What You Should Do In Your First Year In College As A Freshmen

What You Should Do In Your First Year In College As A Freshmen

Are you a freshman in college and you are having a hard time settling in?

Are you having a hard time adjusting to the new environment?

Are you confused on what you should do as a freshman in school?

Well, you saw the right article. This article was compiled just to help you settle in as a freshman and give you an enjoyable college experience.

You might have been so popular in high school or seen as one of the smartest students but the thing is that all those went with high school. Your transition or admission into college doesn’t come along with your high school success or glory.

Starting college as a freshman is a new academic challenge and in college, you get to be independent and faced with how to make decisions on your own.

Your freshman year is the beginning of a life journey especially as a college freshman. It has a way of influencing your stay in college. The way you set yourself in your first year can influence your relationship in school and the kind of friends you make and roll with.

Getting into the school environment, a place you might not be familiar with and meeting people you haven’t seen before; it is quite different from the high school and so adapting might be kind of difficult.

You know that some of the friends we make in school are made during our first year in school and sometimes the kind of friends we keep or make has a way of driving our success in school and life after school.

So your first year or freshman year is very important and you should do well to prepare yourself for it by reading this article. This article will help you understand how best you can adapt to the new environment and what you should do to make your freshman year and college life interesting and engaging.

In college, most of the decisions we make affect our future and life as well. You will certainly feel stressed out and also nostalgic but as time goes, you begin to get used to the environment and settle in.

We understand what it takes to be a freshman and how difficult it might be to settle in that is why we have taken time to highlight 22 things that you should do as a freshman in college. There is no point getting worried over how you’d cope in your first year; this article will guide you on how to go about it.

Without further ado, let’s get started…


  • Ask about the school

Before going to college, it is very important that you research about the school and also ask about the school from people. This will help prepare you for life in college. Asking about the school will give you knowledge of the school. It could be the tuition fee, hostel fee, courses and many other things.

This information serves as a guide in your first year. You would see that someone that has some information about a place does things differently than someone that doesn’t have an idea of a place.

So in preparing yourself for your first year in college, do well to ask about the school and get to know somethings about the school; it goes a long way to help you settle in.

  • Attend all orientation

These orientations are a way to adapt to the system easily. You get to meet people and other freshmen like you and also those in higher level. It is very important that you go for orientations; you get information about the school, your department, hostel and many others.

With this, it becomes easier to learn about the school and also to settle in. The orientation also serves as a guide to help in time of challenges. So as a freshman, do well to attend freshmen orientations.

  • Do not skip classes

Yes, this is the reason you are in college in the first place. Though the freedom and independence that comes with getting into college can be overwhelming but as a freshman, do not skip classes; always go for classes and avoid the feeling of skipping your early morning classes.

You might not be used to it because you just got into the system as a high school graduate but it is good you know that getting into college comes with less comfort too. So always attend classes; you get to receive information from the class representative and also the lecturers or professor.

  • Do not procrastinate; learn self-discipline

The high school life is quite different from life in college. Here in college, you are expected to do things at the right time without being told to and so it is important that you do not procrastinate or act lazy.

Always set schedules and stick to them; never leave today’s work tomorrow as tomorrow comes with its own activities. One of the skills you need to develop in college is self-discipline and as a freshman, it is very important you develop this as it will help you set your schedule and also stick to them.

  • Manage your time wisely

Time management is also another important skill for all freshmen and it is also important for other college students as well. You have to set your priorities and know how you use your time. As we all know that time is a valuable resource but it is limited.

Know what to do and do it at the right time. Like we said, avoid procrastination; it is a bad habit. Do things when you are supposed to. If you are given assignments, make sure you do them at the right time and do not leave it for another day.

Proper time management skill as a freshman will help you understand the school better and also give you time to relax your brain and body for another day.

  • Always take notes in class

One thing is attending classes and another thing is taking notes in class. You have to listen attentively while in class so as to get information and gather knowledge; it is very important. Always be with your books in class and give the lecturers or professors undivided attention while in class so as to understand the lecture better.

These notes you take will help you prepare for test and exams.

  • Know your dormitory or hostel and the people around

The place you stay and the people you live with can either direct you to grow or make your college life a hell of an experience. They are either your safety net in times of trouble or your torture.

Remember that you would stay with these people throughout your stay in school though it is possible to change roommates and hostel room. Just take out time to know your roommates, neighbors and also your fellow first year students staying around.

Do not be a snub and even if you are a shy type, still try to respond nicely to people.

  • Get to know your lecturers and also meet with them if there is need for that

Some students might question the need to know or meet their lecturers but it is important you get close to them. They tend to advice you and give you moral support. As a freshman, try to know the hours you can visit your lecturers in the office and see how you can go about it.

They will always give you a listening ear and are ready to help you whenever you encounter some challenges.

  • Join teams, clubs and attend events on campus

We are recommending that you join at least one group or team on campus. As a freshman, try to get involved in activities on campus; it will help you adapt faster and easier.

It could be a sport team, student organization, clubs, sororities, fraternities or art group but try not to get carried away by the fun and excesses

 Getting involved in these activities and groups will help you make friends, learn skills, feel comfortable and understand the school better. It will definitely enhance your college experience.

