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How To Prepare And Pass A Scholarship Exam

How To Prepare And Pass A Scholarship Exam – Scholarship is a good alternative for those that do not have the finance to see them through college and want to go to college. Some colleges might be expensive and also studying the course you have always dreamt of can be challenging as you might not have enough finance to see you through.

You don’t need to fret if you are having issues with financing your college education or paying for your tuition in college. College scholarship is a very good way to pay for college without being in debt. With scholarship, you don’t need to pay back.

The cost of college shouldn’t discourage you from going to college. With scholarship, you can afford a college education and reach the goal you set for yourself.

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The scholarship might be studying abroad or studying in any university in your community. But whichever type of scholarship, you will definitely have to apply for it and also get short-listed for the scholarship exam so as to be awarded the scholarship.

If you want to get a quality education but you don’t have the finance to see you through and you are thinking of applying for a scholarship to see you through college, then you should read through this article carefully and follow up on this platform (worldstudentforum) for updates as we have a lot to dish out to you.

Do you think that people that pass scholarship exams and win the scholarship are lucky or super intelligent? Well the truth is they are not. They just have a better knowledge about scholarships and how they can qualify for a scholarship and this eye opener is what we are going to be releasing to you so you don’t have to envy your next door neighbor that won a scholarship.

Getting a scholarship also comes with some social prestige; you get respected in the society. When you win a scholarship, people see you as brilliant and smart. It gives you respect and recognition amongst others.

Though not all scholarship require you to write exams but we will be looking at those scholarships where you will be required to write an exam before you can qualify for the award.

We have structured this article into five categories to help you understand more about scholarships.

  • What is a scholarship?
  • Types of scholarship
  • How to find a scholarship
  • How to apply for scholarship
  • How to prepare and pass a scholarship exam

The information in this article is not only for your consumption, you can also share it with you family and friends that would need this information as we are here to make sure you see the right scholarship to see you through your education and become successful person.

Let’s get started…


A scholarship is a financial assistance that is being awarded to students based on their outstanding academic performance or some other criteria so as to help further their education.

The criteria of scholarships could be academic performance, athletic skill, financial need, etc. But you should know that you do not repay a scholarship and as a scholarship recipient, you will be required to continue maintaining the requirement that qualified you for that scholarship. It might be maintaining a certain grade point based on academic performance or engaging in a certain activity.

Scholarships can either be in-cash (paying your tuition fee and other fees) or in-kind (waving off tuition fees).


Let’s look at some common scholarships:

  1. Merit-based scholarship

These scholarships are based on the student’s academics, creative and athletic abilities. The schools look at student’s academic performance and also the student getting a high score in the scholarship exam.

Here, the student is seen to qualify for the scholarship based on merit.

  • Student-specific scholarship

This type of scholarship is mainly for students. The applicants must first qualify based on gender, religion, age, state or some other student-related factors. They are given to fund students’ education in college or other educational institutions.

  • Career-specific scholarship

As the name implies, this scholarship is awarded to students who want to pursue a particular field of study. It is given to encourage students to choose a particular career. Like in the United States, future nurses are given full scholarship to study nursing.

  • College-specific scholarship

This type of scholarship is offered by a college or university to students that qualify for the scholarship. The colleges give this scholarship based on academic achievement or other personal achievement.

  • Athletic scholarship

This scholarship is mostly given by organizations or government bodies. They are for students with exceptional skill in a sport; it could be basketball, soccer etc. They are given to allow the student attend college and still engage in the sport activity.

  • Need-based scholarship

The need-based scholarships are more like grants. They are given to students who have demonstrated financial need and still want to further their education.

  • Full scholarship

A full scholarship covers the student’s tuition fee and every other fee that the student needs to pay while in school. The scholarship can last for the period of time the student will be in school that is 4-5years depending on the course.

A full scholarship can cover tuition, housing, health, travel and some other personal expenses. It is a very competitive type of scholarship and awarded based on academic performance. It is given by higher institutions to outstanding students to encourage them to do better and to encourage others too.

