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How To Manage Your Mental Health As A College Student

How To Manage Your Mental Health As A College Student – Most times breaking down mentally as a college student is something that many cannot avoid but that does not mean that they can’t avoid breaking down mentally but the only problem is that they don’t know-how. So in this article, we will be discussing how to manage your mental health as a college student from now henceforth.

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One thing every student should know is that you don’t need to be over-stressed before you can perform well academically. You can still take care of your health and still perform well in classes. 

How can my mental health affect me as a college student?

As a college student who is not looking after himself or herself, the possibility of breaking down instead of achieving something is high.

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1. Your mental health can affect you by making you always weak: Have you ever seen a student who is always worn out which causes him or her to sleep in class? This is stress. 

When you are stressed, you become weak and if you don’t rest, you can become mentally worn out and at the end of the day, you will be blank out.

2. Lack of Concentration: When we are tired the possibility of being active in whatever we were doing again is very low because our brain is no more ready to cooperate with our demand anymore until we yield.

3. Depression: Depression is unavoidable when your brain is overworked. You need to be mentally sound in other to overcome depression. 

4. Absence of Motivation: You cannot be motivated to study or attend classes when your mental health is not taken care of. So you have to step out and mingle with people. This will help you to find your motivation back, etc.

Now that we know how our mental health care affects us as a student, let discuss how to manage your mental health as a college student. Below here, are the few ways in which can help you to keep yourself and your brain in good shape while stressing yourself at college?

1. Rescale your network: As a college student, there are some people you should avoid if you want to stay away from depression. Depression affects the human brain from functioning normally the way it is supposed to. So to avoid this, you have to cleanse the kind of social group that you keep or keep in contact with.

Most people you call friends will come to you just to make you feel less than yourself, they come to make you think or to know that their level is higher than yours in life. So you need to rescale your network to ensure that the kind of people that can cause you depression is far away from you or your friends.

2. Take a good rest: As a student who runs around the school for classes, tutorials, sports, etc. you need a good rest most times when you are alone. You may not have enough time in the day to observe a siesta for hours but then, even if is 30 minutes of your time, use it and rest your brain for the day before you resume whatever it is you are doing.

The human brain is like an engine and in every engine, we know that it needs servicing and maintenance that’s to say it is either we change the engine oil or we do some cleanses to help the engine, not to break down, in the long run, same goes with the brain.

Every brain needs a break sometimes for maintenance and servicing to also avoid breakdown. So taking a nag helps cool down your brain and then reboot it to its formal glory. 

So as a college student who is interested in his or her mental health, you must boast your brain daily no matter the duration. This will help you to function well as a student.

3. Be a good planner: When we say be a good planner, we are not talking about event planning instead we are talking about your daily activities. When we plan our days well, things go smoothly without issues that is because we don’t run around mixing everything up together without achieving anything at the end of the day.

This can cause distress and it is not good for our mental health. So to avoid this, a student must learn how to make plans for his day before stepping out from his room because every student needs a sound mind and brain to be able to understand what is being taught in class.

4. Keep your body active: to keep our bodies active at all times, we will need to start by eating well. Yeah, food is life and our bodies need it to power the engine in our system. Now let me explain this a little “Have you ever experienced a headache that is very serious at work or in school and immediately you got home and eat then rested, the headache reduces? 

This headache happened because your body needed food and a good rest and it will continue until you give your system what it wants. This is to say that our body system also has a big role to play in our daily lives and one of the ways to help our system to function well with our brains is to ensure that we eat.

If you don’t have an appetite for food at the very moment or if food is yet to be prepared, you can help yourself with fruit. Fruit helps nourish your body. So don’t joke with your stomach if you care about your mental health.

5. Join social groups: Sometimes you just need people to experience fun and laugh with, to help reduce the stress of the day. Being active in some social groups like drama, sports, community clubs, etc. will help you in reducing depression, stress, etc. by taking your mind off some school stuff for the time being. 

This is to say that as a student, you don’t have to be studying at all times and be stressing your brain. Sometimes as a college student, you need a break for fun and laugher to help you cleanse your mind.

6. Join a support network:  each student have a different experience at where they are schooling and in their programs. What I experience when I was at college may not be the same as what you experienced in your field and this is where you need a support network.

Your support network can help you voice out your happy and bad moments, things that you feel like telling someone about but you just don’t have anyone to do that with. Support network encourages you through other people’s stories. 

It helps you to know that what you are going through today is not the worst thing that ever happens to anyone. Your network can stand up for you when needs arise because you people are family.

So you need to seek help if not from friends or family, you can likely use your counselor, if you don’t have one, use the school counselor.

7. Don’t over-stress yourself: One secret is that you need to be in good shape to function well academically, and in the process of you overworking yourself, you are not helping it.

Although there are a lot of other ways to manage your mental health as a college student these are the top 7 ways that will help you.

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