List Of Top 15 Best Private Universities In Ogun State

List Of Private Universities In Ogun State – In case you didn’t know, Nigeria has a slew of private institutions and many of them are in the state of Ogun and today, we will tell you all about the private institutions in Ogun State, as well as their tuition fees, so you will know what to expect, so check out the list of private institutions in Nigeria, especially those in the state of Ogun.

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We want to provide you with basic information as well as links to additional information because some universities have very complicated tuition schemes and you will be able to find the information you are looking for without having to scroll through pages of irrelevant text and let’s take a look at the private institution in Ogun State and their tuition fees without further ado.

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Covenant University is number one.

The (Covenant University), Ota, opened in the year [2002], is a (growing, dynamic vision-birthed, vision-driven) university committed to pioneering excellence at the cutting edge of learning and we are motivated by the compelling vision of developing a new generation of African leaders on the foundation of a (holistic, human development, and integrated learning curriculum), in order to produce Total Men who will go out and develop their world and their commitment to excellence is defined by our (‘Core-Values of Spirituality’, ‘Possibility Mentality’, ‘Capacity Building’, ‘Integrity’, ‘Responsibility’, ‘Diligence, & Sacrifice’).

The school’s recent experiences show that we have a lot of potential as an institution in terms of creating a learning environment that is rich in (educational opportunities, research, and scholarship) and the school goal is to create a (world-class university) that will be a source of pride for Africa and compete with the (Ivy League institution) on a global scale.

And the schools mission as an institution is to transform (Africa’s educational landscape) and their method is a true (educational rescue mission), with a (Christian ethos and life-changing) values at its core and the integration of (academic and professional quality assurance bodie’ fundamental requirements), as well as a (global-outlook and impact-driven learning emphasis), creates a powerful synergy for empowerment in enabling the inculcation of intellectual and creative abilities through a solid commitment to (self-discovery).

Mountain Top University is number two.

The (Mountain Top University) is envisioned as a dynamic center of academic excellence in the liberal tradition for the generation of (top-notch), morally sound graduates of distinction who would be globally competitive and have a significant impact on Nigerian societal and global development.

The (Mountain Top University) objective is to provide exceptional facilities for the training of men and women in a variety of (academic, professional, and vocational disciplines) in an environment that promotes their (spiritual, mental, and physical development) simultaneously.

McPherson University is ranked third.

The (McPherson University) is a (unique and vision-driven leader-development) institution dedicated to provide a (world-class) education to students from all tribes and races in Nigeria and abroad.

The (McU), which was opened in the year [2012], is quickly establishing itself as a focus of (intellectual activity) and modern (ICT facilities) are available at the institution and the (academic discipline, moral probity, and a competitive edge) distinguish the school which is changing Nigerian education.

The (Ivory Tower) is a project of the (Nigerian Foursquare Gospel Church), which has made education one of its main pillars in the hope of generating (well-balanced champions) who will lead and bring about the necessary transformation.

The (National Universities Commission) granted the institution its license on February [28, 2012], making it Nigeria’s [49th] private institution and [121st] university.

Christopher University is number four.

The (Christopher University) is a private institution that was approved by the (federal government) on February [25, 2015] and was granted a license by the (National Universities Commission) on March [5, 2015] to commence academic operations.

The Institution is located near Mowe, [Lagos – Ibadan] highway, a minute drive from (Redemption camp), and [30] minutes drive from Ikeja, Lagos in Nigeria, on a wide land area of over [100 Hectares] and  the institution’s objective is to build a (specialized institution) dedicated to (academic innovation, skill based training), and a (tradition of excellence) in (teaching and research) with (private sector involvement).

Babcock University is number five BU

The (Babcock University) BU, as it is presently known, began as (Adventist College of West Africa) on September [17, 1959] and was opened by the (Seventh-day Adventist Church) as a senior college for training church workers from the West African (sub-region), with only (seven ministerial students) when it first opened its doors.

Their enrollment included students taking (Business Administration) as potential accountants within and outside the Church, as well as [two-year]  Pre-Nursing students preparing to pursue a nursing career at the (Church’s School of Nursing) in “Ile-Ife”, Osun State, by [1966], when it graduated the first set of (Bachelor of Arts) degree holders in its own name.

And in the year [1975], The school created history by becoming the (first Nigerian university) to negotiate and run an (affiliation arrangement) with (Andrews University in Berrien Springs), Michigan and this partnership allowed it to confer (‘Bachelor of Arts degrees in Biology’, ‘Business Administration’, ‘History’, ‘Religion’, and ‘Secretarial Studies’) from Andrews Institution.

So, in response to the (socio-political circumstances) of the time, the school was renamed (Adventist Seminary of West Africa) ASWA in the year [1975] and the local considerations forced the phasing out of the (Bachelor’s programs in Biology and Business Administration) again in the year [1983].

In the year [1988], the school attained another (academic milestone) when it signed an (affiliation agreement) with (Andrews University’s Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary), allowing it to offer a (Master of Arts) in (Pastoral Ministry program) and in [1990] a (Master of Arts in Religion) was introduced, and from [1997 to 2007], both programs were offered during summer sessions and an attempt was made to obtain a (local affiliation) with (University of Ibadan) under the name (Babcock College) in order to gain national recognition for its status and programs.

Chrisland University is number six on the list.

The (Chrisland University) mission is to establish a learning environment that develops a (good moral and intellectual culture, draws an excellent blend of professors) from all over the world, and deploys resources to educate the whole person.

By nurturing their (faculty of academic inquiry, creative scholarships, research discovery), and the application of new knowledge to the transformation of the (individual and society), the institution aspires to recruit (brilliant youngsters, instruct and inspire) them to advance the (domain of knowledge).

The (Chrisland University) mission is to become a (world-class university) renowned for (intellectual freedom, ethical standards, research, community service, and superior leadership training).

Crawford University is ranked number seven.

The (Apostolic Faith Mission) owns (Crawford University), which is a (private university) and it was opened in the year [2005] by (Paul Akazue), the (Apostolic Faith Mission) third overseer at the time, as well as the (institution’s first installed chancellor) until his death in May [2010].

The school mission founder (Rev. Mrs Florence Louise Crawford) was honored with a renaming of the university and the (University’s objective) is to produce graduates with (moral excellence, self-confidence, imaginative dynamism, and creativity), as stated in the mission and with only two Colleges and a (Postgraduate School), the institution  follows a (Collegiate system) of education.

And there you have it all, the information you need about some of Nigeria’s best institutions in one (easy-to-read article) and were you able to locate what you were looking for? Was this of any use to you? If that was the case, don’t forget to share this information with others who might benefit from it.

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