  • Partial scholarship

This type of scholarship is given to cover a part of the student’s tuition fee and nay exclude some other expenses. Sometimes the scholarship may be for student tuition fee and they student will pay his or her living expenses or it might just be for a year and after which the student continues to finance his or her education.


Many students have difficult time finding scholarships and some others don’t because of lack of information. There are many scholarships that you can quickly apply for. How do you go about finding these scholarships to apply for?

Well, in this part of the article, we will be showing you how you can find scholarship(s).

  • Think about your background

Before you start looking for a scholarship that will fit your interest, you have to think of your background first. Many scholarship organizers give money or aid to students from a particular ethnicity or religious background.

You have to think about your background and search for a unique scholarship that you can qualify for.

Some house of worship centres or religious organizations, community organizations, and even non-profits or charitable trusts organizations offer scholarship to local students.

Try to understand your background first. You cannot apply for every scholarship.

  • Ask your student counselor or teacher about scholarships

You can so well to ask your career counselor or guidance counselor about any available scholarship because they might know a lot of scholarships and they will also guide you on the type of scholarship you can apply for or that you are eligible for.

  • Ask about a college-specific or career-specific scholarship

Whether you are a high school senior or a college student, you can ask your career counselor or course director for any career-specific scholarship that you ca apply for.

For instance, if you want to study nursing in the United States, you can ask for a scholarship for future nurses so you can apply for it. You can also ask for scholarships that some colleges offer or even the ones your college offers too and see how you can apply for them.

If you also wish to study abroad, you can look for scholarships in your desired country that offer the course you want to study.

  • Look online for available scholarships

This is a very good way you can find a scholarship. Many colleges and organizations post their scholarship offers online, so you can look online for available scholarships that you are eligible for.

As a high school senior, you can search for scholarships to see which colleges offer scholarship and if you are eligible to apply. Even college students can look for available scholarships from any organization online so they can apply.

  • Always check for scholarships updates on Worldstudentforum

Worldstudentforum (WSF) is a website and platform that keeps you updated with available scholarships that you can apply for across the globe. So you can always visit the website for information on scholarships.


After finding the scholarship that you are eligible for, the next thing is applying for this scholarship and some scholarships just need your application for you to be eligible to get the scholarship.

You have to do this right so that you can get shortlisted.

How do you apply for a scholarship?

  • Apply as early as possible

You will have to apply for the scholarship if at all you want to stand a chance at winning the scholarship and you should apply as early as possible. You have to look up for as many scholarship you can get and note their deadlines too so you can apply for them hoping that one of them will shortlist you.

Try to apply early so you can have time to relax and prepare for the scholarship exam if the scholarship has one.

  • Gather important documents

After your application, you should start preparing your documents to submit. There are some documents you will have to gather together. Many scholarship applications will request for some records like academic records, form of identification, financial information and some other details about you.

It will be better you gather these documents in time so you can prepare yourself in advance.

When applying for scholarship, you will need your transcript, financial reports, identification or proof of eligibility (birth certificate, passport etc.)

Your academic transcript shows your grades and academic performance from the school your attended or the college you are attending presently before application.

  • Your resume should show extracurricular activities

Most scholarships require you to write a resume and when writing your resume, it should highlight any of your experience and special skill that you possess. This will put you at an advantage and give you an edge over other candidates.

Show what makes you the most interesting and qualified candidate for the scholarship. Your resume should not be too long and should capture your readers’ attention.

Do not give false information in your resume and try to be specific when listing your work and school experiences with the dates, organizations and also the position you held.

If you have received any scholarship before, you can also include it; it has a way of boosting your chances.

  • Write an interesting scholarship essay

This is a common part of your scholarship application process. You will have to write an essay about yourself, your achievements and experiences.

When writing your scholarship essay, you will have to determine your audience, know who they are and what they stand for; you audience are the organizers or donor of the scholarship. This will help you write a well structured essay.

 If the essay has directions and requires you to answer certain questions, make sure you answer them and follow the instructions. Be original with what you are writing and make sure your essay says a lot about you, your passion and your drive.

You can also ask someone to proof read your essay after writing to see if there are any corrections to be made.

