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One of the most essential reasons why we sit all day in the four corners of a classroom listening to boring lectures, taking difficult courses, and reading endlessly, doing a lot of assignments is to come out with a good grade and as such, earn a reasonable amount of money.

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In other words, money is the main reason why we go to learning institutions. This does not dispute the fact that we go to schools to gain knowledge but at the end of it all, the knowledge is to make us stand ahead of others and as a result, come out with a good grade. 

The bottom line? Knowledge is gained to stand out and even a lot of cash.

Every year, over a million graduates are released into the labor markets. It’s time for them to start a new life and get a job. 

At this rate, the job market seems to be over-saturated. For instance, if you need a psychologist, you could get ten thousand. If you need a nurse, you could get a hundred thousand, if you need an architect, you could get ten thousand.

Also, most people learn additional skills to what they have studied that make them stand out. Everybody wants to get a job, everybody wants to work for a company or a large firm. 

Since there is an abundance of applicants, these companies can decide to pay any amount, some might not be that sufficient as they know if you are not satisfied with it, there are other desperate applicants who are ready to jump on the offer most especially in Nigeria where there are job-hungry graduates who go in search of job opportunities every day and end up with nothing.

They know you are easily replaceable. Of course, there is no such thing as special courses as people tend to venture into any course in which they see any chance of opportunity.

It would be so painful and frustrating when you spend tons of your time reading, paying a lot of money, skipping sleep to read as well as other things you go through in a tertiary institution and in the end, being paid a peanut-sized salary.

There are some certifications however that you can study to your advantage. Note, this certification is not to serve as a replacement for your certificate or degree but as a supplement to it.

Applicants with these certifications are not easily replaceable and in fact, a good company would want to pay you any amount to retain you as they see the benefits and advantages you have and how you can be a source of growth for their company. 

Are you in search of high certification paying jobs, if yes, then this post is for you, read on and if no, you can still read it just in case you know someone who needs it. 

A quick one here. IT is gradually incorporating itself into our everyday life yet in this field, the demands have not been met. In fact, the ratio of supply of workers to demand of workers is about 2:50.

 Needless to say, IT is now the new oil for anyone who wants to make cool cash off it as you can not be easily replaced by any company especially when you are good at it. 

Companies would begin to do anything possible to sustain and retain you. 

Highest Paying Certifications 2022

1.Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

With an average salary of about 171, 749 dollars per annum, this degree tops the list of the highest paying certifications.

 Everyday, the need, and demand for a data engineer rises yet the supply is increasingly low. 

What Do Data Engineers Do?

Data engineers are responsible for exploring and reviewing processed data to attain visions into the business arena like its aftermaths, build statistical prototypes to aid decision making, as well as create machine learning models to automate and streamline crucial business strategies. 

Also, you would be responsible for providing senior management necessary data that is needed to formulate vital business outcomes by data modification and visualization.

All you need to do to get this certificate is pass the Google certified professional data engineer exam.

2.Google Certified Professional Cloud Architecture

With this certification, you can be sure to earn an average of 169,029 dollars annually. 

At first, it was the highest- paying certification but it replaced Google the google certified professional data engineer in early 2021. 

As a Google professional cloud architect, you would have to build, formulate as well as manage the Google Cloud Architectural resources implementing the GCP technologies. 

Also, you would have an in-depth knowledge of attaining solutions to Google technology that applicable to solving varieties of cloud issues. 

This is a good opportunity as people with these certificates are less than ten percent.

This certification gives you a rising mark and makes you more visible in the job market.

Again, to achieve a certificate, all you need to do is pass the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam. 

3.AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

The average annual salary is 159,033 dollars. This certificate allows you to become a professional in constructing and deploying scalable systems on the AWS platform. 

If you formulate cloud infrastructures, reference architectures, and/or deploy systems and applications, then you might want to take this certification.

To be able to attain this certificate, first, you should be an AWS Certified Cloud. 

Afterwards, you are required to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA- CO2) exam.

You need a minimum of one year experience in developing systems on its forum before you can sit for the AWS certified solutions architect associate(SAA-CO2) exam.

4.Certified In Risk And Information Systems Control(CRISC)

The ISACA Certified In Risk And Information System Control certification prepares you for in-demand skills.

The average salary per annum for this certification is 151, 995 dollars. With these certificates, you will have the ideal knowledge needed to point out, analyze and regulate IT risks and to execute control measures and frameworks.

The common job roles for CRISC certified personnel are security manager and director. Also, other positions available are in the information security sector, as a security engineer or analyst or as a security architect. 

To be certified with this certification, you have to pass the CRISC exam. However, the CRISC exam is sub-divided into four sections viz:

  1. IT risk identification
  • IT risk assessment 
  • Risk response and mitigation
  • Risk control, monitoring, and reporting.

5.Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

As a CISSP certified professional, you can earn a whopping sum of 151, 853 dollars per annum making it the fifth highest- paying certification in the world. This certification can be likened to a master’s degree in IT security.

With this certification, you will be able to develop, enforce and supervise a cybersecurity program. 

To obtain the certification, you must have at least five years of working experience in one or more of the domains listed below:

a.Security and risk management

b.Security operations 

c.Asset Security

d.Identity and access management

e.Security assessment and testing

f.Security architecture and engineering

g.Communication and network security.

h.Software development security

Also, the certification exam revolves around these domains. If you do not have the experience, you can become an Associate of (ISC)2 by taking the certification exam. 

Within six years, you will be required to gain the needed experience to get your CISSP.


No matter the skills or certificate you take, if you are not a professional at it., you might not make so much from it.

In other words, every and any degree or certification you take, ensure to be the best at it.

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