What Is Time Management To A Student?

Time Management To A Student – Have you had too many tasks and don’t know how to go about them?

Do you understand what time management really is as a student?

Time management is your ability to use time efficiently and effectively. In time management, you organize, coordinate and plan how long you will spend performing a specific activity or task.

The importance of time management for students in carrying out task cannot be understated. In this process, you are to be conscious of time and always be enthusiastic. Time management enables you reduce procrastination and delay. This skill is very important if you are trying to balance your activities so as to increase efficiency and productivity. By engaging in time management, you combine processes, tools, techniques and methods for carrying out a task and reduce time wastage. Like they say, “Time is money”.

For some students that might have jobs also, this skill is very essential so as to excel in your academics and also your job. While managing your time, you get to balance your activities so as to increase efficiency and productivity.

When you complete an activity or different activities on time and do it effectively, you tend to have a great sense of fulfillment. The highest achievers and great entrepreneurs manage their time so well and this got them where they are today. Time management improves your ability to function more efficiently even when you are working under pressure.

In this article, we are going to be puuting you through the reasons you should manage your time as a student and how you could manage your time effectively as a student. So we have divided this article into five outlines so as to enrich you on all you need to know about managing your time wisely.

  • What is time management?
  • Why you should manage your time as a student?
  • The relationship between creativity and time management
  • What happens when you don’t manage your time properly?
  • How to manage your time effectively as a student

“Time is a resource that is never enough”

Time Management
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Time management is the ability to organize, plan, coordinate and manage how long you spend on an activity in a bid to avoid time wastage and work effectively. Time management does not mean spending less time on a task only, but also to work effectively.

Time is an irreplaceable asset and it is important to spend it wisely on relevant things that will add value to our lives. In time management, the idea is not to work harder but work smarter. You control the amount of time you spend on a specific task to work effectively. This skill is not actually possessed by everyone but anyone can develop and improve their time management skill. When you are working smart, you figure out better ways to carry out a task or solve a problem. It might take you less time to achieve than another person but yours might turn out to be more efficient and effective. When you have this time management skill, you tend to reduce delay and procrastination because leaving today’s work for tomorrow is only adding to tomorrow’s work and creating room for stress and hasty work. Time management will increase your speed on an activity and ability to finish an activity and move on to another one.

You should know how to manage your time properly so as to achieve your goals. For someone that has a goal, you would know that every minute matters and every second counts because you are on a process and in most cases, a deadline is set. So time management is a prerequisite for achieving your goal. Time management gives you time to do what you want to do without getting stressed out and worn out.

In order for you to manage your time effectively, you have to be self-disciplined as this will help you stick to your plans and decisions regardless of how and what you feel.


Good time management technique gives you an edge as you will work smarter and not necessarily harder. In working smarter, you develop new or modified methods, processes and techniques of performing an activity or solving a problem and this is called creativity.

Creativity is the basis for time management because when you are creative, you develop new, better and modified ways to solve a problem there by reducing the time you spend on a particular task and make you perform more tasks in less time and efficiently. So it is seen that there is a relationship between creativity and time management. When you use your time efficiently, you become creative and when you are creative, you tend to manage your time. It should be noted that when you have control over your time, your creative ability tends to improve and increase.


When students manage their time efficiently, they complete more work in less time because they become focused. We will be looking at some benefits of managing your time. The importance cannot be overstated.

  1. Time Management Helps You Reduce Procrastination

Procrastination is intentionally delaying task that should be performed because you do not want to do it. This act of procrastination hinders progress and improvement. The ability to manage time effectively will help you perform or carry out a specific activity instead of leaving it for another day.

Remember time management involves working smarter, so when you work smart, you are able to perform different activities in less time that is moving from one activity to another.

          “Procrastination is the founder of all disasters”  – Pandora Poikilios

  • Time Management Helps You Complete More Work With Less Effort

The ability for you to be creative and develop better ways to solve a problem and carry out a task will help increase your ability to do more work because when you complete a particular task in no time, you become enthusiastic and want to do more.

Also, controlling your time will help boost your ability to focus and when you can focus on your task, you tend to finish the task and move to another one and mind you, you will carry out more efficiently and effectively.

