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How To Make Friends In College Classes

How To Make Friends In College Classes – Making friends is quite an interesting part of college life and you cannot take it away from students. Students tend to make friends from some of the places they go to and if you are a free and jovial person, you will certainly have lots of friends around you. Even if you are a reserved person, you will definitely have someone that is you can relate with and also confide in. you cannot be a loner in college.

You will also have to make friends with your classmates as it has a way of influencing your academic performance and also your social life in school. When you make friends in college classes, you get to relate with the friends you make often and throughout your study program.

At first, you might feel intimidated by your classmates because you haven’t really gotten the acquaintance but in other to become free to relate and ask questions in class is to make friends with your classmates. Making friends in colleges classes involves some activities other than just sitting in class. If someone doesn’t make a move to become close to you, then you will have to make a move.

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But in making friends, you will still have to be conscious and know the kind of friends you keep around you. This will surely influence your college life and experience.

As a freshman in college, you might not know how you would go about making friends as this is a new environment and everything looks different from what you are used in especially in high school but making friends whether at the dorm or in class will help you settle in and adapt to the system easier and faster.

In a much broader context, we can also say that the kind of friends you keep will help you grow both academically and socially too. You wouldn’t want to make friends that won’t contribute to your personal growth and development. Remember that college is a place that prepares you for the future and so keeping the right friends will help you both in college and also after graduation.

This article is going to show you how you can actually make friends in college classes and how you can enjoy your stay in college.

Importance Of Making Friends In College Classes

Keeping the right friends around you helps you in a lot of ways and so as a student, it is important to make or keep the right friends in class. Friends make you feel good about yourself and lift your spirit when you are down most times. The real friends will stand by you during the thick and thin.

We will be looking at some benefits of having or making the right friends in college classes.

  • They help you settle down easily in college

As a freshman in college for instance; you are might find it kind of difficult to settle down. When you arrive on campus, you are new to the environment and everything will look strange. Meeting friends and making friends will make your journey of settling down easier and also faster.

They keep you company, give you direction especially when they came in before you. They will show you around and also try to see that you are comfortable.

  • They help boost your academic performance

Well, this is certainly true. The kind of friends you keep in class will go a long way in boosting your academic performance and making you come out in flying colors.

Having a study group of friends will help improve your study ability and skills and this will help boost your academic performance. Even when you have difficulty in studying and assimilating, they figure out better ways to study and help you academically.

  • Friends help you set and achieve your goals

Being with the right people will enrich your life in many ways and one way is in helping you set your goals and also work towards achieving your set goals.

Let’s look at a group of friends that study together and set a goal of being at the top of the class at the end of the semester; because you are in this group, you will have to work hard to make sure you live up to expectation.  Most times, when you feel lazy or don’t have the zeal to study, seeing their motivation brings you back on track.

Being with the right crowd will act as a drive to achieving your set goal. They push you to be at your best.

  • They boost your self-confidence

Being around the right network of friends goes a long way in boosting your self-confidence. Rolling with them gives you so much believe in your ability and also yourself. Even if others doubt your ability and strength, your friends will never doubt you. They will always believe in you.

This trust they have in you in turn boosts your confidence in yourself and what you can do. They push you to confront any challenge or fear and cheer you to achieving your set goal.

  • They help you develop skills

The kind of friends you keep goes a long way in determining the skills you would develop. For instance, if you have a friend that is time conscious and manages time wisely; you will develop that skill with time if you roll with that person.

You might not be conscious of the changes but it will certainly set in. You try to emulate their positive attitude because you see the result of those attitudes in them and maybe their academics.

Sometimes, they might take out time to teach you some hand skills for free and put all their effort to make sure you do your best and be the best.

  • They help you grow mentally

Being around people that love you keeps your mind healthy and free from negative thoughts. They keep you optimistic and are ready to help you overcome the hardest task(s). They are never negative minded and will not make others feel bad or depressed.

A healthy friendship helps your mental strength and train your mind to be optimistic. They make you see things on a brighter side and always show you that you are not alone even when it seems so.

