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How To Write A Case Study Abstract

How To Write A Case Study Abstract-Are you confused about how you can write an abstract for your academic or scientific paper, then you shouldn’t worry about that as we have got you cover and we are sure that after reading this article, you won’t be finding it difficult writing an abstract for your paper.

An abstract is a short summary of your work or paper that is standing alone. It is used as an overview of your work as it describes what your essay is all about and also helps your reader understand the paper.

In this article, we are going to be showing you how to write a well-structured abstract. We are going to look at everything you need to know about writing an abstract and steps to follow.

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We are going to break the steps into three phases to help you understand every detail of what we will be discussing in the article.

Without further delay, let’s proceed…

How To Start Your Abstract

  • Finish your paper or work

An abstract is always at the beginning of your work but this doesn’t mean that you should write it before you write your work remember that it is a summary of your work and so it is to be written after you must have completed your work.

The abstract is a review or an overview of your entire paper and should be written last even if you think you know what your paper is going to be about.

  • Review and understand the requirements for writing your abstract

The paper you are working on certainly has some specific requirements like submission in class, project work or publication in a journal and for whichever reason you are writing, you will have to understand it well.

Know if there are any minimum or maximum lengths or any style that is required.

  • Understand who your audience are

You are writing you are abstract to help you audience or readers find your work. Abstracts are written to help your readers get at the point you are trying to get across. So when you are writing your abstract, keep you readers in mind.

  • Figure out the type of abstract you will write

Abstracts are seen to be the same as they accomplish the same goals but there are two styles of writing an abstract and it is either informative or descriptive.

Informative abstracts are used for technical research as it gives an overview of everything your research is all about including the results. They are longer.

 The descriptive abstracts are used for shorter papers. They explain the purpose, goal and method of your research without showing the result. They can be about 100 to 200 words.

How To Write An Abstract

  • Know and understand the purpose of your work

You will have to know why you are writing on your paper or work. The reader or reviewer wants to know the importance of your research and what purpose you want to serve through your paper.

You will have to consider why, how and the importance of your paper when writing your abstract.

  • Explain the problem you want to solve

Your paper is as a result of wanting to solve a problem and so you will have to state the problem in your abstract. You can decide to combine the problem with your motivation but let it be clear what you problem is.

  • Explain how you carried out your research

Including your methods is another important thing you should include in your abstract as it is an overview of how you accomplished your study. If the work is what you did on your own, include a description but if you reviewed the work of others, you can explain briefly.

Highlight everything you did to arrive at your result.

  • Describe your result

This is for the informative abstract only and here, you will have to show the result or better still talk about the result of your paper and all the findings associated with the work you have done.

  • Give your conclusion

This is the closure of your abstract and it should address the meaning of your findings and also the importance of your work in general.

In this part of your abstract, you will be looking at the implications of your work and also the specific and general results of your work.

How To Your Abstract Should Be

  • Let it be in order

Your abstract is expected to answer certain questions and the answers must be in order. It should take the style of an essay where you have the introduction-body-conclusion.

  • Provide useful information

Your abstract should provide a helpful explanation to your paper or work. write your abstract in a way that your reader or reviewer knows exactly what you are talking about and follows up with what your work is talking about.

Avoid using direct abbreviations as you will need to explain them to your readers to help them understand better.

Do not include tables, figures or sources in your abstract as they are not relevant in your abstract.

  • Write from the scratch

Even if your abstract is a summary, it should be written completely separate from your paper and you should not copy anything in your paper and include it in your abstract.

Do not paraphrase your own sentence instead, write your abstract like you are writing something totally new. Write the abstract using new vocabulary and phrases.

  • Use key words and phrases

Try to use keywords and phrases of your research or paper in your abstract as it will help your work to be see easily especially when it is to be published in a journal. These keywords will make it easier to find your research work when readers search for related keywords on online databases.

  • Use real information in your abstract

Using real information will help to draw the attention of your audience as it will make them to continue reading your paper. Try not to cite ideas or studies that are not included in your work so that you don’t mislead your readers.

  • Don’t be too specific

Your abstract should not refer to specific points of your research. Try not to be too explicit with your summary and stick to the purpose of your paper.

Don’t say more than necessary so you would avoid adding jargons to your abstract that might confuse your readers.

Final Note

An abstract is one of the most important parts of any research or paper and so it should be written well. This is why we have given you some important tips that will guide your when writing a case study abstract.

Make sure you use these tips we have highlighted so that you will write an interesting and engaging abstract that will make your readers eager to read your work or paper.

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