5 Things to Know About the British Columbia PNP [Find Out ]


5 Things to Know About the British Columbia PNP


Things to Know About the British Columbia PNP – British Columbia is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada and it is the home for some of the world most beautiful cities like Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler. It is the third most populous province in Canada and its capital is Victoria.

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Like you might have known, Canada offers a lot of job opportunities and you should know that a large portion of those job opportunities come from this province. This province offers a favourable minimum wage alongside a good standard of living.

The province is also home for some of the best universities in the world meaning that graduating from any university in the province; you can compete with graduates from other top universities in the world.

The province also has its own Provincial Nomination Program just like some other provinces in Canada and this program is to help it nominate immigrants to come fill up labour shortages in the province and contribute to the growth and development of the province. The PNP for this province is the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP) is it seen as one of the easiest immigration programs with lenient requirements. The program also has the quickest and easiest stream through which foreign workers in technical occupations can come into Canada. 

Reading this article means that you are interested in immigrating to British Columbia but for you to have an easy application process and increase your chances of being nominated, there are some things you need to know about the province and the nomination program. So this article is going to put you through some of this information.

5 Things to Know About Moving to British Columbia

  • As a skilled worker, you could move to British Columbia within 2-3 months

One good thing about the BC PNP is that it has various immigration streams and one of which is the British Columbia Tech Pilot.

This special pilot under the immigration program is to allow temporary skilled workers within 29 eligible occupations come into the province to live and work but due to the popularity and the contribution to the economic growth and development of the province, the province has decided to make the pilot program become a permanent immigration program where immigrants and foreign workers can come and work on a permanent basis.

We will be listing the 29 eligible occupations in the province and if you have a job offer from an employer in the province or you have a skill or work experience in any of the positions, you can work on immigrating to Canada through the BC PNP.

29 Eligible Occupations

  • Civil engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Computer engineers
  • Telecommunication carrier managers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical and electronics engineer
  • Broadcasting and performing arts managers
  • Software engineers and designers
  • Computer programmers
  • Electronic service technicians
  • Computer network technicians
  • Database analyst and data administrators
  • Biological technologists and technicians
  • Web designers and developers
  • Authors and writers
  • Editors
  • Graphics designers
  • Accountants
  • Information system testing technicians
  • Computer and information system managers
  • User support technicians
  • Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics
  • Electronic service technicians
  • Broadcast technicians
  • Technical sales specialist
  • Translators and interpreters
  • Audio and video recording technicians
  • Household and business equipment technicians
  • Agricultural engineers
  • British Columbia nominees earn higher than the provincial average

Working in British Columbia offers you a better minimum wage compared to other provinces but also if you are a British Columbia nominees, you could earn higher than the individual British Columbian as you could earn an average of $26.56 to $29.85 as compared to $23.54 to $26.37 which the individual British Columbian takes home.

If you are a highly skilled foreign worker like the healthcare workers, engineers or teachers, you could be easily nominated for immigration by the BC PNP as you would be seen to bring your skills, knowledge, experience and expertise to the province and contribute to the development of the economy.

  • Semi-skilled workers are needed in British Columbia

Because you don’t have a degree doesn’t mean that you can’t immigrate to Canada as the province also have demands for semi-skilled or trade jobs workers especially if you are well experienced and a professional in your field. You can come through either the Semi-Skilled Category or the Entry-Level.

Also, you can submit an application for getting a nomination after nine months of working for an employer in the province and obtain a full-time employment offer.

There are a lot of job opportunities in British Columbia for you as a trades worker and some of the jobs in-demand are:

  • Transport truck drivers
  • Labourers in fish and seafood processing
  • Banking and insurance clerks
  • Nurse aides and patient service associates
  • Pet groomers and animal care workers
  • Get nominated by the British Columbia in the Express Entry System

The Express Entry System is the fastest and the most popular immigration system as it has a processing time as short as 6months. You can also get a permanent residence through this program whether as a skilled foreign worker or trades worker.

The program requires you to create and complete an online profile within 60days and after which you will be placed in a pool draw with other candidates and given a score based on the information you have filled you online profile. This score will be ranked against a ranking system called the Comprehensive Ranking System and candidates that meet or exceed the CRS cut-off score will be selected to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Canada.

Most provincial nomination programs are linked to the Express Entry and so it allows them to nominate skilled workers from the Express Entry Pool that meet their economic needs and a nomination from a province in Canada will give you 600points to boost your CRS score.

Also, in applying through the Express Entry System, you can send a notification of interest in British Columbia and if you meet the requirement for the province, you will be nominated.

  • Small businesses and entrepreneurs are trending in British Columbia

It is no news that every society needs entrepreneurs as they are seen as game changers and are pivotal to the economic growth and development of any country. In British Columbia, there are a number of small businesses and this has helped to create employment opportunities in the province either as a self-employed person or a small business owner. Businesses like bakeries, farms, food stores etc.

Since small businesses are the majority of the business in this province, the province has created a favourable atmosphere for entrepreneurs and small business owner and the British Columbia PNP has streams that support foreign entrepreneurs who want to establish and set up businesses in the province.

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