  • Try to balance your social and academic life

As a first year student, you can be tempted by the social life in school and forget about your main priority which is your academics. It is good that you try to understand yourself and balance your social and academic life.

Do not be too carried away by one of these and neglected the other. Some people will say it is better to always study; they believe in study-study-study. Well, while it might have worked for some students, it has not worked for others. There is a saying that “all work and no play make you a dull student”. Study hard and also give yourself time to mingle and relate with people. That is the fun of college.

  • Get to know your course mates

Some persons might be so shy to relate with the crowd but at least get to know one or two persons in class and get acquainted with them. This has a way of helping you settle down in school and in class too.

Relate with you classmates or course mates as this will help you interact and share ideas with one another.

  • Get to know your career adviser or academic adviser

As we have said that it is important that you know and meet your professors; it is equally important that you get to know your academic adviser. This person is your guide as he or she gives you advice on your course, majors and minors, adding or dropping courses and other career advises.

Your course adviser is always ready to give you academic and career advice and so you should turn to this person when you face academic issues. Do well to relate with your academic adviser as this relationship can help in propelling you to academic success and bring you out of academic frustration.

  • Avoid distractions and always focus

Being in college is to study and come out with good grades. You shouldn’t loose sight of this because of college life. Remember that the things you do in your first year in college will affect your stay in college and how you cope. Try to avoid unnecessary distractions while studying and also in class.

Make friends that know what they are in college for and are ready to give in their best to achieve success. This will motivate you and keep you focused while in college.

Distractions will surely come, that is college for you but as we have advised that you should develop self-discipline to help you wade-off distractions and keep you focused.

  • Find a good place to study

This will help you study well without distractions. You should look for a quiet and serene environment in school where you can always go to study. It is not compulsory you stay in your dorm-room.

It could be in the library, garden or a confined environment provided it will help you concentrate and avoid distractions. Find the best place that you can study in school because as a freshman, you need to study so as to come out with good grades.

  • Join a study group or study with friends

This is another way to stay motivated and focused while in college. As a freshman, we advise that you join a study group or form a study group with your friends. It will help you study well and adapt to the system easily. Also make use of the school facilities and resources.

  • Always take your time to make decisions

Many people get easily pressured into following your peers. We just find ourselves wanting to do something because others are doing it. Well, you should never get pressured or never rush to make decisions especially when it is about your career and life.

College is the time you get to know yourself better and understand your abilities and potentials. Never see your career choice as a competition; it is an individual journey so you should try to think critically before making and taking decisions.

Take your time, brainstorm, understand your abilities and be the best version of yourself.

  • Set academic goals

As a freshman, it is good that you set your academic goals. You could set a goal of coming out top of the class with the best G.P (grade point) in the first semester of your first year.

This will help you focus and concentrate. It could long or short term goals. One thing is setting goals while another is working towards the goal you set.

  • Know your lecture time and test dates

As a freshman, you will definitely have to know about your school time table so as to help you schedule and organize yourself properly. With this, you get to know how to study and also how to balance your study and social life.  Knowing the dates for your test will help you prepare for it.

  • Get a job

This is not for everyone as not everyone supports working while in college. Well, this tends to give you a level of independence and self-confidence knowing that you can foot your bills.

With this job, you do not need to wait for others (parents and guardian) to send you money. Try to know your school schedule and understand it so as to know how free you would be so that you can get a part time job as a student.

It will help to give you work experience and many other benefits that come with student jobs. Though there are some negative effects of having a job as a student but it is up to you to weigh the options and see if it will be feasible to work and school.

  • Prepare a budget and track your spending

As a student, you are not exempted from preparing a budget. It is even important that you prepare a budget to help you track your spending and monitor your cash flow. Your budget will help you manage your cash properly and also save.

So as a freshman, it is important that you have your budget which could be weekly or monthly depending on how money comes in and goes out of your pocket. But always make sure you stick to your budget.

  • Try not to engage in impulse buying

Impulse buying is when you buy things you didn’t plan for. In order to check and cut down your expenses, you should avoid impulse buying. Always plan and weigh the usefulness of things before purchasing them. There is always a chance that when you buy things by impulse, you might end up not using them or using them for a short time.

As a student and also a freshman, you shouldn’t engage in impulse buying; when you prepare a budget, make sure you stick to your budget and cultivate saving habit. Cultivating a saving habit will help you both in school and also after graduation.

  • Make out time to rest and eat well

It is very important that you give yourself time to rest. Resting will help your brain and also your health. Eat when you are supposed to eat and sleep too. Doing this will help you stay healthy and strong.

The stress you face in your first year can make you fall sick and this will keep you away from class and this can affect your academic performance.


Your first year in school is not always easy. Adapting to the system can be challenging but you have to prepare yourself for it.

Always seek professional help when you need it and stay on campus as much as possible so as to get used to the environment. Try to make friends and make the right friends that will help you enjoy your stay in college.

Like we said earlier that your first year experience has an influence on your stay in college and so make the best use of it. Make sure you study the tips we have given in this article and see how you can use them.

We are expecting you enjoy your first year in college and also other years too. Good luck freshmen…

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