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How To Make Time Go Faster At School

How To Make Time Go Faster At School-Sometimes school can be so boring especially the long hours you have to stay for the math lecture. Every second seems to be long like the day isn’t going to end and you won’t be going home anytime soon.

In this kind of situation you should do well to engage in every activity as this will sure help you pass time and before you know it the day is over. While at school, try not be idle as this could make time go slower for you.

Well, there are some ways you could make time go faster when you are at school and we will be showing you some of them in this article.

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Doing most of these things we will be discussing in this article will help you kill boredom while you are at school.

So without much fuss, let’s show you ways you could be productive and make your time at school fun.

How To Pass Time At School

·     Pay attention in class

If you really want time to be over without you knowing it, throw yourself into the material and listen to everything the teacher or lecturer is saying. Ensure that you take extensive notes while the class is going on.

Listen and focus on every word that is coming out of the teacher’s mouth as this will help you kill the boredom as you are not really waiting for the class to be over instead, you are taking notes actively and engaging in the class.

The thing is sitting idle and watching the clock is will only make time go slower so it is better that you use the time judiciously and do something productive with it.

·     Be active in class and ask questions

Sitting down and not participating in what is going on in class will make the class look boring to you. It is better you engage in class discussions and try to ask questions when teaching is going on. With this, you are actively doing something which will make time fly.

Try to ask and answer questions in class as this will not only make time go faster at school but it will also help you retain the information you are learning.

Don’t just sit in class without participating or engaging in what is going on as it will only make time look slower for you.

·     Take notes well

Taking notes is not really a naturally born skill and for you to learn how to do it properly, it will take some practice. You have time to do that while you are at school so make good use of your school time.

While listening to the lecture, focus on the main points because you might not be able to take down everything the teacher says word for word.

Ensure that you follow your teacher with rapt attention so that you can get what he or she is saying and take down the main points of the lecture.

·     Do your assignment for another class

It is very important that you pay attention in class but sometimes when nothing seems to be going well for you in class you can decide to do another thing that is productive.

If there is no way that you can focus in the math class, you can try doing an assignment that was given in another subject while waiting for the class to end.

Instead of just sitting idle and waiting for the class to end, take out your assignment and start looking into it.

·     Try to write down what you learnt in your own way

This is a great way to keep the brain active and engaged. While listening to what the teacher is saying and taking down notes, do well to write them down in your own understanding.

This might take your time especially when you have to follow what your teacher is saying and so you can do this after the class. Putting what you are learning in your own words will certainly keep you engaged and it is a good way to make time go faster at school.

·     Update your to-do-list

If you have a to-do-list, you can take out time in school to organize and plan the to-do-list. Highlight any important dates and assignments in your calendar. Create a to-do-list of what you would like to achieve in the coming weeks or even throughout the term or session.

As a student, creating a to-do-list will help your organize your activities and achieve your goals and so instead of waiting for time to go faster while in school, use that time to work on your to-do-list.

·     Scribble at the margin of your note

This is not as productive as note taking but it is a nice was to make time go faster at school. It has been seen that scribbling will help you retain the information you are listening to and so doing this doesn’t really mean that you are wasting your time.

You could draw abstract shapes, illustrate what you are listening to or even sketch out different ways of writing your name.

·     Look for an interesting book to read

This could be your textbook or a novel but getting lost in an interesting book is a great way to spend your time while in school especially when you are less busy. Doing this will help make time go faster without you even knowing it.

You also get to learn a thing or two from what you are reading especially if it is a textbook.

·     Don’t look at the clock

If there is a wall clock in your class, try as much as possible not to look at the clock on the wall as it would only make time go slower while you are in class.

Make sure you ignore the checking the time as we all know that a pot that is been watched never boils. So do well to keep your eyes and mind off the clock.

You could choose a sit behind the clock so you would have to be seeing the clock.

·     You could write a short story or poem

While you are trying to make time go faster at school, you can engage in some creative writing like writing a short story or poem. Writing is a good way to keep yourself busy while in school although it is not the most productive way to pass your time at school.

You could decide to write a fictional story, true life story or a poem with rhymes and with this, you won’t have to be looking at the clock and waiting for time to go faster.

·     Go to the restroom

This might sound funny but this is a good way to relax the brain every once in a while. Taking a break to use the restroom is a great way to help your brain refocus when you return to class.

Although it is not good to do it very often as it may annoy your teacher and it is not really productive but it will help you get your mind together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid being called in class?

If you want to avoid being called in class, try to answer the questions that you know as this will show the teacher that you are paying attention in class.

How can I make a holiday come faster?

You could do this by planning ahead and thinking about what you would like to do for it. Look into decorations you could put in your house and think of cookie recipe and style of cakes you could make and learn how to make them.

Final Note

It is no surprise that school can be so boring at times and so to make the most use of your time at school and make time go faster at school, do well to use the tips we have given you in this article.

There are great ways to help you pass time in school and also become productive. While some of the tips help to keep you focused while in school, some others help to keep you busy while you wait for time to go.

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