Why Students Should Be Taught To Be Job Creators Not Job Seekers

Why Students Should Be Taught To Be Job Creators Not Job Seekers – The education system in the world has always taught students to be job seekers instead of job creators and this has limited the potentials of a lot of students. You are in college as a student and you are studying to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer and many other professions. Well, this is a lovely dream to chase but the truth is, why limit yourself to coming out of college to seek for employment when you can actually create employment opportunities.

Being an entrepreneur has no limit to discipline or course of study. Entrepreneurship goes beyond starting up a business and making profit. It is more about identifying problems and opportunities, generating ideas and creating solutions to meet the needs of people. In meeting these needs and solving the identified problem, you establish a business and earn profit.

With this, you can become a job creator even as a medical doctor, lawyer, engineer or any other career. All you need to do is identify an unsolved problem or unmet need and generate creative ideas to make a business out of it.

It is very important that schools (high school and colleges) start including entrepreneurship education into their curriculum and help students to acquire skills. Students should be taught early to be job creators and wealth creators too. After graduation, you don’t need to start searching for employment as you could start up your own enterprise if you have the basic life skills to help you run your own business.

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It is important for colleges to teach students to start being creative and innovative in order to create jobs for themselves and others. This goes a long way in helping the students excel on life and also the society at large.

In this article, we will be enlightening you on why you should be a job creator and how you stand to benefit yourself, society and people around you. As a youth, regardless of gender, you could change the world you live in and make it a better place.

Due to the relevance and importance if entrepreneurs in the world today and their positive effect of many economies of the world today, colleges are now encouraging students to become job creators and change the world they live in.

We have carefully outlined this article into four categories…

  • What is job creation?
  • Qualities students should possess to be job creators
  • Why students should be taught to be job creators
  • Ways to encourage students to be job creators


Job creation is an effort that individuals make in generating employment in the society they live in. Teaching students to be job creators means teaching them to be entrepreneurs. It has a way of curtailing the unemployment rate in the society and leading to the development of the society.

You must have heard about Apple Inc., do you know the number of people that constitute the workforce of Apple Inc.? What if there was no Apple Inc.? How would the workers cope? What would have happened to the technological era as Apple Inc. has played a role in the evolution if technology in the world today.

The importance of job creation cannot be understated. Your ability to generate ideas and business opportunities and establish a business outfit that would create employment opportunities to yourself and others make you a job creator.

As we go further into the article, we will be looking at how colleges can groom students to be entrepreneurs and employment creators.


The truth is that not everyone would be a job creator or an entrepreneur. But the sweet thing is that anyone can be an entrepreneur. This is why colleges now include skill acquisition in their curriculum so as to train students on being entrepreneurs instead of job seekers.

We will be looking at some of the qualities you should possess as a student in order to be a job creator. Some of them are:

  • Ability to identify and solve problems
  • Ability to take risk
  • Self-discipline
  • Creative thinking
  • Believe in yourself (self-confidence)
  • Love what you do
  • Determined to succeed
  • Open to learning
  • Accept failure and wants to improve
  • Hard work and consistency
  • Ability to identify and solve problems

Like we said earlier that not everyone can be an entrepreneur but anyone can become an entrepreneur if you are able to identify and solve problems. Every great business outfit started with solving or meeting an unmet need.

For you to create employment, you have to be a problem solver. You have to be able to identify problems, generate ideas to turn the identified problem into a business opportunity and create a business enterprise to meet the need and proffer solution to the identified problem.

This is a quality that every student should possess if you want to become a job creator. It is a very important skill that colleges now encourage students to possess.

  • Ability to take risk

The truth is, you cannot change things if you don’t take risks. When you take risk, you either fail and learn or you succeed and proceed. But you would surely get something out of taking risk.

For you to be an employment creator, you have to be a risk taker and constant work on your risk taking ability helps you to start taking calculated risks. Not all risk yield positive results and that is why it is important that you know when to take risk and critically weigh the cost and benefit of the risk you want to take.

  • Self-discipline

This is a very important quality to possess as a student. It is equally important if you want to become an entrepreneur and start up your own enterprise. With self-discipline, you get to manage your time properly and also manage your money and other resources too.

Self-discipline is not being harsh on yourself, it is your ability to control yourself, take decisions and stick to them. Being self-disciplined gives you a sense of direction and motivation towards what you want to achieve and how to achieve it.

