Should Students Be Paid For Good Grades?

Should Students Be Paid For Good Grades-Paying students for having good grades is going to be wonderful but in as much as it has its advantages, it equally has some disadvantages on the side of both the students and the educational system.

Who wouldn’t welcome the idea of being pay for performing well in school, of course it is going to act as an incentive to do better and be better but what if this action causes some sort of harm in the future and creates unreasonable expectations.

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If this question is asked openly, you would see a large number of people giving yes as a response and it is quite good but we should also weigh the cons of taking this step so as not to affect the students’ educational performance in the long run.

Well in this article, we will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of paying students for good grades as this will help in making the decision towards this and even if it will be done, it will be done in a proper way to foster continuous motivation for good grades among students.

Without further ado, let’s get to the points:

Advantages Of Paying Students For Good Grades

Anyone considering if students should be paid for good grades will certainly be looking at the positive effect of this decision and there are a lot of advantages this will have on the students and their zeal towards education.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of paying students for good grades:

  • Paying students for good grades will help the less privileged children

Children that come from poor economic background will certainly enjoy this as it will be a source of motivation because these children are likely to leave school due to inability to meet up with school expenses.

Paying students for good grades will be a way to help families to meet up and also keep the child in school. With this, the child will be able to pay for some bills in school and they will fill a sort of achievement as they are contributing to their needs too.

With this, the child will be ready to do better so as to continue enjoying this privilege.

  • It is a motivation to study

Whichever form of reward or payments students get for having good grades, it is a strong way to motivate them to study. With these rewards, students will be engaged in their studies as they would devote their time and energy towards doing better academically.

If s child spends two to three hours studying, setting a reward down for good grades will prompt that child to extend the hours of studying and also concentration in order to get good grades and take the reward.

  • Students will be able to pay for college

When students are paid for having good grades, it will help them to save up money to pay for college especially if it a high school student. College tuition fees are on the high side and with the money students get from having good grades while in high school, it will help them save and be able to pay for college.

  • It give a level of financial freedom

When students are able to save up the money they get from having good grades while in school, it will help them gain financial freedom even after graduation. This will also teach the students to what it feels like to work for something and earn it and it will help them understand the value of any cent they earn from getting good grades.

They will also learn how to manage their finance.

  • It trains students to work hard

In the real world, we are taught to work hard to get what we want and so if students are pay for getting good grades, it will mean that they will have to put in more effort to come out with good grades or even be the overall best and with this, they will know that it working hard actually pays.

This will get them ready for real life as it will prepare their mind for whatever comes after graduation.

Disadvantages Of Paying Students For Good Grades

Like we hinted at the beginning of this write up that everything that have advantages equally has its disadvantages and so we are going to be looking at some of the disadvantages of paying students for good grades.

  • It only works when the reward has value

What prompt people to work hard is the value that is attached to what they would get in return for working hard. When students weigh the reward they will get from working hard to get good grades and see that it is not really worth the hassle or it won’t be able to meet their needs, they might not want to work harder than their average performance.

The value attached to the reward is what motivates them and not even the knowledge they would get from education and this is totally wrong.

  • It doesn’t foster the right attitude students should have towards learning

The thing is students will definitely weigh the reward they would get from working hard and getting good grades to see if it has value or not and this will certainly affect their attitude towards learning.

They will be used to wanting to get something for every task they carry out and this is not actually the reason they are in school. They students are in school for the knowledge and if they are just after the cash rewards or any other rewards they get from getting good grades then the motive has been defeated.

Students are in school to gain knowledge and this should be the main reason for being in school and if this is not the case, then paying students for good grades would be wrong.

  • The best students will still dominate

The is actually true because when a student id known to always perform better than other students even without rewards being given, they will even do more better when there is a reward for their academic performance.

All students are not the same and some other might even lose interest in working hard to get good grades when they do their best and still don’t get the reward because the best students are always ahead.

  • There is no guarantee that the students will use the money well

Getting these cash rewards doesn’t mean that the students will use the money well as some of these students might lavish the money on irrelevant items like cigarettes and drugs.

They may believe that the money will always come if they get good grades and so they would spend the money on wisely and expect to get another when they get good grades in the next examination or assessment.

  • Some people see it as a form a manipulation

The thing is the society has its own idea of everything and while some others see paying students for good grades as a step in the right direction, some others would see it as a form of manipulation and bribery.

Why pay students for what they are supposed to do normally? They believe that students are in school to learn and come out with good grades and so when you start paying them for what they are expected to do, then you are changing their orientation about learning.

Paying students for good grades will affect their decision-making process in the future as they would always want to get reward for something even if they are meant to do it.

Final Note

Paying students for good grades like we have mentioned has its advantages and disadvantages and both depends on the effectiveness of the solution. While some students might embrace the idea as a form of motivation to do better, others might see it as a form of manipulation to an end.

These rewards might not be cash rewards as it could be in form of scholarships as this will certainly motivate the students to study hard and come out with good grades. These rewards should also be given in a way that average students could benefits so that they won’t feel bad that the best students always takes the reward no matter how hard they try.

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