How To Study From A Text Book Effectively

How To Study From A Textbook Effectively – Studying from a textbook can be tedious and tiring but it is really good if you can always study from your textbook. Studying from your textbook can be really interesting and in many cases, you will get to cover a particular topic and even answer questions under the topic

When you study from a textbook, you get to opportunity to compare what you have learnt in class with what is in the textbook. The textbook opens you to a broader knowledge of what is being taught.

Many students find it discouraging to study from a textbook and in this case, they don’t like studying from textbook. But do you know that you can actually enjoy studying from a textbook and we even recommend that student begin to learn how to study from a textbook.

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Studying from a textbook goes beyond just glancing through the chapters of the textbook or trying to cram what’s in the textbook. You will have to take your time to be able to assimilate what you are studying so as to remember every detail or at least the important details in what you have studied. But the question on the table is how would you study from a textbook effectively?

You might spend a lot of time studying from a textbook and still not get what you have studied or even remember what you have studied. This comes down to how you actually studied the textbook and not really the time you spent studying it. Like it has been said that to become a successful student, you will have to study smart.

Studying smart goes beyond studying hard, in studying smart, you spend less time but you study at the right time, right place and right manner. Here, you develop better and easier ways to study to make your study session effective and productive. – How To Study From A Text Book Effectively

Well, this article is going to show you how you can employ smart studying and some other techniques to help you study from a textbook effectively.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to what we have in this article…

Importance Of Studying From A Textbook

We are going to be taking you through some of the importance of using your textbook to study. Some of these benefits are:

  • You Get To Understand The Topic Better

Some teachers or instructors use textbooks to make their notes and if you use a textbook to study, you will get to understand the topic better. The textbook tries to explain every definition given to you and even at the end of the lesson, there is always a summary to show you what the topic is all about.

Even if you are confused about what was taught in class, studying your textbook will help you understand the topic better and you will even get to make connections with other topics too.

  • You get to compare what you learnt in class with the textbook

Sometimes, you might not really understand what the teacher or instructor was saying in class. If you are the type of student that always study after class every day and you use your textbook to study, you will try to compare what you learnt in class and what you are reading in the textbook.

  • You Are Open To A Broader Knowledge

Studying from your textbook opens you up to a broader knowledge apart from the one you might have learnt in class. For someone that uses two or three textbooks for a subject, you will get to see different ideas and opinions from different authors and this expands you understanding about a topic and keywords in the topic.

  • You Become A Better Reader

When you become used to reading a textbook, you become fluent at reading and see reading as a normal routine. Reading becomes a habit and you even start getting used to studying smart as you try to develop better ways to study and how you can spend less time studying and assimilate more.

Reading textbook prepares you for reading other complex materials you might come across in your studies and also in your career.

  • It Helps You To Make Better Notes

If you are the type of student that only take down keywords or points during class, studying a textbook after class will help you make a better and comprehensive note and if you study with two or three textbooks, you get to make a better note from your own understanding and the sweet thing about this is that you understand what you are studying better as you are writing what you are studying in your own words; you won’t forget easily.

  • The Additional Resources In A Textbook Helps You Study Better

You must have seen some resources like learning objectives, definitions and keywords, questions and some others. All these will help you understand the topic even better.

The learning objectives show you what you are expected to learn from the chapter you want to study; the definitions and keywords are there to tell you more about the topic and some important things you will have to know and the questions helps to evaluate you to see if you understood what you have read.

Sometimes, you see charts and pictures, they are just to make you get a better understanding and also make you remember what you have read as it is seen that students easily remember what they see in form of pictures or chart.

How To Study From A Text Book Effectively

After looking at the importance of studying a textbook or using a textbook to study, we are going to be looking at how you can actually study from a textbook and how you can do it properly. In this segment, we will be showing you some tips that will guide you in studying especially when studying from a textbook. This will help you get information from a textbook, retain and also remember the information.

Let’s get to the points…

  • Prepare a study schedule

In getting the best out of studying from your textbook, you will have to set out time to study. This means you will have to prepare your study schedule. It can be the number of days or hours you intend to spend on studying your textbook and the topics or chapters. – How To Study From A Text Book Effectively

You should prepare your study in a way that you will be able to study every day; this will help to make studying a part of you and a daily routine. Your study schedule should also balance with your daily activities and normal schedule. You won’t want to study every time and leave some other things left undone.

