Why is Education Bad?

Why Is Education Bad?-From everything we have heard about education, it would be wrong to say that education is bad but the thing is anything that has a good side must certainly have a negative side. That is the reason the question is asked “why is education bad?”

Well, in this article, we are going to be looking at the negative side of the educational system and how it has affected the ability for students to learn and make use of what they have learnt.

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The educational system has made education look less important and this is why a lot of people have term getting educated as a waste of time as some students end up not using what they have learnt from years of being in school.

But is education really bad?

Let’s look at some of the reasons education might be considered bad or a waste of time:

  • The grading system used is not effective

The ways students are graded in school most times make them lose interest in being educated as the system degrades instead of encourage them. Being graded for even activity you do isn’t actually the best way to impact knowledge. Most times, we learn from our mistakes as it makes us better and more experienced but in most of the schools, you are not expected to make mistakes as your grades will be affected.

For you to get good grades in school, you are expected to do exactly what you are told even if it is wrong or doesn’t conform to your beliefs and values. In the world we live in, we see a lot of people that got good grades while in school and failed to achieve something better in life and people that got bad grades ended up becoming successful; irony of life. From this, we should know that the educational system is measuring the wrong things.

So it is better that the system looks at better ways to get the best out of students instead of grading them based on their mistakes as mistakes are part of the journey to success and every successful person must embrace their mistakes and learn from them in order to grow and develop.

  • It follows a legacy and it is archaic

If we want to be frank with ourselves, we will know that the system of education is archaic and doesn’t conform to the social reality of the present age. Education is an opportunity to learn knowledge, values, morals and habits but the system of education has followed a path of trying to make some subject seem more important than others and this has been passed down from generation to generation.

In school, the most important subjects still remains maths, sciences, languages and then other subjects like humanities, arts, business are placed at the bottom of the hierarchy and this has made it difficult for people in that career to get lucrative job opportunities.

The educational system has placed so much value and prestige in some subjects making some other subject look inferior and less important and this has been passed down from one generation to another.

  • We don’t end up using what we have learnt

This is why a lot of people see education as a waste of time as we end up using little or nothing from all we have learnt in school for years. Let’s look at it this way, some of us spend a lot of years in school to get degrees and certificates and in the end, we don’t make use of what we have studied in school. This is what the educational system has done as we learn to do things that we might not use in our future career.

It has been argued that all the subjects we learn in school are to broaden our horizons and expand our ability to think but the thing is, do we use this knowledge at the end?

It is important that students spend more time in thing creatively and critically to come up with innovations and inventions that will be useful. They should be able to use the information they have learnt in real life and not just learning it.

  • The mindset in the system is wrong

Like we mentioned earlier that the grading system is part of the reason a lot of people lose interest in going to school and this has also affected the way people see education. The educational system has made everything we do in school feel like a race or competition and it has affected life after school as some jobs are seen to be better than others and we are expected to get the better jobs to be seen as successful.

if we really want the world to be a better place and want to follow the right path of education, the system should be stereotyping people based on grades and achievement as a valuable person is one that seeks and drives progress and puts in effort to make the society a better place and not trying to get a better job than their peers.

When we don’t see life as a race or competition like education has made it seem, we would be able to look for new ways to create a better world and add value to the society and that is why most of the successful people in the world today didn’t do well in school.

Success should be measured by the number of lives you have touched and how happy you are with what you are doing or the path you have taken in life and not by how better off you are than your peers.

  • The system pushes everyone to think the same way

The educational system is built in a way that everybody’s mind is expected to think in the same way and also act the same way which is not supposed to be so. We are different and so we are supposed to think and act different. Each individual has been given a unique mind but the schools have fail to take that into account and so we all have been pushed to think the same way and absorb all we learn from school whether relevant or irrelevant.

We have been made to work towards fitting into a subject that has been created for us even if we don’t want to and our talents are being tossed aside and our mind and brain filled with junk information we might end up not using.

The system is supposed to help us identify our talents and potentials and help us develop them but instead, we are made to become walking encyclopedias whose jobs are to absorb, retain and use information whether relevant or irrelevant.

The curriculum should be flexible and designed to help students develop their talent and potentials so as to help them become happy and successful in future.

  • The system doesn’t encourage passion for creativity instead it values dry knowledge

The thing is that the system of education has little room for creativity and innovations as it try to shape people and their minds into be fit to work in industries and factories that have been built years ago without taking into consideration the evolution of the world today.

With the ancient method of thinking where students are taught what to think and act and if you don’t follow that, you will be punished. In this system, we are expected to read textbooks and notebooks and to learn and assimilate the information therein whether they are true or not.

But the thing is that creativity doesn’t come from this type of system; you cannot be creative when you are expected to follow strict rules and learn information that is irrelevant. Creativity comes from learning in a free environment where you are allowed to think outside the box and try to change the narrative or norms on ground.

The educational system should nurture students and allow them explore ideas and opinions as this will help them come up with innovative ideas. Schools shouldn’t be a prison of the mind as people have termed it to be.

Final Note

Education is one of the greatest weapons towards achieving successful but the educational system has made education to be seen as a waste of time. The educational system should embrace innovativeness, independent thoughts and opinions, individual talents, making mistakes, encouraging creativity and difference in thinking ability and capacity.

If we can wake up and see how we can throw away the old system of education or modified it to become more flexible, the younger ones will enjoy going to school and will see education as the bedrock to success instead of a waste of time.

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