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The Pros And Cons OF Working As A Student | How To Balance Working And Studying

Pros And Cons OF Working As A Student – In many societies, college students have the privilege to get part-time jobs to support themselves financially. These students tend to manage their time well so as to meet up with their studies and try to do better. These students in most cases give in their best to ensure that their grades are good if not better. Student jobs help the students to gain work experience and other benefits that are associated with working as a student.

There are also many cases where students with part-time jobs have issues with their studies as they have less time for their academics. Many teachers believe that less time to study will lead to a decrease in student grades and academic productivity. A 2018 Georgetown university study found that students who worked had lower grades and were more likely to drop out. Studying in most colleges could be highly demanding and running a part-time job will definitely increase stress level and reduce students’ efficiency to perform well academically.

In this article, we will answer some questions regarding students’ job and their studies. Some of the questions are:

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Many students faced with financial problems and lack of sponsors usually ask themselves if they could work while going to school. They see schooling and working as challenging and demanding. They even try to understand how they could balance their work and school.

Well, the answer to your question about schooling and working is YES. You can work while going to school. Though it has its disadvantages but you can also overcome some of the challenges if you are able to balance your schooling and work. This article is here to guide you on having a student job and also schooling. It is advisable that getting a job as a student, you should be on the outlook for jobs that are less demanding and a part-time job of 10-15 hours a week (precisely 3-5 hours daily). This will help you balance your work and school. As a college student, working helps you provide financial support and also gives you a level of independence in the long run.

So working as a college student is possible and has a number of positive impacts on the student.


The time factor should be considered in getting a job as a student. The number of hours you spend working has an effect on the time you devote to your studies and also your stress level. Research has shown that students who have jobs spend or devote less time to their studies and this affects their academic performance.

Researchers from university of Washington, the university of Virginia and Temple University reported that working more than 20hours a week during the school year leads to academic and behavior problems. The more hours a student works, the more likely their grades are to be lower and some others that cannot handle the stress, drop out of school.

We therefore recommend that as a college student running a part-time job, it should be about 10-15hours a week (precisely 3-5 hours daily). Though this depends on what the student is studying and also time management ability. You should consider the stress involved in working for too many hours as a student and still trying to meet up with school. It could put you under pressure while studying.

Working for 10-15hours a week is fair and be sure to schedule it in a way that it will fit into your school timetable.


Many researches have highlighted that student jobs has a negative effect on the overall academic performance of the students. It is obvious that these set of students will not devote enough time to their studies and also extra-curricular activities. They become focused on their earnings.

Some of the negative effects of working as a student are:

  • You get distracted from your studies

Having a job while studying will definitely give you less time for your studies and in most cases distract you. Inability to manage your time effectively will make you skip classes and even tests. You wouldn’t have time for reading after classes as you have to go to work especially when you work a part-time job after school and at the end of the day, you get really exhausted.

  • It affects you academic performance and productivity

This is a main problem of working as a student. It finds a way to affect your academic performance. The distractions that come with working as a student will really affect your academic output as your grades tend to drop. Student workers have less time for their studies and other activities. a heavy work load for you as a student affects your attendance in class and even when you are in class, you pay less attention as you either find yourself sleeping or thinking about work.

  • There is a high risk of dropping out

A continuous decrease in grade can lead to frustration and eventually cause you to drop out from school. Working as a student can be very demanding and challenging and your inability to balance your work with your studies will affect your grades and make you lose interest in your academics. You lose motivation as your grades continue to decrease. You can even breakdown due to stress and this can affect your grades as you have to skip school to treat yourself and this could also lead to quitting school.

  • You have no time for other activities

Even though working while schooling can be balanced, it is not really easy. These activities consume time and give you less space to engage in other activities like going out or chilling with friends or even family time. Most times, you organize your schedule in a way that you dedicate less time for yourself which can affect your health.

