5 Top Tips to Reduce the Stress of Moving to Canada


5 Top Tips to Reduce the Stress of Moving to Canada


Top Tips to Reduce the Stress of Moving to Canada – It is no news that a lot of people from different parts of the world have been moving to Canada this year and it is not even slowing down as Canada is looking to welcome more people either as permanent residence, temporary foreign workers or international students.

The Canadian government has made immigrating to Canada easy as it has created immigration programs to help immigrants come into the country and so the country could meet its target of over a million immigrants within the next three years and this year, we have welcomed a lot of new faces to Canada.

As much as it is quite easy moving to Canada, you might still encounter stress, anxiety and difficulties in starting afresh or settling into a new country but we could actually make moving and settling in the Great White North easy for you if you would follow the tips we will be revealing in this article.

The main part of settling in this new country still boils down to you but we are here to help you prepare for what comes with moving to Canada as you will have to plan yourself on how to live, work and also feed.

Without much ado, let’s prepare you for your new start…

5 Ways to Make Your Move to Canada Stress Free

  • Move to a province where your skills are in demand

This is a very great way to move to Canada and start working without any difficulty. Canada is a big country with thirteen provinces and each of these provinces are in charge of their local economies and are making sure they meet their economic needs in the best possible way.

In most of these provinces, we have skills and occupations that are in demand as they are needed to help in the growth and development of the economies of these provinces. So it would be easier for you to move and settle in Canada if you move to a province where your skill is in-demand.

Some of the provinces in Canada are known to have created thousands of jobs in major industries in the provinces like Alberta is known for oil production and has created a lot of job opportunities for immigrants on a temporary or permanent basis in petroleum and mining industry. There are some other provinces that offer great job opportunities in various fields like medical care, agriculture, cyber-security etc.

Go through the Provincial Nominee Program so that you can be nominated by a province where your skill is in-demand as this will boost your chances of getting approved by the Canadian government to move to Canada. The provinces where your skills are in demand will nominate you for approval as they believe that you will fill up labour shortages in the province and also contribute to the economy of the province.

  • Get a job in Canada

There is this feeling of relieve you get knowing that you have a job to earn you money to cater for your needs and pay up bills. You are moving to a new place where you are not used to and so you will need a job to help you cover up with your expenses like accommodation, feeding and clothing at least these are the basic needs.

Canada offers one of the most favourable minimum wages and sometimes it varies from province to province. The new federal minimum wage in Canada is around $15.00per hour and this will take effect from December 29, 2021and if you work on a normal rate of 40hour in a week, you should be earning around $2,000 in a month which should be enough to take care of your needs and also have leftover for savings.

Some of the jobs in Canada also give you a level of flexibility meaning you can run up to 2 or 3 jobs depending on the kind of jobs you do but one thing you should know that securing a job in Canada will help you settle in fast. Some of these jobs even offer you accommodation, insurance, transportation and feeding too like caregivers, medical workers, teachers etc.

But mind you, getting a job offer from an employer in Canada is not a requirement especially if you are going through the Express Entry System but it will boost your chances of getting an approval to move to Canada as the Canadian government also believe that securing a job in Canada will help you settle easier and faster.

  • Create a budget

Planning is everything whether you get a job offer or you move to a province where you skills are in demand; you will have to plan yourself on how to cope with what is expected in the new country. Remember that you are new to the place and the cost of living will be quite different from that of your own home country either high or low but you would still need to plan yourself in whichever situation.

Creating a budget will help you prepare for unforeseen events as you would set out money for savings after meeting your needs. You will know how much you are expecting to earn, how to spend your income and on what to spend them.

Canada is a country that offers one of the best standards of living in the world and also in some provinces and cities, the cost of living is quite high like Toronto; you will have to prepare a budget to help you curtail spending and also save up money to meet future needs. You will have to look at your income and expenses to prepare a good budget.

A budget will also help you to avoid impulse spending which is spending money on things you didn’t plan for and also enjoy life in Canada whether as a student, temporary worker or permanent resident in Canada.

  • Plan your move to Canada

Like we mentioned earlier that getting a job in Canada will boost your immigration process and if you are not able to secure a job in Canada, there’s no need to panic as you can still move to Canada and also settle in. Take your time to plan yourself for moving to Canada but don’t waste time in starting your application process as it will help you run the application with ease because if you wait for the deadline before application, the rush might prompt you to making mistakes in your application process.

So run your application on time so you can have time to plan your move to Canada and how you would settle in but do not do anything irreversible until you have gotten an approval from the Canadian government through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

  • Go through a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant

These consultants are professionals who are licensed and know how the Canadian immigration system works. They know everything about how you can actually immigrate to Canada and also settle in Canada. They are there to let you know if you are eligible for immigration depending in skills, qualification, experience and motive. They guide you on the best immigration program you can go through base on the requirements and your eligibility status; there are over a 100 immigration programs through which you can immigrate to Canada.

Regardless of your reason for moving to Canada, this licensed professional will help take care of your immigration process from the start to finish just get them all the documents needed for the application. They will help you ease the stress of moving and also settling in Canada.

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