What Do Rich People Do For A living?

What Do Rich People Do For A living ? – Have you ever wondered about the lifestyle of most millionaires and billionaires such as warren buffet, bill gate, elon musk, mark zuckerberg etc. These men are so rich and have close to similar kind of lifestyle. However, in the same country and state they live in, there are lots of poor people flocking around them. This makes us wonder if there are things this rich men do that the poor aren’t doing. Well! The truth is, there are few things they do that the poor don’t do but, this doesn’t mean that if the poor completely emulate this lifestyle of this rich men, will make the poor as rich as the rich, it only guarantees you are likely going to be very successful.

So according to my research and background studies of some top rich men we know in the world today, I was able to bring together few points about unique things that are similar and common to the rich but aren’t present in the life and activities of the poor. Mind you, when I mean the rich and successful people, I am not referring to those that acquired their wealth through fraudulent or political means, I am only referring to those with traceable means of income and success. For example, we all know the likes of amazon and Facebook have been existing long time ago from when we were kids, so we can simply accept the owners as rich and successful people.

8 Things Rich People Do For A living That The Poor Don’t Do

Here are some things rich people do that the poor dont do :

Clothes and shoes

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The first on our list is buying expensive cloths and shoes. The rich do not spend on expensive cloths and shoes because they virtually believe they have nothing to proof and most people that spend on this do it because they are trying to build a high self esteem. On the side of the rich, self esteem is earned and achieved by their achievement and success in life. The business and jobs they have been able to create for years, have earned them the respect and trust they deserve.

High ticket properties

Unlike the poor, rich people do not spend money on high ticket properties. They prefer to invest money into developing areas rather than spending money on acquiring luxurious homes. The poor enjoys spending money on luxurious homes, living in expensive hotels and booking vip sections in bars and restaurants.


The kind of gadget used by the rich goes with a strong purpose. The rich do not spend money on gadget for the fun of it or for the purpose of show off. Rather, they spend money on gadget because of its inbuilt importance. Another thing the rich does is they only buy gadgets when their previous gadget is faulty and they need to change it but the poor, loves to build class so they enjoy going for the latest model of gadgets.


The rich avoid debts for instant gratification. They do not take debt to get luxurious items rather they go for loans to build a certain business and project. Unlike the poor, they enjoy going for loans just to get new house, buy luxurious cloths and phones or for the purpose of expensive travelling.

Expensive Food

Not that the rich do not enjoy expensive foods, they do not make it a priority. Rather they prefer going for foods that are of high benefit and healthy to them. Unlike the poor, they prefer going for foods that are expensive and might not be of any health benefit to them

The image

The poor loves to build this classy image that will make them look rich and successful rather than been successful in life. They spend on expensive cloths and hire expensive cars while the rich prefer looking simple because they do not believe in proofing to anyone that they are rich

Get rich quick schemes

The rich always think of long term goals and businesses. The prefer to build a network or business that will profit them in future rather than going for quick money schemes. On the side of the poor, getting into rich quick schemes feels like a goldmine. They prefer making the money the next day so most times, they end up losing all their savings.

Get rich training’s

The rich do not invest in get rich training’s. Rather, they prefer investing in new skills that will help them make more money in future. While the poor are not mostly interested in learning new skills, they prefer investing in get rich quick training’s and ideas that most times dont work. What Do Rich People Do For A living ?

Doing versus the dreaming

While the poor sit down dreaming of how to be rich and achieve success without putting in any handwork, the rich do not only dream of been successful, they put in the handwork that will make them successful. Most rich people sleep late night and wake up very early because of the time and effort they put on their job.

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