Everyone needs someone that would listen to their problems and encourage them without judging them. Most times, you just need someone that would lift your spirit and make you see the brighter side.

According to Harvard Medical school, “social connections help relieve levels of stress, which can harm the heart’s arteries, gut function, insulin regulation and immune system”.

The right network of friends will try their best to encourage you and groom your mind to be positive and do better.

  • They boost your self-esteem

Have you ever had a friend that stuck by you even when others saw you as nothing?

They made your happiness their priority. Well, that is what real friends do. A friend that is ready to stick by you and invest their time in you will make you a better person and a better version of yourself.

They do not make jest of you or mock you for your physical appearance but make you feel special for real. This attitude will surely boost your self-value and self-worth. They do not make you feel weak or incompetent instead, they encourage you to do better and do best. This is how they boost your self-esteem.

  • They improve the quality of your life

Having the right people (friends) around you will help you become positive and also think positively. They help to relieve you of pressure and make you energetic and happy. Having people that care about your well-being and will do what it takes to make you happy will definitely help improve your physical and mental health.

Being around them helps you to overcome depression and the challenges that come while in school.

  • They give you a purpose

Some people claim to love being alone but having the right friends around you will help add meaning to your life, give you a purpose and encourage you to be focused.

It is not really easy to find good friends but having a good friend is worth gold. I know you would be smiling but having someone that got your back anytime and having that assurance gives you a purpose to live and a reason to be better.

Their presence and unconditional love adds meaning to your life.

  • They act as support in bad times

Everybody goes through some difficult times in life. But your friends will always be there to cheer you up and encourage you. The song says “we all need someone to lean on”. This is what friends do. They make you special and give you advice on how to overcome challenges and difficulties of life.

They also support you financially when you are in trouble and give you positive energy.

  • Friends challenge you to be better

We are not saying you should be in a competition with your friends but when you are around the right crowd, you will be challenged to do better and improve. If you have negative attitude, meeting the right friends will give you a yardstick to compare yourself and challenge yourself also.

You now see a reason to be better and work on yourself more. They also challenge you to have better grades. You cannot have friends that are sound academically and you are lagging so badly in your academics. They will always want to carry you along and challenge you to step up too. They push you out of your comfort zone so as to learn new things.

  • They help build your self-discipline

Rolling with the right friends will help you build your ability to control yourself, your feelings and your ability. When your friends are motivated to excel in their academics and are disciplined towards achieving that, you will definitely join the train.

There is a popular saying “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. The kind of people you roll with will determine the kind of attitude you will possess.

How To Make Friends In College Classes

We have looked at the importance of having the right friends as you buddies in class and most importantly, you have seen that it has a lot of benefits.

We will be going through how you can make friends in college classes. Whether you are new to your college or have been around but don’t know how to go about it; read this segment of this article and make the right friends in college.

  • Understand the type of person you are

The first step in trying to make friends anywhere is to understand who you are and the kind of people you will like to roll with. In class, if you really want ti concentrate and do well in your academics, you wouldn’t want to sit at the back seat instead, you will find your way to the front seats and mind you, the way you present yourself in class will attract your kind of people to you.

If you don’t care about your performance and you are nonchalant towards your studies, then you will certainly see people of like-minds like you.

So you will have to understand yourself and what you want for yourself.

  • Get to class early

If you actually want to make friends in class, you will have to go to class early and start up conversation. Going to class early will help you settle down before the lecture begins and also interact with other classmates. This way, you will get to know some of your classmates and from there you can start making friends.

  • Be friendly and free

This is an important way to attract people to you. Nobody will come around you if you are not free or jovial. Be free with people especially people you meet for the first time and also show kindness. So many people have their own way of showing friendliness; it could be by smiling at others or walking up to them and introducing yourself, that is, if you are not a shy person.

If you are invited for lunch, accept it if it’s convenient for you or try to make out another time to hang out. You are showing them that you care about getting to know them. Act as a friend and be a friend.

  • Observe your classmates

You wouldn’t want to just make anyone your friends because the kind of friends you keep will influence your academic and social life in one way or another. You will have to observe your classmates and this might take a while. But if you do this, you will end up making the right choice of friends.