  • Creative thinking and innovativeness

Every entrepreneur is a creative thinker. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and many others. Your ability to establish a business outfit that would create employment opportunities for people lies in your ability to be creative and innovative.

Creativity is generating the idea to create something new or modify an already existing idea while innovativeness is implementing the idea and making it a reality.

 Your ability to think outside the box as a student makes you outstanding in class; try using your creativity to generate business ideas to establish a business outfit and solve a problem. It is an important quality for anyone that wants to become a job creator.

  • Believe in yourself (self-confidence)

You cannot take risk if you do not believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. It is your confidence that drives you to take action; confidence in your ideas, ability, potentials and will to succeed.

You must believe in yourself in order to create a successful business enterprise. So students should b encouraged to work on their confidence level as it will help them excel as entrepreneurs.

  • Love what you do (passion)

You cannot excel or succeed in what you do not enjoy doing. When you love what you do, you will not see it as a burden but an opportunity to achieve greater things. For you to create a business enterprise, you have to develop passion for what you do.

As a student studying whichever course (medicine, law, engineering, art etc.), you have to develop passion for what you do in order to be motivated to create something from it.

As a medical student, you love treating people and saving lives, this can motivate you to establish a clinic in your society and do more with time. Passion is needed to be a job creator.

  • Determined to succeed

You have to possess a high level of determination if you want to become an entrepreneur and create employment opportunities. You cannot settle for less and give up when you face challenges.

You have identified a problem, generated an idea to solve the problem, planning on taking risk, you have to be determined to succeed no matter the obstacle you might face in your journey. You determination will help you to be successful in establishing yourself even if it takes time and a lot from you.

  • Open to learning

For you to be a successful student you have to be open to learning and also if you want to be a successful individual, you have to learn everyday and grow in knowledge. Learning is a continuous process and being open to learning helps you to be creative, smart and knowledgeable.

Always be ready to learn new things and learn from anybody as no one is an island of knowledge. Be flexible and adapt to positive changes as this will help you grow in all facet of life.

  • Accept failure and always want to improve

Anyone that learns from mistakes and failures always rise fast and moves on. You have to always learn from your mistakes and look at ways to become better and smarter.

Failure doesn’t define you and your ability; it is an opportunity to try again and do it better. Always be ready to fail and try your best not to. Every successful job creator failed at one time in their life in establishing their enterprise.

When you fail, you learn and any student that knows this is one step closer to success.

  • Working hard and consistency

You have to be consistent in what you do. Like they say that practice makes perfect and permanence. When you ate consistent with what you do, it becomes a part of you. For you to be a job creator and establish a business outfit, you have to be hardworking and consistent.


The importance of teaching students to be job creators cannot be understated as it benefits them and also the society they live in. This is why it is important that colleges and other institutions teach students to be job creators instead of job seekers.

There are many reasons we need to teach student to be employers of labor instead of employees. We will be looking at some of them…

  • Teaches them to set goals and achieve them

When students are taught and encouraged to be entrepreneurs, it trains them to set goals for themselves and work towards achieving the goals they set. Goals give you a sense of purpose and direction and this is very important for anyone that wants to establish a business enterprise that will create employment.

The founders of Apple Inc. and Google Inc. all had goals that led them to establishing these companies and these goals made the companies what they are today.

Teaching students to be job creators instead of job seekers will motivate them to set goals for themselves and drive them to be a change agent in their environment.

  • Teaches students and youths life skills to prepare for the future

Educating students on entrepreneurship will help them prepare for the future and life after graduation. Entrepreneurship education and other empowerment skills teach students some life skills like (time management, cash management, self-discipline and many others).

These skills will help them succeed and overcome challenges they may face as they proceed in life. In teaching students to be job creators, they are being taught essential like skills to help them excel in starting up and running a business outfit and these skills will help them develop as an individual.

  • Trains them to establish business enterprises

The essence of teaching students to create jobs is for them to establish businesses instead of seeking for jobs. Training students and youths to be employers of labor will put them on the on path of setting up their own business either in school or after graduation.

With this, they get to know how to start up a business and what it takes to make the business outfit a successful one.

  • Teaches them how to run a successful business or establishment

Teaching students to be job creators will help enlighten them on how to run a successful business. One thing is starting up a business another thing is running the business and seeing that it thrives and becomes a success. For you to be a job creator, you have to run a successful enterprise that creates job opportunities on regular basis like Apple Inc., Google Inc., Facebook, etc.

