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How To Start Your Day On A Positive State

How To Start Your Day On A Positive State – There is a saying that “if you can conquer the morning, you can conquer the day” which simply means that your successful day starts from what you do in the morning and if you are able to achieve success in your morning routine, you are definitely going to achieve success at the end of the day. This has led me into focusing on my morning routine and making significant changes on how I handle my early morning routine. Over the years, I have been very lazy and less productive in the morning. In fact I barely do anything in the morning which also affected my goals and success rate. So after I made little changes to my early morning routine, I saw significant changes and I am willing to share the exact things I do in the morning with you.

In this article, I will be dishing out the early money routine i use in starting my day on a positive state, which has helped me achieve a lot of success in my projects, lifestyle and in my general life. So if you intend making changes to your morning routine, you can check out and emulate some of the little things I do in the morning, that made me successful.

How To Start Your Day On A Positive State

Here are the list of things I do in the morning to start my day on a positive state:

Recall my dreams

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The first thing I do in the morning immediately I wake up is to spend 5-15 minutes reflecting on who I am and who I am working hard to become. Sometimes I look around me and try to recall some positive aspects of my life and how far I have gone towards achieving my goals. This simple habit keeps my mind and body on track and helps me kick start my day from where I stopped the previous day.

Make my bed

The second thing I do in the morning is to make my bed. Though this is so common among people, the idea behind this is to become successful and consistent in your first morning task. Laying your bed in the morning will help you start your day successful and also return you to a successful state (your laid bed) at the end of the day.

Do my meditation

The third thing I do when I wake up is to spend 5-15 minutes meditating. During this period, I just concentrate on my breathing and try to flow in the same frequency as my breath and heart beat. Doing this helps me build strong concentration when carrying out my daily activities.

Exercise my body

This is a common and basic activity for everyone even though most people feel lazy about it. I spend 1-2 hrs carrying out simple and light weight exercises which helps my body stay fit and keeps my mind and body active for the day.

Have my shower

My morning shower usually consist of a cold bath with a mild soap. I dont spend much time at the bathroom because I usually have my bath before going to bed. During this same period, I brush my teeth and carry out other daily body clean up functions.

Take a hot cup of coffee

So after having my body well cleaned up, I take a cup of hot coffee as a brain and mind booster. This gives me that energetic and active feeling and also opens my brain and mind to the activities of the day.

To do list

As I sip my hot coffee, I quickly scan through my to do list and try to organize my plans for the day. My to do list is always simple and I don’t make it hard for me to accomplish. Recall that little chunks can add up to be a very big one at the end. so I believe in keeping my daily plan as simple as possible and this have been very effective to me.

I get things done

After my do list compilation, I set the ball rolling with my daily task. I make sure I complete every bit of it without leaving any stone upturned. During this work period, I also take regular breaks in which I eat and do other things.


This is my simple daily morning routine I use to kick start my day. You can emulate them if you are in need of a productive routine. If you have questions or further information for us, please relay it to us using the comment section below.

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