You might not really see someone that is like you but you might see people that will help you grow and become better. When you identify someone that looks or acts like a potential friend, get to know them and if there’s a need, sit close to them.

  • Look for people that have a common interest as you

When you have something in common with someone, it makes becoming friends kind of easy. The common interest becomes a connection as you two have a lot of things to share and also share a lot of things. Communicating won’t be difficult.

  • Ask questions to start up conversation

Asking questions is a great way to make friends and start up a conversation. According to a study published in the journal of personality and social psychology by American Psychological Association, “asking questions is one of the key acts to increasing likability in you from others”.

Ask open-ended questions and not yes-no questions. An open-ended question tends to keep the conversation going. You ask questions that would keep them talking and ready to answer. People get bored by yes or no questions. It makes them feel like they are being interrogated

  • Be yourself

True friends will not want you to change for them or pretend to be what you are not. They will always accept you the way you are and encourage you. So in trying to find the right student network in school, you should be yourself. Do not change yourself in order to please others.

Be yourself, your friends will accept you and your flaws. Do not lose yourself trying to please others. You can compromise in some cases but don’t do that at your detriment.

  • Spend time with people that are kind

You have to identify people that are kind and spend time with them. Being around kind and positive people will help you know yourself and also be yourself. Look for students who talk respectfully, do not speak ill of others and are willing to help others.

For a freshman, it might not be easy but when you are friendly around people, you get to know those that are kind and understanding. Also as you are looking for kind people, also be kind as kindness attracts kindness.

  • Participate in group activities in class

This is a great way to interact and make friends in college classes. When you engage in group activities, you get to share ideas and opinions and this will help you start gaining confidence to interact in class as you are beginning to get acquainted to your classmates.

  • Be ready to provide assistance to others

People are attracted to kindness and when you show love to others and also support them, they tend to become attached to you. When someone asks for your assistance and you are in a position to provide such assistance, you shouldn’t hesitate to render assistance.

This will make people confide in you and also reciprocate this kindness to you. Helping people is a great way of making friends and also keeping that friendship.

  • Compliment others and be genuine about it

Everyone loves compliment and praises as long as it is genuine. So one way to start up a conversation and also make friends is to compliment others. It could be their dress, hair, cologne, shoes etc.

This will definitely lead to a conversation and might even be a long conversation.

  • Join a study group

You can also decide to join a study group on campus so as to have the opportunity to meet people that will improve your academic performance. In this study groups, you share ideas, study together, explore a lot of information together.

You could find these groups in class or even in your dormitory.

  • Hang around after class

You wouldn’t want to rush out of the class at the end of the lecture if you want to make friends with your classmates. You can hang around after class and talk to one or two person about how the class went and what the understood from the class but not everybody welcomes this so you will have to really observe before you approach anyone and it could even be your seat partner(s).

How To Make Friends In College When You Are Shy

Many introverts find it difficult to make friends as they are seen to quiet but the thing is you can actually make friends even as a shy student. As a shy person, striking a conversation or meeting new people can drive you into your shell but here are some ways you can actually make friends in college when you are shy:

  • Be friendly and try to make the move of starting up a conversation even if it seems difficult. You can actually start with talking to your seat partner. This could be in form of a question or seeking for assistance on something but making the move will help you in getting to know people.
  • Connecting with your classmates online will help you get to know some of your classmates before actually meeting them. There are platforms where students in the same class group can interact and relate. Do well to join these platforms and connect with your classmates
  • Joining clubs and societies will also help you get to meet some other students and from here you begin to make friends.
  • Providing assistance to people is also another way you can make friends even if you are shy. People are attracted to kindness.
  • Participating in group activities will create an opportunity for you to interact with people especially your classmates and share your opinion too.
  • Joining a study group


Making the right friends in college especially in class is very important and students should take their time to do this. You shouldn’t just jump at every opportunity you have to make friends. Try to study people and understand them, it will help you know if they are the right kind of people you want around you.

Making friends in college class will help you to interact in class and also help boost your confidence level.

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