  • Boosts students ability to be creative

Enlightening students at an early age on the essence of job creation will help open their minds to thinking creatively. In creating a business venture, you have to be creative and think outside the box.

It is either you are generating a new idea or modifying an existing idea. All successful entrepreneurs are creative thinkers. Colleges that encourage students to be job creators are equipping them to be creative and identify business opportunities.

  • Teaches students to be problem solver

Entrepreneurs are people that identify problems and unmet needs, generate ideas and turn these problems into business opportunities there by establishing a business venture in the process. Teaching students to be job creators help them develop problem solving skills and this skill will help them while in school and life after school.

Entrepreneurship education teaches students to be able to identify problems and solve the problems they have identified.

  • Trains them to be employers of labour

Creating job means that you are creating an avenue where people will get employed in the society. When you establish a business outfit, you are going to need a workforce to help your business grow especially when it is a large scale business.

Educating students to be entrepreneurs trains them to be employers of labour and teaches them what it takes to be an employer, how to work with people and treat people.

  • Develop leadership qualities

Educating students to be job creators at a young age will help them develop life skills and build up leadership qualities in them. They will start thinking like leaders and start working towards making a difference anywhere they find themselves.

They will always want to succeed in anything they do thereby carrying people along with their confidence, motivation, discipline and consistency.

  • Reduces unemployment in the society

Creating job opportunities will help to reduce the level of unemployment in the society. If a large number of students after going through entrepreneurship education establish business enterprises that create employment opportunities for people, it will help to reduce the level of unemployment in the society.

  • Creates an avenue to alleviate poverty

Being an entrepreneur is a way of alleviating yourself from poverty and also others too. The enterprise you establish is a way to meet needs and also create employment opportunities for people which will help them generate income and also help you generate profit.

Educating students on the essence of creating jobs and supporting them sill help them prepare for whatever life brings and equip them to transform their lives.

  • Helps them give back to their society and make it a better place

Being a job creator means that you have created an establishment that would employ people to work and earn money. Educating students to be entrepreneurs will help them build companies and industries in the society which will lead to development of the economy and society at large.

When individuals engage in job creation, they assist the government and in this process give back to their society and make the world in which they live in a better place.

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We have looked at the essence of being a job creator and know that it will benefit the society in many ways. There are ways schools, government and other bodies can help encourage student and youths to be job creators so as to reduce the number of unemployed.

Educating students on entrepreneurship will help them channel their minds towards being entrepreneurs. Let’s looks at some ways we can encourage and support students and youths to make use of the resources available to them and harness their full potential to make the society a better place.

  • Skill acquisition

Students should be encouraged to acquire certain hand skills like fashion designing, furniture making, shoe making, hair dressing, graphics and website designing and many others. This will help prepare them fort their entrepreneurship journey and help them start up a business with the skill they have acquired.

  • Teach them to be creative

Students should be taught and trained to be creative and think creatively in order to make a difference in their society. Teaching students to be creative will help them think outside the box and come up with unique ways and ideas to solve problems.

This skill will help them succeed in the real world and life after graduation from college.

  • Teach them time management

Time management is an important skill for every individual that wants to succeed in life. It is therefore important to train students to manage time properly and this will help them in their entrepreneurship journey.

It will help them know how to allocate time and how to stick to the time they allocate for every activity. With time management, they will understand the effect of procrastination and multitasking on their efficiency and productivity.

  • Organize entrepreneurship programmes and seminars

This is another way to introduce students to the importance of being job creators. Schools, governments and other bodies can organize entrepreneurship programs to enlighten students and youth about entrepreneurship and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

This will help them develop interest and channel their minds towards being job creators. Successful entrepreneurs can be invited to also help inspire these students and youth to establish their own companies.

  • Granting financial assistance

Granting financial assistance to students that want to start up a business is a way to encourage them to become entrepreneurs. Programmes can be set up to help assist them to raise capital for their business.


This topic is a very important one. Schools should start encouraging students and supporting them to be job creators as the importance of this cannot be understated. This will help make the world a better place and create avenue for inventions.

With each passing day, as the level of unemployment in many countries is rising due to a number of reasons like population growth, increase in the use of machines instead of human labour, low number of industries and many others, entrepreneurship education is now becoming relevant and important among the present generation.

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