Why You Should Create A Study Group

Why You Should Create A Study Group – As a student, whether in high school or college, creating or joining study group is very good and can help you improve your grades and academic performance. Sometimes, studying alone can be boring and tiring and this can cause some students to lose motivation to study.

You might have been studying alone and having difficulty comprehending what you are studying; studying with friends or a study group can be a nice choice for you.

Studying in group has a way of increasing your efficiency and boosting your confidence. You get to share ideas, opinions, compare notes and refine your understanding of the subject or topic you are studying.

The importance of creating or joining a study group cannot be overemphasized and it helps you to develop as a student and also as an individual.

When you study together with your friends, you tend to have this positive energy and enthusiasm to put in a lot of effort in studying. Research has proven that It helps students to learn and learn more effectively.

With the study groups, you tend to learn faster than when you study alone. Not all study groups will help you do better academically so you should try to create or join an effective study groups.

An effective study group will make studying everyday a routine and create a schedule that will suit every member of the group.

Many people have spoken on the ideal number of people that can form a study group to ensure that the group us efficient and effective. We will be answering that question in this article and also revealing other information on how you can go about creating or joining a study group.

We have divided this article into three parts:

  • Why you should create a study group
  • How to create a study group
  • Questions and answers


Like we have said earlier that the importance of creating or joining a study group cannot be overemphasized and students are advised to create or join a study group to help them study effectively and learn faster.

There are lots of benefits students can get from creating or joining a study group.

Sometimes studying alone can be tiring and boring and in some cases, you might not easily understand when you study alone; joining a study group can be an option you.

We are going to discuss the benefits of creating or joining a study group so that you will see how it can improve you as a person and as a student.

Let’s get started…

  • It promotes critical and creative thinking

Studying in group helps to improve your ability to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to tackle problems you encounter when studying. You must have come across the saying that “two good heads are better than one”.

When students come together to study, it in a way increases their problem solving skills and make them think critically. When a question is to be solved and every member of the group starts working on it using different approaches based on their understanding, they will definitely solve that question and also share their idea or opinion with one another.

This will help improve their ability to think from new perspectives and solve problems creatively.

  • It helps to improve study skill

When you study in groups, you will also learn new study skills that will help you study well. Tips on how to study well and assimilate faster can be shared by other members of the group.

Members of the group can discussion how to improve study skills and different ideas from different people will help you know what to do and how you can improve or work on your study skill.

  • It helps you study effectively

Studying effectively can also mean studying smart. Your ability to cover up a subject or material in less time and still understand and assimilate better. Studying as a group can help you study well and also remember what you have studied.

Studying as a group will help you to understand any subject or topic being treated better. An effective study group will help you as a student to see studying as a routine and turn studying into a habit.

An effective study group set down rules and regulations that guide the group and creates a schedule for studying so that members of the group can meet and study; all these will help you study well, smart and effectively.

With a study group, you gather a lot of information in a short time.

  • It helps you understand a subject or topic better

When you study with your friends or classmates, you tend to interact and share opinion and what you understand about a topic or subject.

This will help increase your understanding and also open your mind to new information you might not have come across while studying alone. Students tend to understand better when their mates explain to them as they come down to their level and interact freely.

A good study group assigns topics to every member of a group on a subject and the members come to discuss these topics at every meeting day. All these cam help you understand a topic or subject better.

Sometimes questions ae asked at the end of a study session; different opinions from different people can also help you understand a topic better.

  • It boosts your communication skill

The interaction between members of the study groups will help improve your ability to communicate with people. Even if you are a shy person, joining a study group will help you overcome shyness to an extent and help you interact with people.

A good study group must ensure active participation of every member of the group and this will help every member to be able to give their view or opinion on a particular discussion. This will help you communicate freely and become outspoken.

  • It boosts your confidence and self-esteem

Studying in group will surely boosts your confidence. It will help you to start believing and trusting your ability to perform better.

A study group where every member is active will help increase the self-esteem and self-confidence of its members as everybody will be given an opportunity to contribute to what is being discussed.

When you begin to teach others what you understand about a topic or subject matter and also find solutions to problems; you begin to develop confidence and start seeing value in yourself and ability.

An effective study group has many ways to ensure active participation of every member and this will increase the confidence of its members.

  • It increases your interpersonal relationship

Even if you are an introvert, joining a study group will bring you out of your shell. It will help increase your relationship with people and how you interact with them.

Studying in group will help to improve your interpersonal relationship skill. It will teach you how to associate with people and fight loneliness.

  • It helps you learn faster

Studying with friends or a group will help improve your study skill which will in turn help you study better and learn faster. Sometimes, you might come across a part in your textbook that might be confusing or difficult to you but when a student in your study group explains it to you and answers some questions you asked, it becomes clear and you understand better than when you ponder on it alone spending time.

