show love to others and also support them, they tend to become attached to you. When someone asks for your assistance and you are in a position to provide such assistance, you shouldn’t hesitate to render assistance even if you are new to the area.

This will make people confide in you and also reciprocate this kindness to you. Helping people is a great way of making friends and also keeping that friendship

  • You should say yes more often

If you really want to get out of your comfort zone, you will have to adopt this method. You shouldn’t be afraid to say yes as this will give you the opportunity to meet new people.

If you are invited to dinner after helping out, invited to an event or anything that seems to be foreign to you, it is normal to want to hesitate but take the opportunity and you might be surprised at the outcome that would come out of it.

  • Learn the Canadian language and culture

There are two main languages in Canada which are French and English language and the language you speak in Canada would depend on the province you are living in and so for you to adapt easily to the Canadian way, you will have to learn the language and also the way of life of Canadians.

You can join classes that will help you learn how to communicate easily using the communication skills like reading, speaking, listening and writing. Learning how to speak will help you communicate with Canadians and also build a support network easily.

  • Become a volunteer

This is another great way to learn about the country and also build support network in Canada. Volunteering for public services will help you learn and gain some working experience that will help kick start your career in Canada and also help you when looking for a job in Canada.

This is a great way of contributing to the society or community which you live in and making a difference too. You can decide to work as a volunteer in community organizations, places of worship, hospitals, schools etc.

  • Join professional organizations

Joining a professional organization whether in your field or not will help you in adapting to the new environment as it will help you get employment faster and you also get other connections too.

  • Find a regular spot to hang out

There are a lot of wonderful places that you can hang out in Canada like coffee shops, cafes, parks, book stores and you can pick one of these places and make it your regular hang out point as it will help you see and meet people. You will get to talk to people and there is a possibility to form a friendship that might go beyond the hang out point and help you in adapting the new environment.

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