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How To Trick Your Brain Into Doing Hard Things Easily

How To Trick Your Brain Into Doing Hard Things Easily – Have you ever wondered why some people are so motivated to tackling difficult things such as side hustles, tough projects, reading for long hours, studying tough courses rather than doing easy things such as playing video games, dancing, scrolling through multiple social media pages, having conversation with friends for a long period of time, spending time at the cinema ?

Most people have less problem playing video games or browsing through multiple social media platforms for a longer period of time, even when they know fully well that this comes with little or no benefit in the long run and can be a full waste of time. Yet they still prefer this to working on a side hustle, reading, and studying which are of great benefit in the long run.

Have You Ever Wondered What Causes Such Behavior ?

This leads us to a neuron transmitter known as dopamine, which is most times considered a pleasure molecule that makes humans and animals desire things more. Its that desire that makes them do those things more. Dopamine is secreted on the brain and activities that tend to secrete more dopamine will be carried out more e.g playing video games and chatting on social networks while on the other hand, activities that tend to trigger the secretion of little to no dopamine will be carried out less e.g doing hard jobs such as side projects.

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Few scenarios where dopamine played major roles

Neuron-scientific experiment

Few years back, some neuron-scientists carried out experiments on rats by inserting electrodes on the brains of the rats. When ever the rat pulls a lava, the scientist will stimulate the rats brain reward system. The result of this was that the rat developed cravings for pulling the lava and this made them pull the lava over and over again for longer hours. The rats also refused to eat and sleep and kept on pulling the lava till they fell off due to strength exhaustion.

A reverse experiment

The neuron-scientist carried out a reverse experiment on the rat by blocking the rats brain reward system. This resulted in the rat been unwilling to eat, drink or do anything. We can simply say at this point that the rat lost its will to live. However, if food where placed on the mouth of the rat, it will still eat it but finds that need to work for the food unnecessary.


The rat experiment might seem too severe for an example right? Lets look at the effect of dopamine on human activities.

Human activities that tend to give a quick good result, reward or feeling have a higher potential of secreting higher dopamine. for example, dopamine plays a major role in increasing the urge for drugs in the life of a drug addict another good example is that dopamine plays a good role in increasing the urge for more game play time in the life of a game addict. So if you find yourself addicted to doing something that pays you with a quick good reward or feeling, then you are doing that under the influence of dopamine.

How To Trick Your Brain Into Doing Hard Things Easily

We have been able to explain what causes the motivation to keep doing easy task and avoiding the hard task, lets look at the other side of things, and how we can be able to trick our brain into doing the difficult task and seeing the difficult task as been easy. In explaining this, I will be using three important points that are highly effective and plays a major role in dopamine secretion and they include:


I know this can be very difficult to do but its the right way to go. Starting your day with the hard task will easily help your brain adapt to doing the hard things and getting use to it. Its all about been consistent and re-modifying the information you send to the brain through the neurons. When next you wake up in the morning, instead of going through your social media accounts or playing video games, pick up your side project or that difficult task and try looking into it. I personally used this method to re-modify my daily routine. Currently, I start my day with my tough projects and this had really helped me in carrying out so many important task in my life.


Another good way of adapting or restructuring your brain to love the hard task is by staying off the easy task for sometime. You can simply go about this by staying of social media or playing games or staying of that easy addicting task for a day or two. Please note that this act will have a great effect on how you see those easy task and I strongly advice you see a doctor first if you are suffering from drug addiction.

During my days in college, I was so much in love with playing games that I could easily give up my food just to have more time with my video games. This was a very difficult task for me to give up and it was affecting my studies and performance in school. On a faithful day, I told myself I needed improvement in my studies and accepted to reduce the amount of times I play video games in a week. I also decided to play video games only when I have nothing to do and I am fully assured I have gone through my projects and books for that day. This little switch in daily routine helped me improve my studies and also made me stop playing video games, because I became tired of trying to challenge myself with someone’s else idea and invention without getting a future reward for it.


The final way of getting this done is by rewarding yourself anytime you are fully done with the hard task. Rewarding yourself can easily be spending time with those easy things that gives quicker rewards such as playing games, checking your social media accounts and chatting with friends. But remember, only engage yourself with this when you are done with all the difficult task for the day. – How To Trick Your Brain Into Doing Hard Things Easily

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