Brainstorming on a task together will help you learn faster and assimilate better.

  • It helps you overcome procrastination

Many students are fond of procrastinating studying because of a number of reasons like lack of motivation, laziness, stress and many other reasons but joining a study group will discipline you to always meet up with study days and fight laziness.

An effective study group has rules and regulations that members should follow and also penalties for skipping a day assigned for studying; this will help prepare for every meeting day and make it a priority.

When you study alone, you can postpone studying to another time but when studying with a group, you just have to attend and partake in every activity. It helps you develop self-discipline.

  • It teaches self-discipline and time management

When you study with a group, you cannot decide to skip a meeting day without a concrete reason and this will make you to do what you have to do at the right time so as to meet up.

This will teach you to control yourself and your feeling and do what you are supposed to do even if you don’t feel like doing it.

For the study group, a schedule is being created and every member is expected to work with the schedule and also manage time properly so as to study smart and study effectively.

Sometimes, for a discussion class, time is being allocated to each member to talk on a topic and to make sure they keep to the time. This will help to boost your time management skill.

  • You get to share ideas and opinions

When you study together, you have the opportunity to share ideas, opinions and views concerning a subject matter or topic being discussed. When you study alone, you are only open to your opinion or understanding of a particular topic unlike when you are studying with 3-5 persons where you all have opportunity to participate actively and discuss extensively on the topic.

Everybody’s opinion will be welcomed and you will have a broader knowledge of what is being discussed.

  • You get to compare your notes and fill up spaces

When you are in a study group with your classmates, you will be able to compare your notes with theirs and also see if you are up-to-date and if not, you will be able to complete your note and also get information from their notes.

You also have the opportunity to get information you might have missed during the lesson and also give information to others too.

  • It helps to boost academic performance

This is one notable importance of joining or creating an effective study group. Your grades start stepping up. The group helps to improve your study skill and helps you study effectively and all these will definitely help to improve your academic performance and also help you as an individual.


One thing is creating a study group; another thing is for the group to be functional and active.

How do you create a study group that will help improve your academics and also improve you as an individual?

Everything comes down to the members of the study group and how active, devoted and committed they are. It is very important that you join or create an effective study group that will help you study well and improve your academic performance.

We will be looking at some tips to help you in creating an effective and active study group.

Let’s start…

  • Ask your classmates if they would like to form a study group

You can form a study group with dormitory mates, roommates, friends or random people but it is good that you form a study group with your classmates. This will help you as you all offer the same subject and perform the same class activity.

Try asking your classmates if any of them if they are interested in creating a study group.

  • Try to pay attention to your classmates’ efforts

For your study group to be an effective and active one, the members must be active and committed. You have to create a study group that will help every member of the group to improve and for you to do this; you have to select people with sound academic performance and people that are ready to give in their best.

After informing your classmates to know those who would like to join, you will still have to monitor their academic performance and also the effort they put towards their academics so as to get the serious ones as members for your study group.

You can’t accept every one of your classmates; it is going to be rowdy and ineffective.

  • Create a meeting schedule that suits everybody’s schedule

In creating a study schedule for the group as the organizer, you have to create a meeting schedule that everyone is fine with. You have to ask for their schedule and how they spend their day to know how best to create a study schedule for the group.

Everybody has different activities for each day so you have to know the schedule of your prospective members so that you can create a study schedule where everyone can attend and participate.

  • Pick a conducive venue with no distractions

One way your study sessions can be effective is studying in a place with no distractions as you will be able to concentrate better. After creating a study schedule for the group, you have to get a conducive place where members of the group can easily locate without stress.

There should be tables and chairs and also enough study space.

You can also decide to change location every week; it is not really a bad idea especially when you cannot get a permanent place for the study group. You can decide to do it at the homes of each member of the group and rotate this every week but you have to be sure everyone is comfortable with this plan.

  • Set out rules and regulations for the group

A gathering without rules and regulations is a marketplace. For your study group to be effective and functional there has to be rules and regulations. These rules and regulations will show that you all are serious about what you are doing and it will also help to coordinate the group.

Set out rules and regulations for the group and let every member of the group knows about the rules and regulations and what will happen if anyone flouts the rules.

You could decide to take action against any member that didn’t show up for meeting days without tangible reasons or even lateness to meetings. All these will help to strengthen the study group and make it effective.

These rules and regulations will help to prevent potential conflict. Set rules according to the needs of your group and don’t make the rule seem one sided; be flexible and seek the opinion of members of the group.

  • Set our subjects to study for the meeting days

The purpose of creating the study group is actually to study and study effectively and for you to achieve this; you have to prepare subjects or topics to study for each meeting day.

