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How To Study Physiology

How To Study Physiology-Are you wondering how you could study physiology and come out successful? Well, we have written this article just for you.

Physiology is a very important subject that helps you to understand the human body, its functions and mechanisms; it also helps you understand how the body responds and adapts to changes and challenges in everyday life. It prepares you for any medical career.

Physiology is a wonderful subject and even though it can be confusing sometimes, you just have to dedicate your time and put your mind to it.

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In this article, we are going to be looking at what physiology is and how you can study physiology.

Let’s proceed…

What Is Physiology?

Physiology is gotten from the Greek words “physis” which means “origin” and “logia” which means “study off”. So it is the scientific study of functions and mechanisms in a living system particularly humans and animals.

Physiology focuses on how the living organisms’ systems, organs, cells and tissues carry out the chemical and physical functions. In physiology, you have medical physiology, plant physiology, cell physiology, animal physiology and comparative physiology.

This study helps us to understand what happens to a healthy body as it goes about its everyday activities and what happens when someone gets sick.

How To Study Physiology

Studying physiology can be difficult but you are not alone as we are going to be taking you through how you can easily study physiology and come out top of the class.

  • Find a place to study

If you really want to enjoy studying, you should study in an environment where there are no distractions as this will help you concentrate better and enjoy your study session.

Find a peaceful environment to help you study better and effectively; make sure the place is free from distractions whether from within or outside.

  • Know and understand the basis of physiology

You should know that studying physiology go beyond passing your examination as you use it in your everyday life. Anatomy and physiology go hand-in-hand and so you will have to know the basis of anatomy and physiology to help you do well in studying physiology.

  • Source for resources to study

There are a lot of resources available to assist you in studying like textbooks, class handout, online materials, lab materials and others. It is very important that don’t rely only on what you learn in class. To help you study physiology better, you will have to make use of a lot of study resources as this will broaden your understanding of physiology and also anatomy.

  • Know and understand the teaching style of your lecturer or professor

Every teacher has their own teaching style to help them carry their students along. When you understand the teaching style of your lecturer, you get to know how best to prepare yourself for the class.

  • Don’t read to pass exams; read to understand

A lot of students read to pass their exams so what they do is cram the text in their books and move ahead to deliver during exam but this is not how to study physiology.

Like we have said earlier that physiology is a knowledge that we make use of in our everyday life so you should try to understand every concept and term you come across when studying physiology because if you try to cram them, you could easily forget them unlike when you study to understand.

When you study to understand, what you study will become a part of you so you won’t easily forget it.

  • Always take notes

Then thing is that you won’t get to remember everything you hear in class so it is very important that you take notes while the lecture is going on; this will help you when you are studying.

Taking notes will help you understand better when you are studying as you will remember was being discussed in class.

You can also use the notes as key point to help you prepare for exams.

  • Know the best time and best way to study

You don’t get motivated to study all the time and that is why you will have to know the best time to study. When you know the best time to study, you will know how best to create your study schedule as the best time to study is the time you will be able to study for long, understand and assimilate what you are studying better.

When you are able to assimilate what you are studying, you will stay focused and study for a long time. So it is important that you figure out the best time to study; it could be early mornings, after class or at night. You should study when your brain assimilates information better as this will help you understand and remember everything you are studying.

  • Study everyday but not all the time

Physiology is a very important subject in the medical line and so devoting your time to studying will help to be grounded in the course and you can do this by studying every day.

You should set out time to study everyday maybe 4 to 6 hours as this will help you perform better and excellently in physiology.

  • Create mnemonics and word association

Mnemonics are very useful in studying especially for students in the medical field as it is a great memory boost. It helps you remember concepts, terms and key points.

Mnemonics help you to retain and recall information in a short period of time. A lot of medical students have used this and have acquiesced to its effectiveness in helping them recall information faster and easily.

  • Record the lecture

You can only do this when the lecturer allows it and this will help you catch up on everything that was discussed in class. Recording the lecture gives you the opportunity to listen to the discussion over and over again and with this, you get to understand better.

  • Manage your time wisely

If you really want to excel in your academics, you will have to understand that time is valuable but limited and so you will have to make use of it wisely.

Time management is an important skill that every student should develop as it will help you stick to any study schedule you set out and avoid procrastination.

You should know how to allocate time to everything you do and also know how to prioritize your activities. With time management, you will be able to discipline yourself to work with time allocated for every task.

  • Join a study group

Study groups are very important as they help students study better. For a subject like physiology, you might need to study with your friends to find out what they know about the subject and how you all could work together and share ideas.

In the study group, you can discuss past questions, discuss topics, and ask questions as all these will help you understand the subject better.

Studying in join will act as a motivation to always want to study.

Final Note

Physiology is one of the most important subjects in the medical field and it is not difficult if you put your mind to it. Even if you don’t want to become a doctor or nurse, the knowledge of physiology will help you understand how and why the body functions the way it does in certain cases.

We have revealed some tips that will help you study physiology and become grounded in the subject. These tips are just guidelines, you can try some other things that you feel might work for you to help you perform excellently when studying physiology.

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