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List of Top Universities In Turkey For International Student

List of Top Universities In Turkey For International Student – Wanting to study in Turkey will require you to research the top universities there. 

Turkey, popularly known as the Republic of Turkey is a country in the Middle East. Turkey is popular for its diverse set of both oriental and European facets. 

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Also, its carpets, hammam and bazaars, sweet treats, and some of its areas contribute to the popularity of the country. 

Turkey has always stood as the bridge between the two continents; Asia and Europe as it has a fraction in Asia and the other fraction in Europe.

Islam is the most common religion that is practiced in Turkey. Turkey is one of the best countries, the second precisely which grants access to higher education. 

For the quest for knowledge, many international students travel to other countries to gain knowledge. 

One of the countries that international students could find to study in is Turkey. 

Turkey has affordable education for students, most especially public institutions. 

Every year, international students pay about 100 to 4000 euros. However, courses like Medicine and Engineering can be quite costly. Annually, Universities in Turkey emerge as the best universities in the world year.

On average, there are about 650,000 students from countries all over the world that study in Turkey. Recently, there was a little decline in the number of students but at times, there might be an increase in the number.

When thinking of studying abroad, the living cost should also be considered. Turkey has however emerged as one of the best countries to live and study for international students.

For international students hoping to study in Turkey, here are some of the best universities where you can apply to study – Top Universities In Turkey For International Student

Best Universities For International Student In Turkey 

1. Bilkent University

Located in Ankara, Turkey, Bilkent University is a private institution developed in 1984.

 Bilkent University is one of the best universities in Turkey for international students that focuses on science and research.

About 8.8 percent of the students in Bilkent university are international students making it about 908 international students. 

The institution has a state-of-the-art library that is rated as one of the best libraries in the world. 

The University has not failed in providing quality education to its students; both national and international.

2.Istanbul University

With a percentage of 5.7 of the institution being international students, Istanbul University has about 7329 international students. This institution was founded in the year 1846 making it one of the oldest institutions in the world.

This institution makes advancements to its teaching method as it provides new courses regularly that are in line with modern development.

 The University offers programs related to mathematics, sciences amongst others.

3.Koc University, Turkey.

Situated in Istanbul, Turkey, Koc University is a private institution that stands out as one of the best universities in Turkey. 

Being established in 1993, this university is one of the oldest institutions in Turkey.

Courses related to law, engineering, medicine, and science are mostly tutored in the institution. 

The percentage of international students in the institution is 5.8, equating to about 311 international students.

4.Ankara University

With a percentage rate of foreign students being 4.4 and a total number of foreign students being 3058, Ankara University serves as one of the greatest choices for international students. 

Ankara University can be located in the heart of Accra. Due to this, the university has accessibility and integration in the city life of Turkey. 

Being part of the Erasmus program, this institution is more competitive in terms of science and technology.  

For students who want to go for a double degree program and other highly specialized undergraduate programs, then this might be the best option for you.

5.The Yildiz Teknik University

Established in 1911, the Yildiz Teknik University commenced as a college devoted to the fields of social and natural sciences as well as engineering.

Currently,  this college has advanced into one of the most distinguished technical universities and has ever since been an institution that offers opportunities to develop specialists whose competencies and expertise would be acknowledged globally.

6.İzmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü

Izmir Yuksek Technology Institute is a great choice of institution for international students. 

Izmir Yuksek Technology Institute is one of the oldest universities in Turkey, being established in 1992. 

This institution has been able to create one of the best and most developed technical models in the world.

 Also, it serves as a home to one of the best technologically inclined faculties across the globe.

Izmir Yuksek Technology Institute is one of the international competitive institutions as its standard is based on specific multinational landmarks.

7.Bogazici University

Bogazici University is one of the best choices for international students that want to study in Turkey. 

Bogazici University is situated in Istanbul, Turkey. This massive institution houses one of the biggest research facilities available.

 These research facilities are not restricted to the national students alone but also international students studying there.

Bogazici University however provides numerous opportunities for students applying for undergraduate degrees and while teaching certain subjects in English making it easier for international students to achieve their purpose of learning. 

Bogazici University is evaluated to be one of the best institutions for international students in Turkey. 3.4 percent of the students in Bogazici university are foreign students and they amount to about 452 students.

8.Middle East Technical University

As a result of excess application with limited spaces, Middle East Technical University accepts a very minute percentage of applicants who wrote their entrance examination. 

The total number of international students admitted is 5.6 and it has a total number of 1547 foreign students.

Middle East Technical University is an institution that is situated in Ankara, Turkey. This institution has a record of offering a top-notch education to its students, most especially programs affiliated with Engineering and applied science.

Middle East Technical University also offers courses that are taught both in Turkish(the Turkey language) and English language.

9.Hacettepe University

With a percentage of international students being 4.1 percent and the total number of international students being 1,938, Hacettepe University ranks as one of the top universities in Turkey. 

This prestigious university was established in 1967 in Ankara, Turkey. 

The institution concentrates on carving its area of uniqueness in engineering and research. 

In addition to this, the institution’s mission is to properly educate and tutor fully baked students as well as competent graduates in fields like science, art, and technology. 

Also, the introduction of certain basic principles to educate and develop the students throughout their stay at the institution has always been worked upon.

10.Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University located in Istanbul as could be deduced by its name is one of the oldest universities in Turkey. 

This institution is a great choice for students who want to study in Turkey.

Istanbul Technical University is an institution that is recognized as one of the best institutions in the whole world.  Not only is it recognized as one of the best institutions in Turkey, it is also highly respected as graduates from the institution tend to be professionals in their selected field with quality education to help them always.

The institution also directs its endeavors on the provision of top-notch teaching for students intending to attain a degree in social sciences and engineering.


Studying in Turkey could be the best choice for students based on what they want. Listed in this article are some of the best institutions for international students. – Top Universities In Turkey For International Student

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