  • Time Management Improves Your Self-Discipline

Your ability to manage or use time effectively will make you know how to discipline yourself. It has been said that time management involves planning and when you plan, you allocate time for your activities and plan it in an order that would suit you and make it easy to accomplish. You increasing your focus is a way to boost your self-discipline and this will help your reduce procrastination.

  • Time Management Helps To Improve Performance And Productivity

When you know how to be organize, plan and coordinate your important activities or tasks with your available time, you will have a better knowledge of what you need to accomplish and the time you will spend on completing each task.

When you have a plan to follow, you will spend less time in completing your task and procrastination will not come to mind as any task that is left undone will affect you. This is because “Every day that comes, comes with its own task” so we shouldn’t leave today’s work for tomorrow if we want to improve performance and productivity.

                    “One way effective time management benefits you is that it makes                                   you productive and efficient”                                                                                                                                           – Ahod Gill

  • Time Management Helps To Reduce Stress And Fatigue

Anxiety leads to restlessness and restlessness leads to stress. The anxiety of having a list of task to complete can weaken zest. The ability to prioritize your task according to their importance will allow you to know or allocate the appropriate time needed to complete the task. This will help you to know: what to do, how to do it and the time needed to complete it.

Allocating the appropriate time to a task will help reduce stress in accomplishing the task and when your finish or complete the task on time, you tend to have time to rest.

  • Managing Your Time Properly Makes You More Efficient And Improves Your Confidence

For someone that manages time properly, he or she will be able to meet up with deadlines and when a task is complete especially a difficult task and completed on time, it will boost your confidence. When this act becomes consistent and on a regular basis, people around you will be motivated to work with you, improve their time management skills and also work under you.

Also as a student, when you complete a particular task maybe an assignment, you tend to have a sense of fulfillment. A good time management skill will help you as a student to focus on assignments given or projects and help you finish them on time. Time management helps you make the right decision.


Time as a resource is limited and does not wait for anyone even though we wish for it. There are some effects of not managing your time efficiently. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • It Leads To Poor Work Quality

A job that is done and done well with enough time will have more quality that the one that was done at the nick or last minute. At the last minute, you tend to be troubled about completing the task and you sacrifice the quality of the work just to make sure you finish the work. In some cases, you lose interest and may not complete the task.

  • It Leads To Procrastination And Lack Of Focus

When you cannot manage your time effectively, you tend to lose focus on a task and leave it for another day. When this goes on for a while, you will lose face of important task. Even when you are smart and hardworking, lack of appropriate time management will make you have trouble doing what you should do or what you would like to do. This breeds laziness and lackadaisical attitude.

  • It Makes You Not To Have A Clear Goal

Poor time management will make you find it difficult to balance your day. It will make it difficult for you to accomplish what you have set to do whether daily, weekly or monthly. When you have a poor organization, you tend to do everything and in the real sense do nothing.

  • It Reduces Your Punctuality At School And At Work

When you do not manage your time with your task, you tend to get stressed and then fatigue sets in. this will make you arrive late at anywhere you are supposed to be and complete a task late. It is important to respect other people’s time, so arriving late to work or school is unacceptable. But when you organize and plan yourself, you will see punctuality as a necessity.

  • It Leads To Constant Rushing Which In Turn Leads To Stress

Poor time management will make you always complete a task in haste. When an activity is to be completed at the nick of time, you tend to rush so as to complete the task and this will increase you stress level.

  • It Will Reduce Your Productivity

When you have a problem with time management, you will always procrastinate and lose focus on what you are doing and when this happens, your productivity and efficiency is affected as you wouldn’t perform the task and if they are much, your will tend to perform few or nothing at all. Most people that lack time management skills are always nonchalant, carefree and lackadaisical. You wouldn’t be able to identify priorities.

  • You Get Easily Distracted

I am someone that loves giving my time and energy to the task at hand and I believe most people are like that too. Giving rapt attention and focus to what you are doing will take your mind of distraction and increase your concentration. When you do not manage your time properly, you tend to get easily distracted and will not be able to complete the task.