You can even set this ahead of each meeting day to help everyone prepare for it. With the study schedule, set out a timetable for the subjects to study and the time allocated to studying each subject.

If your meeting hour is 5-6hours, you can set out three subjects for the day, each subject taking two hours depending on how complex the subject is. Always ensure that your group members prepare ahead of every meeting day; it will help make things go easy and coordinated.

  • Select group leaders for each study session

A study session can be for a subject and you can assign group leaders for each study session. This is to make sure that every member of the group participates actively and no one is sidelined.

The group leaders can be the one to ask questions at the end of each study session and also coordinate each study session.

  • Set goals for the study group to keep everyone focused

For your study group to stay focused and have purpose there has to be a goal for the study group.

Why are you creating this study group?

What are you expecting from the group and its members at the end of the day?

A goal gives the study group a direction and a course to follow and so it is important that you and your study members set out goals for the study group. You can seek their opinion pertaining the goal of the group.

The goal could be more than one and it should be clear, defined and realistic. You should also know why you want to achieve the goal(s).

The goal can be getting excellent grades at the end of each semester or covering a particular subject in preparation for an exam. This will help you and the group members stay focused and motivated.

  • Take breaks during study session

It is very needed that you take breaks when studying; it is not to distract you but to refresh your mind and prepare you for another study session. If for your study group, each study session is for a different subject, then you will have to prepare the study schedule in a way that there would be study breaks.

Studying for long hours without relaxing can be exhausting and frustrating and so you have to allow the members take short breaks to assimilate what they have studied. The breaks could be to stretch the legs, take a snack or any other thing to get them prepared for the next study session.

  • Ensure active participation of every member

For every member to have an impact on the group and also gain from the group, everyone must participate. You will have to prepare the activities in the group in a way that everyone must have what to do for each meeting day.

It will help develop the communication skill of the members and improve their interpersonal relationship.

An effective study group ensures that every member in the group is functioning and participating actively. So if you are a shy person in the study group, you will definitely come out of your shell.

  • Review study materials before and after study

This could be done by the group leaders assigned for every study session. The material to be studied should be reviewed at the beginning of the study session so that everyone will know what the study material is all about and know what they want to study.

Every member should write out the headings and sub-headings of the study material. Even at the end of the study session, everyone can also review the study material to see if all that was outlined has been treated and discussed.

Reviewing the study material will give you an insight on what you want to study.

  • Set out questions for member to answer.

Setting questions for members to answer after studying is a way to evaluate what everyone has studied and see how the members of the group understood what they have studied. It is very good to set questions that members will answer at the end of the study session.

It can be questions from the text book or questions contributed by members of the group.

  • Create a chat group on social media for updates

You can also create a chat group on social media (WhatsApp, Facebook) where members can interact even without meeting and can share information with one another.

This can also be a platform for studying online in addition to the meeting days. New updates can be shared on the platform and any other vital information. The chat group should be another avenue to study and interact and not to joke or engage in irrelevant discussions.

This should be stated in the rules and regulations of the group.


Many students have asked some questions concerning creating or joining a study group. We are going to be looking at the questions and also answer these questions so as to clarify them on how to go about creating or joining a study group.

  • How many people can form a study group?

The ideal number if people that can form a study group are 3-5 persons. The larger the number, the more complicated and disorganized the group might be.

The purpose of the group might be defeated if the members of the group are too much. It could lead to potential conflict and problems in the group.

  • Must I be better than the people in my study group?

In creating a study group, you don’t need to be better than the members of your study group as the purpose of the group is to study together and improve too. If you are better than them, it’s fine but it’s not really necessary in forming the group.

  • How often should we meet?

This depends on the members of the group and how you intend to study. But you can decide to meet every day but the study hours might be different depending on the subject for each day.

Meeting everyday will help the members of the group to study everyday. Study everyday but not all the time. This will make studying become a normal routine for you and the members of the group.

  • How do I tell someone that I don’t want them to join the group?

You will have to talk to them politely so you don’t sound rude. Tell them why you don’t want them to join the group and also suggest that they might have to put in more effort and improve if they want to join the study group. Explain to them the essence of the group and you can put them on probation to watch their attitude and participation in the group.

  • What if I have a group of more that five persons?

Well it is not bad anyways just that the purpose of the group should not be defeated. Set out rules and regulations for the group and make sure that every member abides to the rule no matter the number of persons.


Study groups have been proven to be effective for students and have a way of helping them improve academically. We have highlighted some importance of joining or creating a study group and also given out guidelines to help you create an effective study group.

If you are creating a study group, you have to ensure that every member of the group is focused and motivated as this will help to strengthen the study group.

Create a study group today to help you improve academically.

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