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How To Study For Multiple Choice Exams

How To Study For Multiple Choice Exams-We all know that for us to pass any exam we have to attend class and study but for multiple choice exams, it goes a little beyond that.

Multiple choice exams are designed to evaluate our memory and ability to recall. You will have to select the right answer from a number option and this can be a tricky one.

In this case, you will have to take out the wrong answers and for you to do this, you will have to recall the right answer from the option through your ability to recall what the right answer is.

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In this article, we are going to show you how you can study for multiple choice exams as this will require a lot of focus and memory recalling strategies. If you study very well, the exam should be an easy peasy one.

Without delay, let’s kick off…

What Is Multiple Choice Exam?

Multiple choice exams is designed to include statements or questions that are followed by 3 to 5 options for you to choose the right answer from. Selecting the right answer could be straight forward while sometimes, you will have to thinking critically.

Why Is Multiple Choice Exams Challenging?

  • Multiple choice exams are long

In most cases, these kind of exams are long let’s say 20 to 100 questions and each of the questions carry options that you will have to choose from. This will need you to concentrate and put a lot of energy to stay focused. This alone can be exhausting.

  • Multiple choice exams are confusing

When you are reading through a question, you might be tempted to choose the first answer that looks or seems right to you instead of carefully evaluating the answers critically to know choose the best answer out of the options.

  • Multiple exams are not like essay

Just like the essay, you can write your way into getting a mark or two but when it comes to multiple choice exams, it is different as you just have to pick an answer; if you pick the wrong answer, you fail and if you pick the wrong answer, you fail.

  • The question might be worded awkwardly

The questions can be set in a way as to confuse you and in this case, it will take a additional effort for you to decode the questions and find the right answer to the question.

  • There are two choices that look right

There are cases where two answers might seem right and it becomes difficult for you to choose the right answer which can be frustrating and tiring.

How To Study For Multiple Choice Exams

We are going to be looking at some tips that will help you study effectively and also boost your ability to memorize and recall what you study. Your ability to recall what you study will help you pass the exam in flying colors.

Let’s move straight to the tips to help you study and pass your exams:

  • Find a conducive and organized place to study

When we say you should find a conducive place, we do not mean that you should find a very comfortable place because this will make you feel lazy to study instead, find a suitable place to study.

The place you are studying in should be well-lighted, free of noise and distractions. Everything you would need to study should be organized and made available.

  • Create a study schedule

A study schedule is going to help you study better as it will help you create time to study. Your study schedule should be created in a way that you will study everyday as this will help make studying a habit and a part of you.

You will have to figure out the best time for you to study and set your study schedule at that time. The best time to study is the time you brain takes in information easily, understands and assimilates the information faster and so studying at this time will make studying easier, interesting and less tiring.

You can study every time and any time so set your study schedule in way that you have to study every day but at a particular period of the day so that your body and brain gets used to it even if it is for 3 to 6 hours every day.

  • Take short breaks between your study session

In as much as you would love to study for long hours, it is very important that you take study breaks as this will help you relax and refresh your brain. During this study breaks, you could go outside, do light exercises or take a snack.

All these are just to keep your brain relax and refreshed before you start studying again.

  • Avoid distractions

If your phone, TV or computer would be off any distractions to you, you have to put them away or turn them off. When studying for multiple choice exams, you have to stay focused and concentrate so that you will be able to recall what you are studying.

  • Sit in a comfortable chair with good posture

For you to be able to study and concentrate on what you are studying for long, your sitting posture matters and this is why you have to sit in a comfortable chair and also sit well. Do not sit in a hard or uncomfortable chair as this will cause you to break your study to reposition yourself.

But you shouldn’t be too comfortable as this might make you feel sleepy so you can avoid cushy armchair.

  • Read your notes over and over again

This is a good way to memorize what you are studying as it will help you refresh the information in your head over and over again. You can choose to read aloud to yourself or rewrite what you are studying in your own words.

Try not to rush what you are studying and take it slow. Make sure you are reading to understand and not cramming what you are reading. Cramming is not a good way to study as you might forget what you have studied or even mix up the information.

  • Use acronyms and mnemonics to memorize key points

You can decide the use the first letters of the key points and structure them into a word that you can easily remember. Acronyms or mnemonics will help you recall what you have studied even after you have written the exam.

  • Make use of flashcards

Making flashcards while studying is a very important strategy in studying as you can make flashcards to help you define and link key points and concepts. Write a word on the blank side of a notecard and write any definitions or important facts at the back.

You can shuffle the cards each time you study to challenge yourself as this will help you test your recall ability which is very important in studying for multiple choice exam.

  • Make a list of all the relevant words or key points you don’t know

Look through your textbooks and notes to see the key points or words that you don’t know quite well and write out short definition of each of the key points in your own words as this will help you get a better understanding of the words and also help you recall.

  • Set your own multiple choice questions

You can create your own multiple choice questions from your textbooks or past questions. These questions are just to evaluate yourself based on what you have read to see if you can remember them and also to know where to focus more.

Try to read through the study materials carefully to figure out likely questions that might come out in the exam.

How To Write A Multiple Choice Exam

We have shown you some tips to help you study for multiple choice exams and now we are going to briefly show you how to write a multiple choice exam and also how to write with time.

  • You have to read the questions carefully
  • Think of the correct answer before looking at the options given
  • Read all the alternatives carefully even if the first option looks correct
  • Set out time for each question in the multiple choice exam
  • Skip questions that you don’t know the answer right away
  • Set out time at the end of the exam to return to unfinished questions

Final Note

Multiple choice exams can be confusing and time consuming but it could be a piece of cake for you if you follow all the tips we have revealed in this article as these tips will help you prepare for the exam and also write the exam and come out in flying colors.

Try to find past questions on that exam to help you in studying as these past questions are likely questions that would come out in the exam.

We wish you all the best in your exam.

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