  • Fill the application form

If it is an online application, you will be required to type your information into an online application form that would display on your monitor and most scholarship application these days are online as the world is becoming digital.

You can write out the information first and then start filling them into the form to avoid mistakes.

  • Get references or recommendations letters

Most scholarships will ask you to get at least two recommendations. This shows that you are who you say you are and that they can stand on your behalf as they know you. The letter could be from your career counselor, teacher, employer, coach etc. Most times using a respected person in the society gives you an edge too.

The letter should focus on your academic performance, work, talents, community service etc. Try to remind them about the letter before the application is due but do this politely.

  • Go through the application before submitting

After filling the application form and getting all the necessary documents ready, go through everything to be sure you are not missing anything before finally submitting. Take your time to do this.


Like we said earlier that some scholarships require you to write an aptitude test or standardized test to qualify you for the scholarship. So even after application, you have to be invited for an exam.

How are you going to prepare yourself for this exam and see that you pass this exam and get the scholarship?

Let’s look at some tips to help you prepare for and pass any scholarship exam…

  • Have a positive mindset

You will have to develop a positive mindset about the scholarship. You can not be preparing for an exam with failure in your mind because you will not be motivated and so you will not prepare well.

You have to nurse a positive attitude towards the exam and assure yourself that you can get the scholarship no matter the number of competitors. Having he right mindset will motivate you to study hard and smart for the scholarship exam.

Even if fear or anxiety sets in, overcome it with positive thoughts and feelings.

  • Create a study schedule

Creating a study schedule is a way to help you study and study effectively. You should prepare a study schedule that will guide you in studying. With your schedule, you allocate time for studying and other activities too.

This schedule will help reduce procrastination and time mismanagement. You are preparing for an important examination so arrange your schedule in a way that you get enough time to study but this doesn’t mean that you spend the whole day studying.

Create a study schedule that has study breaks when you can relax and cool off anxiety.

  • Study for the examination

Studying for a scholarship examination can be demanding and challenging because you don’t really know what to study exactly and where the questions are going to come from, this is why you have to study smart, get key points and topics you can read on.

Try to cover up important subjects and topics relating to your field of study especially when you applied for a career-specific scholarship.

Know the best time and way to study so you can understand what you are studying and assimilate better and faster. You cannot study and assimilate at every time, there are times when your brain is more active and will assimilate information better. Know the best time to study.

  • Avoid distractions when studying

One way to study effectively and prepare yourself for your exam is studying with absolute concentration. When you focus on what you are studying and block off distractions, you will understand what you are studying faster.

  • You can turn off your phone and other gadgets and put them away
  • Turn off the television set
  • Get the right place to study with little or no distractions
  • Make getting the scholarship a priority

If you want to get the scholarship, you shouldn’t treat it will a lassie faire attitude. There are many contemporaries for the scholarship so you have to make winning the scholarship a priority.

It should be your goal and you have to work towards achieving this goal by studying.

  • Get past questions on the exam

The past questions will serve as a guide to prepare you for the exam. You will get to know how the questions look and where they are likely to come from in preparing for this exam.

You can get these past questions from the scholarship website or even from the school depending on the type of scholarship but it is not always easy.

  • Ask anyone that has written the exam

Talking to someone that has written the exam before will go a long way in preparing you for the exam as he or she will tell you about their experience and what have to do to pass the examination.

They can also help you with past questions on the scholarship exam as it is sometimes difficult to get this scholarship past questions because the organizers try to hide the questions from the public which is understandable.

You can also get a coach to tutor you and prepare you for the exam.

Ending note

Getting a scholarship is easy if you can follow guide we have given you in this article. Many students start missing out on scholarships from their application so we are hoping you get the right scholarship and do well to apply for it so that you can get shortlisted and if it requires an aptitude test, you can write and pass the test. We wish you all the best.


At what age and time can I apply for scholarship?

Well, you can apply for scholarship as a high school senior preparing to get into college or you can also apply as a college student too.

What average do I need to get a scholarship?

Well, it is no news that you need a good grade to be eligible for most scholarships. You need a GPA of 3.5 and above for you to qualify for most scholarships.

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