  • It Leads To Rapid And Uncontrollable Loss Of Energy

When you find yourself always trying to meet up with deadlines and catching up with others because you are far behind, it tends to make you exhausted. Inability to manage your time properly will put you in the position of always trying to meet up and catch up with others and this will make you use up more energy as you will be disorganized and also unfocused.

We have seen that proper and effective time management is important in every sphere of life and as a student, it will help improve your grades and make you become creative and smart as you proceed in life.


Most times, we will see that hardworking people are not really the best managers of time but this does not mean you wouldn’t work hard; hard work has its own benefits as to time management. When you work hard and manage your time, you tend to work smart and effective. You will get everything done without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Some of the techniques I have highlighted below will guide you into using you time properly.

  • Proper Planning

This is very essential for time management. Make a list of the activities you would perform in a day as this will help give you a clear idea of what you are to do each day. This list can be done at the end of the day so as to prepare you for the next day. You can also try to organize similar task together so it will be easy to continue with the flow. Though plans change but it is essential to plan because it will act as a guide to lead you to what you want to achieve.

              “All the time management skill begins with planning”                                                                                                                           -Tom Greening

  • Prioritizing Your Activities

In the bid of planning, you should identify and arrange your activities according to their level of importance and this will enable you allocate the appropriate task to the activities. You should have a structured routine that will help you to be productive both daily and weekly. With the list which you prepare, you will arrange your activities and the bigger task can be broken down so as to carry it out effectively and efficiently.

This list can be to-do-list (a list that shows you everything you have to accomplish in a day or week). Try focusing on the Most Important Tasks when the brain is relaxed and when the brain power is high and active.

           “Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible”        – Francis of Assisi

  • Avoid Multitasking

Some people feel that multitasking shows you are hard-working but in the real sense, you might end up using up your energy on something that is unproductive. It is advised that you should move from one task to another, that is you should complete a particular task before moving on to the next. This will increase your level of efficiency as you tend to concentrate.

When you multitask, you are not about the quality of the work to be done but the speed of the work. You finish an activity on time and well when you focus on that activity.

  • Avoid Distractions And Stay Focus

This technique seems to be difficult but you can use the Elon Musk time blocking approach. In this approach, you give an activity rapt attention and devote your time to completing that task. It’s more like a “superhuman ability” but it is possible.

 You concentrate on a job like you have no other job to do removing the thought of other jobs thereby giving you space and room to think on how to complete the task at hand so that you can move to the next.

It worked for the richest man in the world (Elon Musk). You should try it, it does yield positive result.

  • Always Remember That You Are Not Perfect

It is good to try to be perfect but it should always be in your head that you are not perfect. This should not be mistaken for laziness but when you are after perfection, you tend to delay on completing an activity or procrastinate thereby transferring today’s work to tomorrow which you might not be able to do because of time constraint.

Remember, every day comes with its own task. So you should concentrate on doing your job effectively and not going after perfection. It is okay to make mistakes; that is one way to learn and grow as it will enable you look for modified ways of solving the problem at hand.

  • Use A Timer In Some Cases

It’s funny right? Yes but it is a way of practicing how to manage time. Setting timer will remind you of the time portions, breaks and time limits. You tend to be conscious of the time and push yourself towards meeting deadlines. You will see that you will accomplish more in less time. The timer will be like a reminder to tell you that you are working with time.

  • Take Time Off To Rest And Boost Your Brain Power

The brain needs rest too in as much as you have activities, there is always need to reboot and boost the brain. You should always set time for rest as this will help you come back better and stronger. And also in the bid of your resting sometimes, the best solution to the problem at hand can pop-out and you are good to go.


Proper and effective time management helps students to become smarter and better. It will boost your self-esteem as a student and keep you ready for every day. It is seen that some successful people, the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, do not overfill their schedules. They leave some blank spaces on their schedule list so as to have the time to handle unexpected situations as it has been said, plans change; so make room for flexibility.

Always try doing the most challenging task first as your brain power is high at that moment and active.

          “The bad news is that time flies. The good news is you are the    pilot”                                                                                               –     Michael Altshuler

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