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How To Manage Time For Study While Working

How To Manage Time For Study While Working-Working while going to school can be demanding and challenging as you will have to put in a lot to ensure that your academics don’t get affected by your work. Some students run a part-time job while they study while some others run a full-time job and still study; it is all about the mindset and ability to manage your time properly.

For you to make out time to study while you work has a lot to do with how well you can manage your time because you are not going to have enough time for everything and like you know, time is a limited resource.

If you must know, a lot of students have successfully attended school even while having to work while going to school and they didn’t burn out or regret doing so.

In this article, we are going to be looking at how you can manage time while you study so that you will see that you can actually come out with excellent grades even as a working student.

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Without further ado, let’s show you how you can manage time as a working student:

  • Create a study schedule that goes with your work schedule

For you to be able to create time for you to study, your study time and work time must agree which means that there must be a balance between the two.

If you have a school schedule, try to show it to your employer so as to know how they will arrange your shifts around the times you will be free with school activities. With this, you will be able to set out time to study and succeed in school.

You need to plan out when and how you will be studying; you can decide that you will be reading ten chapters in a week depending on how your work schedule is.

  • Know why you are working and studying

Studying and working can be very tedious, demanding and challenging but you have to always remind yourself why you are doing it. You are working to be able to meet up with your needs and you need to study so that you can come out with good grades.

With that in mind, you will always stay motivated and always want to use your time wisely and effectively. This reminder will help you know that you don’t have time for irrelevant things and so you have to manage it properly.

  • Put your studies first

In as much as you need to work so as to foot the bills and all, you will have to remember that the main purpose of being in school is to study, come out with good grades and build your future.

Do not let your work take out all your time that you have none left for studying as it will affect your academics and grades badly. Whenever you are face with a choice, you will have to choose your education.

If working overtime will affect your studies, tell your boss you won’t be available. Make sure you put in more effort to do well in school.

  • Work as much as you need

You should remember that you are a student and you have to study even though you are working. So it is very important that you figure out how much money you will need to meet your needs in a month and work as much as you need so that you don’t end up overworking yourself.

  • Improve your reading speed

This is another way you can be able to manage your study time which is limited because you are working. If you really want to cover up a lot as a working student, you will have to work on your reading speed as your ability to read well and fast will mean that you gather more information in little time.

  • Study during break time

Instead of using your break time at work to do some irrelevant things like chatting with coworkers or texting, you can decide to study. This will help you cover up some topics and you will be surprised how that 20 to 30 minutes break time you used to open your textbook or notebook would help you.

Any spare minute or time you are less busy, use that period to study instead of doing some other irrelevant things. Remember that time is a limited resource especially for you as a working student.

  • Always pay attention in class

Since you are a working student, you will have to ensure that you pay rapt attention anytime you are in class because you might not have enough time to study so paying attention in class will help you gather and take down enough details that will help you study better and effectively.

Do not get distracted by work while in class so do your best to take your mind off work and concentrate on the lecture so that you can take in as more knowledge as you can to make studying easy for you.

When you listen to your lecturer or professor and understand what was discussed in class, you will not find it difficult to study later even if it is for an hour.

  • Set out time to study everyday

One way to always do well in your academics whether you are working or not is to always study. As a working student, this is even more important as you have to set out time to study at the same time every day.

Studying everyday will help make studying a part of you and this will help you studying better and become a better student even when you are a working student.

  • Try multitasking when you are doing certain things

Multitasking while you study is not good as studying needs a lot of concentration and focus. The mind and brain has to focus on what you are doing that is why multitasking is not ideal for students while studying but what if we tell you that you can multitask while studying but this should be done with activities that do not require your brain to work.

For instance, you can study while cooking as this is a way to cover up since you are a working student. These small moments you take to study could go a long way.

  • Set out a day to study intensively

You can decide to take a day off from work to study as this will help you go over your textbooks, notebooks and other materials. You can do this before tests or exams to help you prepare well and lower your stress level so that you can perform well in the test or exam.

  • Get enough sleep

It might not really be easy to get enough sleep but you will certainly need it as it will help keep you healthy and strong. You should try to get at least 5 hour sleep per night and in doing this; you will have to sacrifice some other activities like constant texting, watching TV and other things.

You could also take a nap during the day if you schedule does not allow you to sleep at night. This will help refresh the body, mind and brain.

Final Note

Time management is your ability to use time efficiently and effectively and this is a very important skill that students should have.

Most importantly, if you are a student that works while you study, you will need to be able to manage your time properly. Make sure you avoid procrastination because it will make you leave today’s work for tomorrow and this will add to the work and stress of tomorrow.

Time is of essence and so you have to manage it wisely so that you can have enough of it to do what you have to do. Always discipline yourself to do what you have to do at the right time as this will help you manage time for study while working.

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