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How To Stay Committed To Your Goals

How To Stay Committed To Your Goals-Many people are faced with different problems when it comes to goal setting. While some encounter the problem of not being able to set goals, some are faced with not being able to commit to those goals or dreams while the others are faced with the problem of achieving the goals they set.

It is important for every individual to set goals as goals help to give direction and purpose. Your purpose and direction gives you a passion and reason to keep pushing. It is very important that you cultivate the habit of setting goals for yourself especially as a youth as this will help in your journey to success. Achieving your goal gives you a sense of fulfillment and pride. It fills you with happiness because it was worthwhile.

In as much as setting goals are important, it is not an easy process because there are some obstacles we may encounter in either the goal setting process or the goals we set. So if you have problems in setting goals, chasing these goals or achieving them, this article will guide you on how you could stay committed to your goals even when you face challenges and how you can overcome the challenges to achieve your goals.

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How To Commit To Your Goal

Set Your Goals Around What You Can Achieve

Anything within your reach or capability is achievable. Therefore, set your goals around what you can achieve. Let what you desire be something you can actually achieve.

Do not build castles in the air because you are trying to set a goal. Channel your goals to your ability and potential as this will help you chase your goals and even overcome setbacks you encounter in the process of achieving your goals.

Define Your Goal And Be Specific

A specific goal does not move you around in circles, what it does is to put you on a direct course of action and help you channel your energy towards achieving your set goals. So it is important to define your goal. Be précised and understand what you are about to do and its importance. It is not about trying to achieve everything; it is about achieving one thing that will add value to both yourself and the society.

Be Realistic

What is the reality of your goal? What do you stand to gain in achieving this goal? What exactly are you going to do to achieve your goal? If you want to be realistic about your goal, these are some questions to ask yourself.

Set Measurable Goals

The ability for you to measure the progress of your goal, the more determined and committed you become in achieving the set goals. Set measurable goals either by working with deadlines so as to avoid procrastination or divide your goals into smaller goals so that as you can complete them one after the other.

Even when your goals might seem difficult to measure, try setting a yardstick with which you can assess your progress.

Identify Possible Roadblocks

You would be unrealistic if you say that everything will go smoothly even if you wish so. Mistakes are part of life and be sure to encounter challenges in your journey to achieving your goals. So it is better to also identify possible roadblocks and hindrances, spot them out as you are setting out your goals.

These roadblocks could be internal or external. When we say internal, we mean that the roadblocks could be as a result of your weaknesses, addictions or fear. The external roadblocks could be threats from around you; may be competition or some other disadvantages that can affect you. Also as you have identified the obstacles, still identify the possible solutions to overcoming those obstacles or roadblocks.

Follow The Line Of Action You Have Outlined

For every goal to be achieved, you have to start working on it. You shouldn’t just set a goal, outline the actions to be taken and stop there. You have to go ahead to the implementation stage. You have to get started and follow the line of action you outlined. Work with the direction of your goal and put the steps to achieving your goals to action.

Understand That You Are Not Perfect

When we say understand that you are not perfect, we mean that even when you fail in achieving your goal or when you encounter some obstacles, admit your weaknesses and limitations but don’t accept defeat and failure.

Try to improve and come out stronger and better. Because you failed doesn’t mean that your goal cannot be achieved, failure is part of the learning process as it gives you an opportunity to do better and try harder.

Review Your Goals Daily

For you to stay committed to your goals, you should review them regularly and access if you are making progress and if you are still on track. Even when you have accomplished the goals on your list, keep the list as a source of motivation to accomplish other goals. Let the list of completed goals give you a sense of accomplishment.

Be Open To Learning And Correction

As the saying goes that “no one is an island of knowledge”. It is important that in your journey to achieving your goal, you should be open to learning and accept every opportunity you have to learn and be better. Learn to read books, articles and anything that will improve you.

The learning process doesn’t stop as long as human being grows. So it is important to continue learning and also take correction when you have gone wrong. Remember that you cannot be right all the time so give yourself some slack for your imperfection and take corrections as they help you get better and better.

Seek Advice From Mentors

When you have a goal you want to achieve, you have to find mentor or someone that has a better experience than you and ask questions. They will have knowledge of ways that you can achieve your goals, how to overcome the obstacles you might encounter in achieving your goal or things that you should avoid in achieving your goal. Consult them on a regular basis and also listen to them carefully.

Follow People With Like-Minds And Positive People

Follow people that think like you or even better than you. Follow people that are optimistic and speak positively. They have a way of motivating you and together, you can benefit from each other. Stay connected to people that has the same goal as you.

Chasing your goal with the right persons will help you stay committed and increase your chances of achieving your goals. They will encourage, motivate and support you towards achieving your goals.

Stay Healthy

O yes!! This is very important in staying committed to your goal. You have to be able to take care of yourself even when you are on the journey of chasing your goal. Most times, some goals are so exhausting and could lead to break down.

Give yourself time to rest so as to energize yourself. Most times, the task can be exhausting that you decide to skip meals, it is very important that you eat and eat healthy food as research has proven that healthy food helps to boost the brain power. You can only achieve your goal if you are healthy. So stay healthy.

Final Note

Goals are very important for everyone no matter the age and stage you find yourself. Setting goals do not mean achieving them. You have to take the risk of starting and implementing your plan.

Even when you encounter setbacks which are bound to come around, see them as temporary and stepping stone to your achievement. You have a target so you should concentrate and give it your very best.

For the time and effort you put into achieving your goals; when the goal is achieved, take out time to celebrate your wins no matter how small. Stay motivated and find ways to motivate yourself.



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