How To Write Significance Of The Study

How To Write Significance Of The Study-Regardless of whether you are writing a thesis, project or research paper, there is always a portion called the significance of the study and it is the part that help your readers to understand the impact and importance of your work.

The significance of study tries to point out the people that would benefit from your study and also how the specific audience could benefits from its findings. The significance of study could ask some major questions like:

  • What significant scientific contribution is my study making to my field of research?
  • Why should my study be published?
  • How does my study influence policy making process
  • What benefits does my study have for others in the concerned subject area or the public?
  • How would my study contribute in bridging the gaps in existing available research?

Through the significance of study, you as a researcher will be able to relate why and how your work is unique to the reviewer or reader. This is why it is very important that your significance of study is effective and impactful.

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In this article, we will be looking at the importance of your significance of study and how you can write a good significance of study.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

What Is A Significance Of Study?

In addition to what we have said so far, a significance of study is an important part of a thesis, project work or research paper. It gives you an opportunity to prove the impact of your study to your study area, the new knowledge it will contributes and also the people that stand to gain from your study.

The significance of study is also called the rationale of the study and it should be around 200 to 500 words long.

Where Should The Significance Of The Study Be?

The significance of the study is very important in any research work you are writing and it should be placed at the first chapter or introduction. It comes after the problem statement and hypothesis of your research work.

What Is The Purpose Of The Significance Of Study?

Like we have mentioned in our introduction that the significance of study explains why your research was done, how it can benefit your study area and also the people that stand to benefit from the study you have done.

The significance of study gives you space to explain to your reviewers or readers how your study or research work would contribute to your study area.

How To Write Significance Of The Study

A lot of people make mistakes in writing their significance of study thereby they fail to relate properly the reason behind their study or research work, the contribute it has in their field of study and also what the people the study is about stand to benefit from the study.

We are going to be revealing some crucial tips on how to write a good and impactful significance of study.

  • Start with your research problem

A good significance of study is expected to start with the problem statement as this is even the reason you carried out the study. It will guide you towards knowing how to go about your research study and who will benefits from it.

The problem statement should be reflected in the introduction of your significance of study. The problem statement will guide you in outlining the significance of your study and how it can impact your field of study and existing research.

  • Explain how you plan to carry out your study

In some cases, it is called methodology and it is the plan on how you intend carrying out your research study. If there is another methodology to achieve the same result as your methodology, you will have to explain why your methodology is unique and outstanding.

  • Discuss the previous work in the field

Before you conduct any research, there must be a study that stands as the basis for carrying out your research study. Look into previous studies that have tackled the same problem statement and show how your own research study tends to fill in the gap and lapses in the previous studies.

No need for much talk on this as you can highlight the most significant studies in the field.

  • Outline the limitations of the previous studies

In writing your significance of study, you will have to identify the limitations of the previous studies in the field and explain how you study will correct these limitations and do better.

  • Explain how your research will contribute to the existing research in the field

For you to write an impactful significance of study and also carry out an outstanding research, you will have to think outside the box to identify things that have not been explored in your previous studies.

After identifying the lapses in previous studies, you will have to write down ways to cover those lapses through your research study.

This will help your reviewers or readers know that you are working on something new and of great relevance to the field.

  • Talk about how your research will benefit the society at large

As part of the significance to your study, it must include the impact of your research to the society and how the result of your research will affect or make changes to your society.

  • Outline the people or group that would benefit from your study

In writing your significance of study, you will have to indicate the people that will benefit from the research you will be conducting.

  • Show how your study would help in future studies in the field

When writing your significance of study, you must show how you study would help in future research. Show how your study will provide future researchers with information to explore other possibilities in the field.

Final Note

From all we have said so far, you would see that the significance of study is very important in the explaining the reason for your study (which is the problem statement), how you intend to proffer solutions to the outlined problems and what your expected outcome should be like.

Writing a good significance of study will relate to your readers what your study is all about and with the few tips and guidelines we have highlighted in the article, we hope you go on to write a good significance of study in your research paper or thesis.


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