Why is Education Important for Farmers?

Why Is Education Important For Farmers? -Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of every country’s economy as it is the food producing sector of the country. Agriculture isn’t the production of food only; we have other products like clothes, building materials and many other essential products.

Education is very important for agricultural productivity as it exposes farmers to knowledge, skills and training that will help them in their farming practices. Through education, farmers get to know that agriculture goes beyond tilling the soil and cultivating of crops as you will need to be exposed to some mechanized farming techniques to take your farming activities to another level.

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Education plays a vital role in agriculture and we will be looking at that in this article and many more. Before we proceed, let’s look at the list of what we will be discussing:

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  • What is agriculture?
  • What is education?
  • The importance of education for farmers

Let’s proceed

What Is Agriculture?

Agriculture is the practice of cultivating the soil for growing plants and also the rearing of animals for use by man. The activities of agriculture have been dated back to thousand years ago and the growth of agriculture played a vital role in civilization.

What Is Education?

Education is the process of getting knowledge, skills, training also learning morals, values and beliefs for the purpose of self-development and improvement.

It is the process of facilitating learning and acquisition of knowledge, skills, training, beliefs, morals, values and attitude for personal growth and development.

Education helps to shape a person’s ability to think and capacity to do things. Education enhances learning.

Importance Of Education To Farmers

There is a strong relationship between education and agriculture and in recent times, there has been a need to enlighten farmers on mechanization of agriculture and this can only be done through education.

Let’s look at some talking points to help us explain further the importance of education for farmers.

  • Education improves farmers’ skills

You cannot compare an educated farmer to a non-educated one and this is because an educated farmer has been exposed to certain skills that will help in improving productivity.

Through education, farmers get to improve their skills and learn new farming techniques that are easier and faster compared to what they are used to or what they have been practicing.

  • Education teacher farmers managerial skills

Through education, farmers get to know how well to manage their farm and how to use their limited resources efficiently. Education improves farmers’ decision making ability to help them make decision that will increase their output and income.

An educated farmer is better at making decisions concerning the selection of inputs and the best combination of inputs that will yield better output.

  • Education teaches farmers to make use of mechanized tools for farming

Many farmers are beginning to leave subsistent farming for commercialized and mechanized farming and for you to do this as a farmer; you will have to have a form of education.

Mechanized agriculture is the use of mechanized equipment and tools in agriculture and this will help to increase efficiency and productivity. So through education, farmers get knowledge on how to use mechanized agricultural tools effectively. An educated farmer will not have problem using these mechanized tools unlike an uneducated farmer.

  • It helps farmers to read and understand the instructions on inputs to use them effectively

When you are educated, you will definitely know how to read and write and as a farmer, it will help you read and understand the instruction on how to use some farm inputs like fertilizers, pesticides and even some machines.

Most of the instructions on some of the chemicals used in farming will tell you how you apply them on your farm and also the quantity and for a non-educated farmer; he or she might find it difficult to read to instructions not to talk of using it well.

  • It teaches farmers basic life skills to run their farm business

Going to school means you will have to be disciplined, punctual, time conscious and able to adhere to schedules and if you put in this attitude in running your farm business, you will surely make headway with what you are doing.

Education teaches personal development and this will surely help you when running a business as you will be able to brainstorm on the right decision and take the decision early without procrastination.

  • It leads to increase in productivity

Your ability to use farm implements effectively, learn new skills, adapt to changes in technology will help increase productivity. Education allows you to be open minded as you get to see things from different perspectives and brainstorm on the best course of action to take; this will help you make rational decisions that will increase productivity.

Agricultural education also teaches farmers how to select input and the best way to combine these inputs in order yield high output.

  • It helps farmers develop problem-solving skills

When you are educated, you are self-dependent and able to come up with solutions to problems. Most educated persons are creative as education teaches you to think outside the box and come up with better ways to address a problem so as to come out successful.

Through education, farmers could learn skills that will help them come up with solutions to problems they face in their farms like pest and diseases.

  • It helps farmers interact and share ideas and knowledge

Education enhances communication. Through education, farmers can get to interact with one another and share ideas and knowledge on how to improve on what they do.

They can embark on joint research to come up with better to increase their productivity and also pool resources together and embark on joint projects.

  • It makes farmers to be aware of available grants to helps them in running their business

The government of some countries has taken agriculture so serious and in a way to assist farmers, they have developed agricultural policies help farmers with grants to push their farm business.

Educated people are always informed about the latest agricultural grants and loans as this is a way to raise up capital for their business.

  1. It teaches farmers financial management skills

For every business to grow, it is important to know how to manage cash flow properly. Through education, farmers get to learn some financial management skills like farm accounting, keeping farm records, farm management and planning etc.

The farmers will know when to spend, how to spend and also what to spend on. They will also know how to use their limited resources efficiently, how to minimize cost and maximized profit.

  1. It teaches farmers how to use scientific methods to increase productivity

Science and technology has really helped in the growth of agriculture and for this to be possible, education had its own role to play. Through education, farmers get enlightened on how to use scientific methods and innovations to enhance productivity.

Final Note

From all we have said so far, there is a huge relationship between education and agriculture as education plays a vital role in enhancing agricultural productivity either through enhancing farmers’ skills, teaches farmers decision making skills or enlightening them on how to use mechanized farm implements.

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