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How To Manage Your Time As A College Student

How To Manage Your Time As A College Student – Are you a college student or an aspirant planning to start college soon and you are wondering what college is like, and how to manage your time as a college student? If yes, then don’t worry because, in this article, we will walk you through what we called “the dos and the don’ts” in college. 

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But before we start talking about how to manage your time as a college student, let’s, first of all, see how college is like from the inside. College is one of the places in life where one learns to decide on his own.

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That’s to say that in college the way you live determines the outcome of your future academically based on the decision you take. So to avoid getting a wrong harvest at the end of your college, a student should learn to differentiate between right and wrong while still at home before leaving for college.

College is one of the places that no matter what you do, nobody cares, whether you choose to be serious with your studies or waste your money or your parent’s money, it is all on you so to yield a positive result to your guardians, it is better you learn how to manage your time as a college student.

Do college students struggle with time management?

Yes, more than half percent of students in colleges struggle with time management on daily basics because of assignments from one lecturer to the other. The truth is that being a college student is not that each as it looks except you are not planning on taking your education seriously.

But what can help a student who is struggling with time management at college is to learn how to handle time management. 

How To Manage Your Time As A College Student

To manage your time as a college student, you will need to follow these few pieces of advice which will help;

1. Be At the Right Place at the Right Time:  Not going for classes at high school can attract some bigger punishment but here at college if the lecturer cares, it will attract an extra schedule work to your time table but then some colleges don’t care if you attend classes or not as long as you are following other school rules.

When you are in college you must know that going to classes is very important in many aspects. And one of them is this, “When you attend classes with other students, you happen to understand most of the things being taught in class because of the interaction session between the lecturers and the students. This gives you an insight when you want to read at home or in your hostel later in the night.

2. Make a timetable: To be able to manage your time as a college student to be at the right place at the right time, you must make your plans ahead of time by making a timetable for your daily activities and these include your time for classes, time for a nag, sports, reading, having fun with friends, etc. 

This timetable will help you not to stress yourself out for nothing just because you didn’t plan well beforehand. Therefore, it is good and easy when your to-do list is available better the day starts.

3. Know your priority: Everyone has a reason for doing whatever it is they are doing and as a college student, you are not exempted. As a student, your academic performance should be your priority, and working towards the result of that, you have to set some rules and standards which no student nor you can break.

Knowing and focusing on your priority will help you to avoid a lot of things that you could have wasted your time fixing at the time of studying. When you know what you are looking for in life, you focus until you get it, and as a student getting that knowledge should be the number one reason why you are in school at first.

4. Use your Technology wisely: getting addicted to your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, Video game, etc. is not going to help you be a good time manager as a college student who has a plan for himself or herself. 

Using these devices is not taboo for students but it is wrong and bad for you when you are not using that time for something profitable. If you want to use your devices, ensure that what you are using them to do is something that can yield results and not for fun that will end up wasting your time for nothing.

5. Get a jotter: Make sure that no class comes to an end without penning something down in your jotter. When I say jotter I don’t mean your note, your note is different but your jotter is very important when a class is having an interactive session or when a lecturer has finished explaining a point in his or her note in the class.

This your jotter will stand as a reminder to what and how the lecturer explained the point when you want to read at home. So it is advisable that every college with serious intention, get a jotter for themselves as they will need it while studying.

 6. Minimize your circle of friends: Having many friends is not a bad thing but where it is bad is when you have no motivation to read because your friends are out partying so you are wondering what they have been doing by now at the party.

As a college student, making friends with people that have an interest in things just like you, is a big plus to you because motivation will always come. But when your circle of friends is big, among them, there will be one that loves going clubbing, shopping, having fun, etc. among them and in this, it will be a problem.

A problem in the aspect of “it is either you change them to take their education seriously or they end up influencing you to join them in their nature of lifestyle by telling you that life is all about having fun or reminding you that you only live once so you shouldn’t be so serious almost all times studying instead of enjoying life with them. So have a few friends that you are sure they too can inspire you to do better.

7. Always take a nag when necessary: Overworking yourself and your brain can cause brain breakdown. So to avoid this, ensure that you don’t joke with your siesta even if is 30 minutes before you begin your schedule for the evening.   

As a student, sleeping is very important so no matter how much you enjoy reading, never forget the importance of sleep to your body system. Because it will not only help you grow stronger physically but also mentally so make resting one of your priorities by adding it to your daily schedule.

Why do I feel sleepy when studying?

If you are talking about feeling sleepy when studying, then there are a lot of reasons for that for many people and some of them are;

1. You didn’t rest before you started reading even when your body is yielding for asleep, you still want to read.

2. You are using your bed. One thing you have to know is that man is always addicted to his bed likewise your bed. So it is natural that you fall into the trap between you and your bed.

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