Strategies That Can Help You Create An Effective Online Marketing

Most Effective Tips For Online Marketing – Do you know that promoting your business online is one way to grow your business faster and better? The world is changing and everything we do is going digital and when we say digital, we mean the use of technologies.

Are you new to business or you have been looking for a way(s) to grow your business and retain your customers and then this article is for you.

A strong online marketing strategy will help your business to grow. It has become a vital component of marketing in the world today and it is advisable that every entrepreneur and business owner should adopt this strategy so as to boost sales and conversion. With the online strategy, you tend to reach a wider target audience and most times, you might be at the comfort of your home.

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Whatever you are selling and whatever service you are rendering, the online marketing proves to be a great deal in every business and many authors like Neilpatel, Brian Dean aka. Backlinko have consented to this. They talked about how to market your product or service online so as to rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

If you really want to excel at whatever business you are doing, give online marketing a shot. It is not difficult and also it is not too easy. Not to worry yourself, we will be giving you some top notch information on online marketing and how to go about it.

This article was written after several researches and talks with several digital marketers and how they succeeded in online marketing. We will be looking at some top online marketing strategies that they used to promote their product and service.

In this article, we will be looking at:

  • What is online marketing and the difference between online marketing and digital marketing
  • Advantages of online marketing to your business
  • 8 most effective tips on how to use online marketing to promote your product or service

We are sure after reading this article; you will jump at using the online marketing strategy to promote your product or service.

Let’s jump in…


Firstly, let’s clarify you on two things that may be confusing about online marketing before we give you the definition.

The first one is that online marketing is a type of digital marketing. So it is better to put it this way, online marketing is a subset of digital marketing. We will buttress that when we get to the difference between online marketing and digital marketing.

The second thing is that online marketing is also called internet marketing; we are sure you know this. They mean the same thing.

So let’s get to the question:

What is online marketing?

According to Neilpatel, “online marketing is any effort to spread the word about your company that uses the internet to reach people”. Now do you see the word internet in that definition? Online marketing is about using the internet space.

Now giving you a much broader definition of online marketing, “it is the process of using any digital means on the internet to enlighten your target audience about your product or service and also get them to make use of the product or service”. With this marketing strategy, you tend to create awareness about your product to your prospective consumers or customers through the internet.

There are many online marketing strategies and we will be looking at some of them in this article.


First and foremost, online marketing is a subset or category of digital marketing. But there is a difference between these two marketing strategies.

Online marketing is the use of web-based platforms or internet to create awareness about your product or service and also make your prospective customers become your customers; digital marketing on the other hand is not necessarily limited to web-based platforms or the internet alone.  

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes the internet, mobile devices and any other digital means to promote your product or service and create awareness. Digital marketing is not limited to online marketing because you can perform some digital marketing without having internet access by sending SMS through your mobile phones about your product or service. It is not all digital marketing strategies that require the internet to work but any means of using electronic device to promote your product or service is digital marketing.

So hope you have been cleared on the slight difference between online marketing and digital marketing.


Online marketing is really becoming a trend in the 21st century and the benefits of using this type of marketing are evident. It is not a leading component of marketing throughout the world. The marketing strategy enables you to reach a large audience or target customers easily and faster. It gives you the opportunity to create and build a personal relationship with their customers and also help retain these customers.

There are a lot of advantages of using online marketing to promote your product or service and we will be looking at them.

  • You are able to reach a large audience globally

This is one of the biggest advantage of online marketing. You get to reach a lot of people anywhere in the world provided there is internet connection.  With your sound SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media campaign, you will be able to create awareness about your product or service to every corner of the world where there is internet connection.

There is no boundary to the number of customers you can reach as you go beyond your local market and secure a lot of viewers. This marketing strategy helps you draw the attention of a lot of people across the world provided you display quality contents for your viewers.

  • It is less expensive

In some context, they will say it is cost-effective. The online marketing is less expensive. You get to advertise your product using the internet with little or no cost. Unlike doing advertisement on radio, television or newspapers. It offers you a low operating cost.

You don’t need to pay much to get your product out for the world to see. With little or no start-up capital, you can start up a blog or even social media account provided you have internet connection unlike the traditional means that may cost you a lot of money to advertise your product or service.