  • You have less time for interpersonal relationship at school

Most students that have part-time jobs after school lose the chance to interact with their peers and classmates. They don’t have time to join associates or even discuss lessons with classmates and this affects their interpersonal relationship and skill of social interaction. They make or have few friends in school as they have less time to mingle.

  • It affects your health and increases your stress level

It is obvious that working as a student will definitely affect your health especially when you have much work load. It increases your stress level and also leads to fatigue. For a student working for 7-8hours daily, you skip meals in most cases and have less time to rest in preparation for the next day.

When your stress level increases, it leads to break down. High stress level can affect the immune system overtime and make your susceptible to diseases. This increase in stress level can lead to unhappiness, anxiety, uneasiness, insomnia (lack of sleep) and depression.

So if you find yourself working too much and paying less attention to your studies or having less time for your studies which is supposed to be a top priority for you, you have to cut back on your working hours and also create time for yourself in your schedule so you don’t break down and get sick.


Working and schooling can be very demanding dealing with school stress and also work stress. Imagine you being in class for 6-8 hours and then working for 7-8 hours after school. You come back at the end of the day exhausted.

Regardless of the negative side of working as a student, there are some benefits of working as a student. If you can balance your work and school, you are good to go and you will enjoy all the benefits that come with working from becoming independent to earning more money to cover some expenses in school.

We will be looking at some of the positive effects of student jobs on the student lifestyle.

  • You become independent

Working as a college student in a way helps you get independent. For someone that works to meet your needs and expenses, you depend less on parents and guardians. You become used to fending for yourself and become responsible for your money and time. This independence builds your character as you become self-reliant and meticulous in your spending.

  • You earn money to meet your needs

Basically, this is the reason you want to get a part-time job; to earn extra cash to meet your needs and settle debts. Having a part-time job will help you to earn extra cash to fend for yourself instead of relying on parents or guardians. Some students even pay their tuition fee from the money they make from working. Most students take more jobs and hours in order to make more money to meet their financial needs and cater for themselves.

  • It improves your time management skill

Working and schooling is very demanding like we have stated earlier; therefore it requires effective time management. When you are working as a student, you become conscious of time and overtime you learn to manage your time. You try to balance your activities so as to make them fit into your schedule. You even allocate time to your different tasks so that one task will not interrupt or clash with the other. You become more organized and develop problem solving skills.

  • You learn how to spend money wisely (being rational)

You should know that when you start working for your money, you become cautious and careful in spending it. Working as a student will teach you how to budget and cut out unnecessary expenses. You learn how to save as you reduce your expenditure. You become financially aware of your spending from a young age and you manage you spending in order not to enter into series of debts. As you get older, you cultivate the habit of saving because you started it from a younger age.

  • It boosts your confidence

Working as a student in most cases boosts your confidence level and interaction with people. As a shy person, you become forced to talk to a lot of people, interact and also face people you won’t talk to normally. Taking for instance, a student working as a sales person for a retail outlet, you get to face customers every day at work. If you are a shy person that keeps to yourself, overtime you tend to become free with your customers and people you interact with and also become outspoken.

Student jobs also give you the opportunity to interact with different personalities and you tend to develop interpersonal skills overtime.

  • You learn some career skills

For a student working in your field of study or career, you become familiar with what it takes to work in that field and you learn some skills regarding your career. You get a practical experience and a firsthand experience of your career and also learn life experiences before graduation. It also boosts your technical know-how.

  • You gain work experience

Working as a student gives you an edge over those students that are not working as you gain work experience which adds value to you and also your CV. Even before graduation, you already have an experience of how working with people is even if you are not working in your field of study. You understand how a working environment is and in most cases how working with a team is, if your job involves working as a team.

Most employers hire applicant with some sort of work experience; so even after graduation, you have an advantage over the non-working students. Work experience shows that you can manage time and also multi-task as you found time to study and work and still came out with god grades. It gives you a upper-hand when applying for jobs.

