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How To Study For Exams In One Night

How To Study For Exams In One Night-We have always advised students to study always so that they won’t end up studying at the last minute as if they have not studied before. When you are in the position of having to finish a whole syllabus in one night before your exams, you might end up reading everything and getting nothing. Remember we said “might”.

What if you are in the position where you have to study for exams in one night whether you have been studying or not? Studying a night before your exam requires a lot of concentration and focus and if you haven’t been studying before the night, it requires a lot of cramming and in as much as cramming is a bad study habit; do you know you can cram and pass your exams?

In this article, we are going to be revealing some tips that will help you study for exams in one night and come out in flying colors. For you to be able to study for your exams in one night, you will have to stay awake to study.

Without much delay, let’s look into how you study for exams in one night…

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  • Find a convenient place to study

For your study to be effective and go smoothly, you will have to study in a quiet and nice place with less distractions. You can afford to study in a place that is noisy remember that you have just the night to study before the big day tomorrow and so you need to concentrate on what you will be studying.

The place you want to study in should be a well-lit place because studying with a dim light could make you feel sleepy when studying.

Don’t find a place that is too comfortable so that you don’t get lazy to study.

  • Eat something

You wouldn’t want to start studying and stop along the way because of hunger, this is why you should make sure you eat before studying and mind you, this meal should be something light because eating something heavy will make you feel lazy and sleepy.

You can eat fruits but make sure you eat something that can hold you while you study.

  • Rest a little

After eating, you can decide to rest a little before you start studying and resting doesn’t mean you should sleep off. Try to set an alarm to help you wake up to study. Resting is just to allow you gather the momentum for the long study session you are going to be having.

  • Stay calm while studying

It might be easy for you especially if you have not studied that book before and since the exam is the next day, you might begin to feel nervous and this can distract you from studying.

Try to take a deep breath and gather your thoughts as this will help prepare your mind and brain for what you will be studying.

  • Start from the beginning but don’t focus on irrelevant details

You might say that every information in your textbook or notebook is important but the thing is that there are some more important details that you will have to focus on and since you are studying a night before your exam, you wouldn’t want to waste time on things that do not matter.

Identify and highlight the important points and facts that you feel are likely to come out in the exam. Read the summaries of the chapters and if there are no summaries, try to write down key ideas.

  • Know what is important

In this type of studying, prioritizing is the key as you have limited time to study and so you will have to focus on the points and facts that you feel might be in the test.

Prioritizing what you are reading will help you know what you are to read and focus on them.

Learn the main ideas and key formulas and skip other less relevant details till later. Since you are studying a night before exams, you don’t have to spend your time learning everything because you cannot learn everything in one night.

  • Write out the important facts you have noted

While you are focusing on the major points and facts, you will have to write them out and read them out loud as this is a form of memorizing what you are studying. It helps the brain to process what you are studying.

  • Make use of flash cards

This is another way of memorizing what you are studying and also a good way you quiz yourself. Use different colors for different topics or chapters and read them out loud.

You can also use mnemonics while studying as it is a good way to break down difficult concepts into simpler and easy-to-remember format. Mnemonic is taking the first letters of words and using them to form another word just like MR NIGER D (Movement Respiration Nutrition Irritability Growth Excretion Reproduction and Death)

  • Take breaks

In as much as you want to finish the syllabus or you want to cover up a lot, you will also need to take breaks as this will help you brain relax and refresh. With the breaks, you get to assimilate better.

The idea of cramming is not taking too many information at a time, it is taking information in bits so that you can remember them easily. This is why you will have to take study breaks even if it’s for 15 to 20 minutes just to stretch and walk around.

You can decide to take a drink or snack to help you feel refreshed and ready for more action.

  • Get some rest

The idea is not to study till the time of the exam even if you would want to. You still have to get some rest and prepare your mind and brain for the big day. If you stay up all night, you will certainly fill so tired the next morning and this might make you perform poorly in the exams. So try to sleep and get up an hour before you leave and revise your notes, flashcards and textbooks. You could sleep for 3 to 4 hours.

  • Eat breakfast

You won’t want to go to the exam hall with an empty stomach because you will certainly feel hungry in the exam and that will distract you. So try to take a light meal in the morning that will help your brain to work better.

  • Interact with your friends in class

Interacting with your friends doesn’t mean you should play or talk excessively; try to grab a quiz with your friends to help keep what you have studied the night before fresh in your memory.

Final Note

Studying a night before your exams can be hectic and exhausting especially what it is your first time looking into that topic or subject. So you should set out time to study everyday as this will help make studying a part of you and also help you prepare better for any exam or test.

If you find yourself in the situation where you will have to study for exams in one night, you can make use of the tips we have highlighted in this article as they will help you to study and pass your exams.

We wish you all the best in your exams!!!

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