Even as a beginner, you can run a Google local listing to attract nearby customers and to offer a service that is geographically based.

  • You can work at your own convenience

This is another very good advantage of internet marketing. You get to reach out to your customers at the comfort of your home or even at a coffee shop. You don’t need to worry about getting dressed or running to the office.

Also as it offers you the opportunity to sell at your convenience, it also offers your prospective customers opportunity to buy or place order at their own convenience. It is easy to assess and the convenience of shopping online can make them place an order to get what you offer.

When the customers see that they don’t need to work down to the store as they can just look up your ecommerce store at their own convenience and time, they will definitely want to place an order. The online marketing gives your customers a better, faster and more convenient shopping experience and this will also make the come back again.

  • There is 24/7 marketing: (anytime and every time marketing)

The convenience of internet marketing gives room for your enterprise to be open 24hours a day and 7 days in a week. You do not need to worry about time as time is never a constraint when it comes to internet marketing.

You attend to your customers at any time of the day and also they (customers) can look up your product or service any time of the day on your website or social media platform. You get to reach out to your prospective customers at any time compared to the traditional marketing.

It is time-effective provided there is an internet connection; whenever someone uses their mobile devices or digital device, there is a higher chance they will see your product or service and if there is a high quality content, there is a chance they will try your product or service.

  • Opportunity to measure and monitor sales results

This marketing strategy allows you to measure your sales and see the progress of your marketing campaign. The online marketing provides you with different analytical tools to monitor the results of your marketing campaign.

This gives you a better and proper knowledge of how your business is fairing and also how best you can improve so as to get more sales and conversions. It also helps you see if you are serving your customers better and if not, gives you a better idea of how you can serve them better and deliver the result you desire.

  • Avenue to collect customers data

The internet marketing allows you to collect your customers’ data and use it to improve your business and services. When these customers visit your website or blog, their data are captured and stored. These data can be used to know which product sells more and better.

It also helps you categorize your customers according to the product or service they patronize more so as to send them ads or promotional materials unlike the traditional means that do not store data. Your ability to track or monitor your customers’ activities on your website helps you know how often they visit your site and why they visit your site. This will help you analyze how best to keep them coming and active.

Most sites require the customers to fill in their names, location, age, sex and other information. This helps to gather their data so as to offer products or services that conforms to their personal interest and intent.

  • Allows you to diversify and modify marketing and advertising

Online marketing offers you the opportunity to use different tactics and methods to reach out to your prospective customers. You can implement various marketing strategies so as to reach out to a large number of target audience.

With the online marketing, you also get to modify your marketing and advertising strategy without worrying about interrupting service or disrupting the entire marketing system. It is easier to modify and improve marketing and advertising compared to traditional marketing means like newspaper, radio and television.

  • Building and maintaining relationship with customers

We are sure you know how the social media helps in building relationship even with people you have not met before especially Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others. This is one advantage the online marketing offers you. You tend to build relationship with your customers or clients and also retain that relationship.

It offers you the opportunity to communicate personally with your customers and build their loyalty in your product. There is always an after sales relationship when you use the online marketing strategy. With the internet marketing, you get to collect the email address of your customers and use it to communicate with them and build a relationship with them (customers).

  • Allows you to educate your prospective customers and buyers

The internet marketing allows you to educate or enlighten your prospective customers on how to use your product or service and also the importance of your product or service.

Through channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Google+, you can create video tutorials to educate your prospective customers on the reason they should use or try your product or service. With this, you get to reach out to a lot of target audience and convince them to buy even though not all that watch will try it out not be sure that some will do so provided your content has value and quality.

  • There is continuity and it is a continuous process

The online marketing strategy doesn’t just stop at getting the customers and selling the products to them. It is not a one-off strategy. It is a continuous process and has the capacity to remain relevant and functional for years. It is a long term process and when you continue updating quality content to match your audience intent, you continue to remain relevant and functional.

There are also some online marketing tools to help improve your site continuously and help you get traffic continuously.

  • Efficiency in multitasking

With the online marketing, you will be able to attend to a large number of customers simultaneously. The sweetest part of this is that, you can be handling a lot of transactions on you website provided it is efficient and capable and offer excellent and satisfactory services to a million customers without a decline in your efficiency and service.

