Importance Of Sex Education In Secondary Schools

Importance of Sex Education In Secondary Schools-The importance of sex education in secondary schools cannot be overemphasized as this is more like the best time to teach students about the changes in their body system and why they should practice abstinence.

There are a lot of misguiding information about sex online and this has brainwashed a lot of young minds with incomplete knowledge about sex and its values.

There shouldn’t be an argument as to why sex educations should be taught in schools as it is our right to know about our body and have the awareness.

These young minds needs to know more than just a chat about what sex is as they have to know why and how they should abstain from sex at least at a young age. They should have access to comprehensive sexual education as this will give them the knowledge and awareness they need as a young mind.

In this write-up, we will be discussing a lot about sex education and the importance of sex education in secondary schools.

Without much hesitation, let’s get started…

What Is Sex Education?

This is a comprehensive set of knowledge, a full packaged knowledge to help students learn about the emotional, physical and social aspects of sexuality.

It is the education that is given to individuals on sexuality behaviour. Sex education is creating awareness about sex especially for adolescents and teenagers.

Sex education entails information about menstruation, gender identity, body image, puberty, sexual abstinence, sexual violence prevention and sexual orientation.

With sex education, young minds get to know the importance of their wellbeing and health and it also gives them a better understanding of their body and sexuality.

A lot of people have misconstrued the essence of teaching or educating students on sex as they believe that teaching sex to these young minds is creating an avenue for them to engage in sexual intercourse and this is not actually true.

Youths always want to try out what they learn, see and hear but when they are properly educated on sex and why they shouldn’t indulge in it at this time, they get to understand better.

They get to understand that engaging in sexual intercourse is more like a choice and if they do engage in it’s, they are also aware of the consequences.

Having the knowledge, values and skills will boost the respect they have for their body.

In sex education, sexual development should be treated as a normal human development and these young minds should have access to comprehensive sex education so that they will be able to make healthy decisions about their sexual life.

Young ones always want to know as they are curious and want honest answers as this will help them with the choices they make.

Importance Of Sex Education In Secondary Schools

Sex education should be made mandatory in secondary schools as this is the stage where many children experience puberty which presents them with some physical and mental changes and with this knowledge of puberty, they will be prepared for it and know how well to handle the process.

Comprehensive sex education is very important in secondary schools and we will be highlighting some salient points to explain better.

Students get to know more about their body

Sex education does not only teach the child about puberty and changes in their body as it also helps them to understand their body and also how to abstain from premarital sexual activities.

It educates students to respect each other more

Sex education teaches students about the changes in the body and how it is different for everybody; with this knowledge, they will become more responsible and respect each other.

They would understand that it is not cool to make fun of their peers because of their body changes or development and also know the importance of being there for each other.

Also, the boys grow up to become gentlemen as they tend to understand the challenges and struggles girls go through.

It helps students to know when they are being assaulted

Sex education exposes students to what it means to be molested and harassed sexually. Sometimes, these young minds are not really aware of the sexual exploitation they are experiencing and so they do not see the need to let their parents or guardians know but when they are sexually enlightened, they come to realize why someone shouldn’t be touching their body and also ask for help if being assaulted.

Sex education prevents a child from being broken and depressed

When students are exposed to comprehensive sex education, they become aware of the changes in the body and also prepare for it. So when these changes or development start occurring, they won’t feel broken or depressed.

Sex education will prepare them physically, mentally and emotionally about the changes a human body.

The young ones need to know safer options

Students that are aware or have access to sex education are more likely to abstain or say no to unprotected sex and this is because they get to learn the positive and negative sides of sex.

They learn about unwanted pregnancy, emotional effects of sex and also sexually transmitted diseases.

They are also exposed to the means of reducing the risks that comes with having premarital sex by using preventive measures.

Students get to understand how the choices they make affect their lives

With sex education, students get to understand why they should make the right choice as regard sex, who they should be with and why they should engage in healthy sexual relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a need for sex education to be given by parents?

Children are curious about a lot of things and with the poor manner in which sex is being taught over the internet, children tend to gather information about sex even before their parents can think of it.

It is very important that parents are the first source of information for children concerning sex and changes in their body. Parents should not keep silent about sex education as they should ensure that the right information is given their children because if they don’t, their children will certainly learn it from their peers or over the internet and this can be dangerous.

Parents are the core people who accompany the child as he or she grows up as these children need continuous guidance and counseling.

At what age should sex education be taught?

Sex education should be taught in secondary schools as this is the stage when children start experiencing body changes and development. Some girls start experiencing menstruation at the age of ten and this is why parents need to let their children know why they menstruate and help them in handling the situation better.

Parents shouldn’t shy away from teaching their children about sexual developments and social relationships when they start experiencing body changes.

Should boys and girls be taught sex education together?

There are some pros and cons of teaching boys and girls sex education together.

The Pros of teaching boys and girls together:

  • They get to learn about each other and their experiences or issues.
  • It helps to take away the stigma that is associated with the topic
  • It creates a comfortable atmosphere between the boys and the girls
  • They get to know about each other and understand the different body changes and development
  • It helps them to learn to respect each other

The Cons of teaching boys and girls together:

  • Parents don’t feel comfortable when they daughters receive sex education along with boys
  • The students might not feel free to ask questions concerning their bodies                                                                             
  • It may be difficult for instructors to convey their message and teach effectively.

Final Note

Sex education works when there is mutual trust, comfort and safety and it should be taught according to age and development stage. Comprehensive sex education is very important in secondary school as it teaches these young minds about the changes in their bodies and how they should prepare themselves for it.

It also teaches them how to make healthy life choice and also live a healthy life. People should know that sex education doesn’t encourage sex instead it enlightens these young ones about the positive and negative effect of sex and also helps prepare them for the future.



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