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How To Write A Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is simply a summary of your essay or article or your papers. It is usually placed at the concluding part of the introduction of your paper.

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The statement can however be repeated elsewhere in the body of the essay but it’s mainly a line at the beginning of the article. 

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The sentences that precede the thesis statement introduce it and the sentences that come after it will explain it.

A thesis statement should be as concise and clear as possible and should answer the main question of the article I.e. the reader should be able to get the answer to the question you are driving just by going through the thesis statement.

Major Parts Of A Thesis Statement

There are three main parts of a thesis statement viz:

1.Limited Subject

2.The precise opinion

3.Blueprint of reasons

1.Limited Subject

This simply means picking a topic on which you want to talk. You should know the topic you have in mind, the possible questions about it, and the answers you want to provide.

2.The Precise Opinion

This is your answer to the question which you have initially thrown. It answers the question of your article or essay as the case may be. 

3.Blueprint Of Reasons

This allows you to see the whole shape and plan of ideas before you begin to write the remaining parts of your article.

When writing your thesis statement, ensure it is not too narrow or too broad, or too long.

 Also, your thesis statement should not be a question. Remember its main goal is to answer the question the article is about. 

In addition, ensure your thesis statement is not mere facts with no proof to support it.

No matter how many clauses you want to include, your thesis must not exceed one sentence.

Note that a lengthy thesis statement weakens your point and as a result, could throw your readers into a state of oblivion. 

Four Major Rules For Thesis Statement

1.Let your point be crystal clear

2.Emphasize your point

3.A thesis statement nut be purpose-driven

4.Your thesis statement must not be too long nor should it be too short.

A thesis statement must always be complete. Do not make the mistake of leaving it at the half. No matter how tempting or daunting it seems, always complete it. You could make it two sentences if need be.

Qualities Of A Standard Thesis Statement


A single line of at least two lengths or a minimum to a maximum of 30 to 40 words respectively 


 It should be at the ending part or concluding part of the introduction of a paragraph, within the last two sentences, or at most three sentences.


Not everyone should be able to agree to it. It must have an argumentative tone and also endure if you support your answer with solid proof and evidence. 

How Do I Know I Have A Strong And Valid Statement?

To know if you have a strong and valid thesis statement, your thesis statement must pass the following step and must be able to provide answers to the following questions:

1.Does it tell the reader how you will discern the meaning of the subject matter under discussion?

If it does, you can move on to the next question. If it does not, you can go back to check what you have done wrong and rewrite your thesis statement.

2.Is it a headway for the document I.e does it tell the reader what to anticipate from the body of the paper?

 If it does, you are one step near knowing if you have a strong and valid thesis statement. Otherwise, you are 10 steps behind, buckle up.

3.Does it make an assertion that others might debate or disagree with I.e it is argumentative in nature? 

If yes, you are ten steps closer to getting to know the authenticity as well as the stand of your statement. Otherwise, you might want to check again.

4.Does it resolve the issue the thesis is about? 

As initially stated, your thesis statement must answer a question, the main question of the paper. If it does not, then it is not a thesis statement.

5.Where is it located? 

It should be located at the end of the introductory part of the paper.

6.Is it specific enough?

Your thesis statement should be specific, not just vague. It should explain why something is happening or why something is present in your article.

Verily I say unto you, if your thesis statement answers all the questions above with no glitches, then you can be sure that you have a strong and valid thesis statement.

If it does not, please check where the errors are coming from and fix them. 

How To Write A Thesis Statement

1.Repeat the idea in the prompt

2.State Your Opinion. Remember your thesis statement is argumentative so you are required to write your own opinion or your point of view. Other people might have a contrary opinion to it.

3.Mention three reasons to back up your point.

4.Combine this information gathered above into a single sentence. 

Also, you can follow the following steps listed below:

1.Make Your Thesis A Question

Turn your thesis into a question. This point has been emphasized in this article severally. 

Make your thesis question-like. 

Note, that does not mean you should write a question as your thesis statement.

 When you define it as a question, let it be in your head or you can decide to write it somewhere else but do not place it as your thesis statement.

For example, given you have a thesis on Child Trafficking, turning it into a thesis question, you could come up with ‘What is the adverse effect of child trafficking on the mental health of the victims?’ or on a thesis on Adequate meals for healthy living,  a valid question could be ‘how many times do you have to eat a day for a healthy life?’

2.Find And Source For Answers

Look for answers to the question you have initially created. You can source for answers from Google, Quora, as well as other possible places for your answers. It could be from friends, your opinion or point of view amongst others.

For example, ‘the victims could turn out to be bandits or the victims could commit suicide, the victim could wallow in depression or frustration or the victims could become sexually active at a young age, e.t.c’. 

Also, for the second question, we could have ‘Eating short meals three times a day is ideal for healthy living or eating at least four times a day is ideal for healthy living, e.t.c. These are possible answers to the questions.

3. Choose Your Answer

After gathering lots of answers, which would you choose to be more suitable? You can choose any answer from the ones you have selected.

For example, ‘The victims could be mentally unstable hence becoming bandits in the nearest future or ‘eating at least four times a day is essential for healthy living. 

These answers are suitable answers for the questions listed above. Note that they are just one of many possible answers. 

5.Try To Connect At least Three Of Your Best Answers

For example, ‘The victim could be mentally unstable and this could result in depression. Depression could in turn lead to suicide.

Note that both questions as well as their answers are arguable. 

Different individuals would have different points of view for the answers.

In conclusion, follow these steps above and be sure your thesis statement is good to go.

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