With the online marketing, the customers tend to get a better shopping experience and will be willing to come back.

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We have explained the meaning of online marketing and also discussed some of the advantages you tend to benefit from using online marketing to promote your product or service. We will now be guiding you through some tips on how to use online marketing.

Let’s get started…

  • Social media marketing

When you hear social media, your mind goes to different media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram. Well, you are correct. You can use these platforms to promote your product or service and make the most sense of your business. Many prospective customers are on social media and this is a great way to create awareness about your product or service. You get to connect with the public and share information about your product or service.
Emily Hickey, MS, marketing consultant and master’s degree, Business, Stanford University says that “social media allows you to target new customers based on your existing customers or you can target someone based on their interests. It’s really amazing”.

When using social media, you do not have to try to be active on all social media platform but try to have a higher presence on the largest platforms. There are some ways you can use social media to promote your business and we will itemize them below.

  1. Try building customers trust on platforms like Yelp as this site allows customers to provide reviews about their past experience with companies or businesses.
  2. You can also use the services of Instagram influencers though it might cost a little but their presence on the internet space and the number of followers they have can help boost your customer base.
  3. Using the social media marketing does not necessarily mean that you will be all about trying to sell your product; you can use the 80/20% approach where you dedicate 80% of your post to content that will interest your customers like stories, inspirational posts and some other non-promotional contents and the other 20% can be for promoting your product. This way, you tend to capture the attention of your customers without over-crowding them with too many advertisements.
  4. You can also use social media manager to manage your online presence and help you schedule your post on social media so as to improve your online presence. Social media manager like Hoot suite will help you manage all your social media account on all platforms on a single website and also check how successful your posts are at reaching your target audience.

Remember that your social media platform represents your business so always try to be professional and informative. Listen to your customers and always respond to all feedbacks even the negative comments.

Always appreciate your customers’ reviews and inputs and try to implement changes where necessary. Everybody loves attention and so when you give your customers or audience attention and listening ears, it will help build a relationship.

Never expect to please everybody as not everybody will find your product appealing.

  • Build a website for your business

In as much as social media is very good for networking, you will also need to create a website for your product where you explain how your product works and everything about your business.

Create an appealing and user friendly website as it will influence the time and attention users give to your site. It has to be interesting and easy to read so as to get the attention of a large target audience.

Some sites like WordPress, Weebly and Wix have made it easy for you to set up and design a website even without being an experienced website developer. There are also companies where you can purchase a domain name and hosting for your website. Some of the companies are Namecheap, Godaddy, Bluehost etc. They offer services to build websites and also maintain these websites at a low fee either monthly or yearly.

In building your website, make sure the name correlates with what you are offering or selling and also build contents on your website. Put up information about your business on the website like the location of your business, contact information, business logo, information about your product or service, hours of operation and also testimonies and reviews from your customers.

Here are some ways to use website to promote your business.

  • Create a blog on your website

It would be an advantage if you add a blog into your website. We know many people are confused as to the difference between a blog and a website. Well, the difference is this; a blog is a type of website and a blog has frequently updated content in reversed chronological order unlike the website which is much more static and is organized into pages.

It is blogging that helps your website become visible, searchable, competitive and also rank higher on SERPs. It helps boosts your website traffic and send quality leads to your website. The more frequent and better your blog posts are, the greater your chances of reaching a lot of target audience and build a brand.

Many companies use blogs to promote their websites and promote their products.

  • Learn and use SEO to optimize your website

When we talk about optimizing your website, we mean that you should use SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The goals of creating a website and blogging is to offer great and quality contents but you should also try to learn and use SEO to optimize your website both on-page and off-page.

This SEO helps to make your site rank higher on search engine results like Google and Bing. In using SEO, you have to pay attention to using relevant keywords or phrases, site speed, citing of sources, backlinks, references and many more. All these are SEO strategies that are likely to help your website rank higher on SERPs.

The speed of your site makes it easy for users to navigate the site easily and faster and this gives your website an advantage in ranking.

If you are starting a new business and your website is a new one, try to use less competitive keywords in your niche so as to rank better for them. You can use sites like Semrush, Ahrefs or Google’s keyword planner to find keywords that your target audience searches for and the competition in your niche.