When preparing your study schedule, you should know and understand your activities so that you can organize and set out a good study schedule. A study schedule is good and makes study easier and a part of you. It will also help increase your self-discipline and avoid procrastination.

  • Figure out the best time to study

Knowing the best time to study will keep you motivated to study irrespective of how you feel. In figuring out the best time to study, you will have to understand yourself and know the time you assimilate better and faster so as to prepare your study schedule to suit that time.

When you study at a time you can assimilate better and faster, you will remain focused on what you are studying for a long time and absorb information without difficulty. You should know that studying a textbook can be scary so you should know the best time to study so studying your textbook becomes easier for you.

Everybody has a different time when they assimilate information better and easier, it could be at midnight, in the morning when you wake or after school. You should know that the brain assimilates better when it is relaxed and refreshed. This will help you study better and smart too.

  • Develop a positive mindset towards studying

You can’t study properly if you don’t have the motivation to study. For your study session to go well, you will have to develop a positive attitude towards studying. You should always remind yourself of the need to study and any goal you set for yourself.

Never see studying as a difficult task and do well to enjoy the process without doubting your ability to study, assimilate and also remember what you have studied. One way to study from a textbook effectively is preparing your mind to study; it will help boost your motivation, determination and self-discipline to continue studying.

  • Preview what you want to study

Before you start studying your textbook, you should do well to read through the textbook first. Read through the chapter you intend reading to get see the learning objectives, glossary, definitions, keywords and any other information in that chapter. This will help you prepare for reading properly.

Reading through the textbook will help you see what the chapter or page you are about to read is all about before you start studying properly. It will help you understand the basis of what you want to study and get a better idea of what you need to remember in the chapter or page you want to read.

  • Take a break after each chapter to assimilate better

This is very important but as important as it is, students also neglect it. You can’t just read or study without taking a break at least to assimilate what you have read so far or even relax your brain for another chapter.

Prepare your study schedule in a way that you get to have study breaks after every chapter and these breaks are for you to either eat snacks, relax your brain, stretch and walk around a little. All these will help you in assimilating better and prepare for the next study session or chapter you want to read.

  • Break down what you want to study into smaller parts

Just like we have advised that you take breaks after studying each chapters of a textbook, you will also have to break the chapter, page ore topic into smaller parts to help your understand what you are studying better.

Some textbooks are voluminous and this can make you lose motivation to study, breaking down what you want to study into smaller parts will help you prevent procrastination. In order to study with less stress and also stay motivated and focused when studying, you will have to divide what you want to study into different parts and it could be separated according to your study session. It will help you stay focused throughout your study session.

Sitting at a place for a long time can be tiring so reduce the boredom that comes with this, you will have to divide the chapter, pages or textbook you want to study into smaller parts to help you absorb and retain any information you take in while studying. Taking too much information at a time can make you forget.

  • Find the best place to study

Studying in the right place has a way of keeping your motivated and focused while studying. The right place to study means that there will be no distractions. The environment has to have quite a level of serenity and also study materials too. When you study without distractions, you will concentrate better and this will also help you study effectively.

For you to study better, you will have to find a place that is peaceful and convenient for you to study.

  • Don’t procrastinate

Why do you even procrastinate, people procrastinate due to a number of reasons but majorly it might be due to lack of self-discipline, poor time management or laziness. You will have to first admit that you are a procrastinator if you want to over procrastination.

For you to avoid procrastination as a procrastinator, you will have to know why you procrastinate so that you can know how to overcome this procrastination. How will you stop studying halfway and postpone the study session to another day and you expect to study effectively? You will definitely forget some of the things you have studied.

  • Concentrate on what you are studying

When studying your textbook, you will have to give it your undivided attention. Concentration will help you stay motivated and focused. It will also help you understand what you are studying better and assimilate easier and faster.

Know your distractions and see how you can avoid them. It could be your mobile phone, computer or even the TV set. For you to study from a textbook effectively, you will have to avoid distractions while studying.