There are many other advantages of working as a student but the fact still remains that if you find yourself so busy that you barely have time for your studies and you start studying under pressure, it is advisable you cut back the working hours; speak to your manager so as to help you reschedule your working hours. As a student, your studies should be your priority and try as much as possible not to let your job interfere with your studies.


For most students experiencing financial problems or those that need extra cash so as to reduce the dependence on people around them, finding a part-time job will help to give you a level of freedom and independence as we have highlighted in the third part of this article. But the negative side of this student job is that it in most cases interferes with the studies of the students and this affects their academic performance.

Balancing your studies and work can be challenging but this article will guide you in balancing your studies and work. We have highlighted seven tips to see through balancing your schedule and also creating time for yourself.

  • Choose a job that will help your career

It is not really compulsory to choose a job that is in line with your career but it is important as it will help you grow academically. When you work in your field of study, you tend to gain more knowledge about your field especially the practical knowledge and you become acquainted with your profession. It will also give you a deeper and broader knowledge of your career and prepare you for the future ahead.

  • Be the master of your time

When it comes to studying and working, you should know that time management is an essential skill. You should know how to manage your time wisely and avoid procrastination. Every activity slated for a particular day should be carried out without hesitation. You have to schedule your activities and allocate time for work and study. You should organize yourself properly and know the number of hours you spend at work and also at school.

Make a list of your activities daily and weekly and make sure you stick to it. This will help you plan ahead for weeks that might be busier especially when exams are approaching. When you manage your time properly, you find yourself ahead instead of behind time and this will help reduce stress.

  • Prioritize your activities and put everything well

This is an essential skill in time management. It is clear that you cannot do everything or every task at the same time; therefore learn to prioritize your task by starting from the simplest task to the complex task. This will help you finish the simpler task and have enough time to concentrate on the complex task without distractions.

In as much as you are working and earning, your studies still remains a priority so devote more hours to doing homework and studying. Arrange your things in order so as not to get confused and frustrated when trying to locate them. Always note where you keep your vital documents and materials as it helps you save time in looking for them. Proper organization helps you save time and prepares you for the activities of the day.

  • Know yourself (strengths and weaknesses)

This is one essential skill in balancing your study and work. You should know your abilities and weaknesses. Understand what you can do perfectly and use it to your advantage. When getting a job, try getting a job that is related to your ability and strength. A job you can carry out without over stressing yourself or taking up most if not all of your time.

Be honest with yourself and know your limitations. Even though you are trying to meet your financial needs, get a job you can do and do it well. When you get a job beyond your capacity and ability, you tend to increase your stress level and find yourself always lagging in school and even at work. Unlike engaging in a job that you enjoy and have an advantage helps you create time for your studies as you get to finish your job in time.

  • Talk to your boss

When you are experiencing difficulties in your studies due to too much workload, it becomes advisable to relate it to your employer so as to help you cut out some hours as they will understand your stress levels. Your boss can also help you create a flexible schedule so as to balance your study and work.

Always inform your boss about new developments in school like test and exam week so that they can give you time to prepare.

  • Have passion for what you are studying

This is an easy way to balance your studies and work. You should love what you study as it serves as a motivation not to get distracted by work. It will motivate you to prioritize your school work and also improve your time management skill.

When you love or have passion for what you study, you do everything in your power to make sure you excel in your career and give enough time to your studies.

  • Take care of yourself

Many students get overwhelmed by their jobs and spend or devote many hours to their jobs neglecting their studies. When this happens, they start studying under pressure and find themselves having sleepless nights and taking energy drinks to help them stay up at night to read or do homework. In most cases, they skip meals due to work overload and this finds a way to wear them down and increase stress level.

Learn to take care of yourself, stay healthy and eat healthy food. This will help boost your immune system and make you less susceptible to diseases or illnesses.

Allocate time to rest; you might think it’s a waste of time but it is a way of energizing yourself and also boosting your strength for other task.

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