  • Try marketing using videos

Do you know how efficient running a video for your product can be?

Do you know that people are attracted to what they see now than what they read?

Videos are what consumers love seeing.

Facebook’s engineering director Srinivas Narayanan said that “if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is a library”. Videos tend to draw attention faster and also have CTA (Call to Action).

This is now becoming a must for every business and there are many sites that give in-depth knowledge and guide to go about video marketing. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Sproutvideo offers great marketing resources for your business. In video marketing, you have to focus on creating quality and useful content for your target audience and always try to add value not just profit oriented.

Your video should be short, précised and interesting so as to captivate your audience. The good thing about video marketing is that it is now accessible and cost effective for all businesses.

This is the future of marketing as YouTube states that its users view more than one billion hours of video each day on the platform and also many people prefer watching online videos than television. So if you are not into video marketing yet, you should start considering it as it is a way to boost sales and conversion.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms have seen the need for video creation and so they have included video creation features in their platforms and this has made it easier to make videos and also watch video. This has made video marketing effective.

Researches by Hubspot and Unbounce have shown that video marketing is relevant and valued by customers presently. Always drop a link that will direct your audience to your site on the video.

  • Communicate with your customers using Email

This is not really an easy one to do but it is really important. It really helps to build a strong relationship with your customers. This is why most websites ask their users to sign up their email address while using the site.

To succeed in using Email marketing to reach out to your customers, you have to be ready to give out something of value to get their attention and get them to give you their email address.

Some companies encourage their prospective customers to sign up for their mailing listing by offering them exclusive discounts and once they (customers) have signed up, they start sending them emails about their products or services.

The Email marketing is very cheap and easy to use. It has the potential to reach a large number of people and also inspire future loyalty of your customers. With Email marketing, you have to connect with your customers first before getting them to try your product.

Some platforms like Mailchimp, Vertical response or Get response can be used to manage your email marketing.

  • Network with others in your industry and also customers

The sites like LinkedIn which is the world’s largest professional networking site can help you connect with others in your industry. It has more than 610 million users across the world. With this, you can connect with customers, vendors and other members in your industry.

This is another way to grow your online presence and also get information about your market and industry. In the online marketing, it is always relevant to network with others in your industry so as to be up-to-date on new trends and improvement.

Aside LinkedIn, we have other platforms that offer networking services like Meetup, Xing, Bark and so on.

  • Register your business with location listing site like Yahoo local and Google local

Another way of reaching out to customers can be through registering your business with location listing sites so that it will be easier for your business to be found when customers are navigating the internet using maps and other location tools. 

If you are looking to attract customers that are close to your area or locality, then you should register your business on local business listing sites like Google local and Yahoo local.

  • You can advertise through Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

These are ways of creating ads on the SERPs so as to get prospective customers to see your products when they use Google or Bing. The PPC allows you market your product or service on other web platforms and whenever someone clicks on your ads, you pay the platform that is hosting your ads like (Google or Bing). This is a way to market your product in a hope that they will drive traffic especially when people are interested in your product and service.

This is not only limited to Google and Bing especially PPC, most social media platforms allow you create ads and you get to pay when someone clicks on the ad.

  • Be ready to offer free products or service to customers

Who doesn’t like something that is free? Everyone virtually does and this is a good way to get people to try your product. It is not all about selling your product or service and making profit, you can just offer people a free service so as to get their attention to a bigger offer.

You also get to have their contact details so you can be sending promotional contents to them about improvement in your product or service. Offering free service or product is also a way to build relationship and also maintain the relationship with customers.

My Final Note

Online marketing is now becoming a popular marketing strategy and the results are showing because it is effective and easy to operate. So for the prospective entrepreneurs or already existing entrepreneurs who have not clocked into the world of online or digital marketing; you have to start planning on using it to create awareness for your product or service and reach a large number of customers in no time.

Carefully read this article very well to get how to use some of the online marketing tips we mentioned in this article though there are some others like affiliated marketing, co-sponsoring awards and giveaways, guest blogging etc. We just gave you the eight most effective online marketing tips to promote your product and service.

We expect to see you excel in your business using the online marketing tips.

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