Study in a serene environment to help you concentrate better.

  • Use your time wisely

Time management is an important skill for every student and also while studying too. You should know how to use your time properly as this will help you overcome procrastination.

Even if you prepare a study schedule, if you do not manage your time properly, you will end up not following your study schedule and this will lead to procrastination and lack of motivation to study.

In preparing your study schedule, you can set it in a way that you get to study at the same time every day; it will help you get used to studying. Proper time management will help you know what you have to do and make you do it at the right time so that you can balance your normal schedule and our study schedule.

  • Try to make connections while studying

You will surely study effectively if you are good at relating what you have learnt with what you are studying. Try to make a connection with what you are studying and what you already know; this will help you understand what you are studying better. This will help you retain what you have learnt.

Always try to picture a connection while you are studying, it could be from the examples given in the textbook; this will help you understand better. For instance, you are studying about money and you see money as anything that you use as a means of payment, you won’t forget this information or definition easily as you have understood that without money, you cannot but goods and services.

  • Take notes while studying and you can do this in your own words

Taking notes while studying has proven to be effective and it becomes more effective when you take these notes down in your own words. When you do this, it becomes easier to understand and also remember what you have studied.

When you write down what you have read in your own words, you gain solid understanding of what you have studied and you create a connection and relationship and this will help you recall what you have read.

  • Know that you don’t have to read every single word

This is the mistake that some students make while studying. You don’t have to read every single word. In studying smart, you just have to note the keywords and points and see how you can make notes from them in your own words. Studying is not by picking every word in the chapter you are reading besides it is not really possible. Pick out the information that you need and work on them. – How To Study From A Text Book Effectively

  • Try to get in-depth meaning of keywords and point

When you write out the keywords or points while studying, you will have to know the meaning of the keywords and study them very well. Try to understand the keywords and key information in what you are studying, this will help you remember what you have studied and make it a part of you.

The keywords in every chapter of a textbook are basically the main points of the textbook and they to be taken seriously. So try to get the in-depth meaning of keywords you see while studying.

  • Solve the questions in the textbook

Well, some textbooks carry questions that you will have to attempt after studying. These questions are to evaluate what you have read and understood from what you have read. Try to work on the questions in the textbook. It will help you get used to questions relating to that topic.

Even when you fail a question you solved, you can learn from your mistakes and be sure that you won’t make that mistake when you see a question related to the one you failed.

  • You can teach others what you have learnt

One sweet thing about teaching what you have learnt is that you tend to understand better when you teach and also it becomes a part of you like the popular saying that “practice makes perfect and permanence”.  Teaching is also a way of learning and when you teach others what you have learnt, you get to learn new things you didn’t see while studying or even see old things or information from a different and better perspective.

When teaching others, you are learning and gaining more information.

  • You can read aloud and use mnemonics

When studying, try to read out key information loud as it will help you remember what you are studying or have studied.

Do you know how and why reading aloud in some cases will help you remember? When you read key points or information out loud, you get to see and hear what you are reading compared to when you read silently where you only see what you are reading. Focus on the key information and read them out.

You can also use mnemonics to help commit what you have read to memory. It could be using the first letters of the key points you read. For example, you can remember the characteristics of living things with the acronym MR NIGER D (Movement, Respiration, Nutrition, Irritability, Growth, Excretion, Reproduction, Death).

  • Get enough sleep and eat well too

Having a good night rest has a way of boosting your brain power and motivating you to read especially studying when you wake from sleep. At this point, the brain is rested, fresh and recharged to assimilate any information.

You should also try to eat healthy food that will help boost your brain power and energize you to study. You can’t study well when you are hungry, so take a light meal before studying or take snacks during your study breaks, it will help you stay motivated and focus and you also get to study for long.


Like we said earlier that many students don’t like studying from a textbook but it is very important that you study your textbooks as it helps you compare what you have learnt in class and what is in the textbook. Don’t study your textbook while the teacher or instructor is in the class as it might distract you from getting the information that is being passed.

If you encounter any issue or difficulty while studying, do well to meet your teacher or instructor to explain better to you. This will help you become a better student.

We hope that you use the information in this article and follow the tips given in this article. It will help you study from a textbook effectively.

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