How To Stay Focused When Working From Home

How To Stay Focused When Working From Home – If you find yourself working from home for some certain reasons, you might have noticed that its quite difficult to achieve a simple task or side project while working from home than when working from the office or from the cafe. This is quite common among humans because our brains are wired to easily go with distractions and also to easily love doing easy task that reward us faster. Example of such task that could easily reward us faster include playing games, watching movies, scrolling through social media pages and having conversations with our friends online. This task are easy to accomplish and comes with little to no important reward in future.

So if you intend accomplishing a difficult task or you intend staying fully focused when working from home, there are few things you need to take into consideration and also make adjustment to enable you accomplish this task and side projects from home with full focus.

7 Steps to Stay Well Focused When Working From Home

Here are core steps you can put into consideration if you want to stay focused when working from home:

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Eat a light weight food

The first step to maintaining focus during work at home starts from the stomach. Most times, what you eat in the morning, have a lot of impact on your daily routine and can also determine if you will be very active that day or you will be very weak and sleepy throughout the day. So when planing on staying focused when working from home, you should be interested in eating little or light weight foods and you can also take drinks that could keep you very active such as a cup of coffee.

Set Strong intentions

The next step towards staying focused when working from home is setting a strong intention and sticking to it. This can be simply achieved by writing down not more than three things you will love to achieve during your work schedule and try to tackle them bit by bit or from the hardest task to the easiest task. Mind you, starting from the hardest task to the easiest will help you remain focused and willing to complete the easier task.

Set an environment free from distractions

Another important thing you need to know about is that the environment you work from matters a lot and plays a major role in helping you achieve your desired plan. This is the main reason why you find it easier to accomplish task when you work from the office or cafe than when you work from home. Setting an environment free from distraction simply means keeping away things that will easily cause you distraction and only hanging around with the important things needed to get the daily job done. Also, you should be willing to set a room aside for your daily work and avoid the temptation of using this room for other purposes aside getting your daily work done.

If you work with your laptop, avoid keeping social media or email applications on them

Most of the jobs or projects we do from home demands we make use of our laptop. This exposes us to the risk of easily been distracted and tempted to access social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or twitter etc or getting carried away with our emails because our laptops are always connected to the internet and we can easily access social networks and emails from there. A good way of tackling this problem is by cutting of the laptops internet access if you find need to do so and also removing all forms of social or emails applications from your laptop if you find the need to do so.

Avoid keeping games on your laptop

Having games on our laptops is very common because, most times we feel bored and while away our time using those games. While this can be interesting and fun filled, they can as well be tempting during important work periods. You might be tempted to switch on the game when the work gets boring and this can as well lead you into spending more time with the games and getting no work done. A good way of tackling this is by uninstalling all video games from your work laptop or set aside a personal laptop for fun and entertainment and also another for your daily work flow.

Take note of things that cause you distractions and try to solve them before time

When working from home, there are things than could easily cause forceful distractions and you might not be able to do away with easily. Example of such things include calls from your parents or loved ones or someone calling on your attention in the middle of a serious work. Such unexpected events can be easily controlled an tackled before you start your daily work flow using the necessary personal steps.

Learn to work only during a specific period of time

Another great tip you should put into consideration is working during a specific period of time. Working only during a specific period of time is a great idea and can help you recondition your brain to always stay focused on the job during that particular time. If you find working 30 minutes to 1 hour difficult to achieve, you can reduce the work timing to 20 minutes and try your best to stick with it.


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