Reason To Study Nursing

Reason To Study Nursing-It is so evident that nursing is one of the professions that are in demand in the world today and since they are also health practitioners as they work with physicians in the hospital, they have also grown to become one of the top paying jobs too.

If you are someone that loves helping or taking care of sick and injured people and you also want to work in an environment where you can take care of people and make sure they get well, then you wouldn’t have a problem studying nursing.

It is a wonderful career to consider as the profession covers different job titles, specialties and also work environment.

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In this write up, we will be talking about some reasons you should consider studying nursing and we believe that after reading this article, you would be able to make up your mind on why you should study nursing.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

Reason To Study Nursing

You get the chance to make a real difference

As a nurse, you won’t just be limited to performing medical tasks only as you can also get a chance to make a difference and touch the lives of your patients. You will be charged with the responsibility of taking care of patients and in this case, you can offer hope to them especially if they are going through tough times as regards to their health.

If you enjoy helping sick and injured people or even helping people in general, you won’t have a problem with this.

You will have the opportunity to help people for a living by doing your best to take care of patients in whatever condition they are in and help them get better. You also talk to them after a shocking diagnosis and also become a trusted confidant.

Nurses also go as far as contributing to the improvement of their communities as they can participate in activities like health fairs, health-related volunteering, raising or donating money and travelling for volunteer work.

You can pursue you education online

You can choose to get the nursing degree through accredited online nursing programs and you will also get hands-on experience as a nurse as you will be required to take classes online and also complete in-person nursing training at a clinic or hospital.

You should make sure the online program is accredited by an accreditation body or organization and you can also do well to get your license to become a registered nurse and practice nursing.

You have a guaranteed job at the end of your study program

Nursing is one of the careers where you are sure of landing a job at the end of your study program as the profession has a high employability rate. Report has it that over 90-95% of nursing graduates tend to secure nursing jobs within the first five months of completing their study program.

You will also get a lot of job offers before you graduate especially if you are an excellent student.

So there are no worries about securing a job after graduating from college or university as nursing is one of the jobs that are in demand.

You get to earn high

Nursing has grown to become one of the top paying jobs in the world and you also get to enjoy other work benefits working as a nurse. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has it that a registered nurse could earn an average annual salary of about $73,300.

Aside this, nurses also receive other benefits like tuition reimbursement for further studies, life insurance, pension plans, tax savings plans etc.

You get a high level of satisfaction

Nursing is one of the professions where you get full job satisfaction as you enjoy what you are doing. Reports have it that about 81% of nurses were satisfied with becoming a nurse and also the job they do.

Your job brings you closer to people especially your patients and their families and also help you in touching and changing lives so this will certainly give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

The nursing profession comes with job security and stability

Like we mentioned earlier that nursing profession is one of the professions that are in demand in the world and with this comes a great level of job security as there is no fear of losing you job or getting laid off from work.

Even during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic when many activities in the world were put on hold and some workers in many sectors were laid off work, the demand for nurses and other healthcare worker increased around the world.

You can easily find financial aid

As a nursing student, you will have many ways to pay for your tuition and expenses in nursing school as you will have the opportunity to get nursing scholarships and grant money from different organizations.

You can get financial aid as a nursing student seeking a bachelor, master, associate and even DNP degree.

Hospitals also offer some programs for their staff that are looking to go back to school.

You get the opportunity to work in other countries

The nursing profession offers you the opportunity to work apply for jobs in other countries and that is because the nurses are highly needed all over the world. So with your nursing degree, you can apply for jobs in other countries provided you can speak their language.

You will be treated with respect and also have the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful benefits working as a nurse in other countries.

You get the opportunity to also choose where you would want to work like private hospitals, schools, military base, public hospitals or nursing homes.

You have a lot of employment choices

There are different fields you can pursue as a nurse like mental health, pediatrics, maternal-infant, adult health, geriatrics medical-surgical, midwifing etc. you can secure jobs in the following areas:

  • Health care administration
  • Nursing education
  • Patient care coordination
  • Nursing case management
  • Academia
  • Community education and public health
  • Nursing management and leadership

As a nurse, you would also get the opportunity to choose from a range of specialty which means that you will never get bored.  You can work as a gerontological nurse, flight nurse, transplant nurse, dialysis nurse or a labour and delivery nurse.

Nurses are highly respected

We have said this in this article that the nursing profession is among the most respected professions in the world. They work hand-in-hand with the doctors and surgeon and also give their opinions concerning the health and treatment of patients.

Also, if you belong to a professional body as a nurse, you will certainly feel respected maybe as a result of your position at your place of work or your salary.

You get to learn certain skills that will help you throughout your career

As a nurse, you would engage in different activities and perform certain duties like working directly with patients and medical team, running lab test, researching treatment methods etc.

For you to perform your day-to-day activities effectively, you must possess certain skills like interpersonal skills, clinical and technical skills. These skills are learnt in the nursing school or during your nursing program as a nursing student.

You get to learn who to communicate with people you come across while performing your duties and how to speak empathetically and compassionately with patients and their family members.

You also learn critical thinking skills that help you think of the best possible solution out of a range of solutions. You know how to think and act and proffer solutions to problems even under pressure.

You also learn organizational, technical and clinical skills that would help you perform your duties effectively and efficiently.

You get to enjoy some excellent benefits

Nurses get to enjoy some wonderful benefits especially as a registered nurse and some of the benefits are: paid sick time, paid family leave, tuition reimbursement, retirement benefits, childcare, student loan repayment, wellness programs, health and life insurance etc.


You get to work with different healthcare professionals

Nurses play an important role in the healthcare sector and if you must know, they are the only consistent healthcare professionals that stay with the patient and take care of them.

They work with doctors, surgeons and other healthcare workers attending to patients and also give feedback on how the patients are improving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to become a nurse?

It is not really hard to become a nurse as you can even become a nurse in as little as two year and start earning too. You can go for a two-year Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) and you can advance and increase your earning potential by getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). You can take online classes and you can also earn an accelerated BSN degree if you have a bachelor’s degree in another field.

What are the qualities of a nurse?

As a nurse, you must be patient, tolerant, understanding and compassionate. You must certainly love to take care of sick and injured people. You must also have strong listening skill, communication skill, critical thinking and organizational skills. You would develop these skills during your nursing program as they will help you perform well as a nurse.

How do I know if nursing is the right career for me?

You will have to possess qualities like patience, tolerance, compassion and care. You must love to take care of sick and injured people and you must be curious to learn about health and have a desire to help people.



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