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How To Make An Envelope

How To Make An Envelope-Sending letters to your loved ones and well-wishers can be made a lot easier as you won’t have to spend a money get an envelope; you can use your leftover papers or any decorative paper you may have on hand to make an envelope in less than 60 minutes.

You could make a fancy envelope in just few minutes provided you have the necessary materials needed to make the envelope.

In this article, we will be showing you how to make an envelope at home using a few supplies at home.

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Let’s get started…

Materials Needed To Make An Envelope

  • Hot glue gun
  • 2 sheets of scrapbook or decorative paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Bone folder

How To Make An Envelope

We will be taking you through some step by step procedures of making an envelope at home so you won’t have to spend money to buy one to put your letters. If you have the above materials we have listed above, you can make a homemade envelope.

We will be showing you how to make three types of envelopes and they are:

  • Pouch envelope
  • Taped envelope
  • Square Origami envelope

Let’s roll…

How To Make A Pouch Envelope

  • Get a paper that is about twice as large as your desired envelope size. You could get a standard size paper that is of 8 by 11 inches then you can fold and cut it in half.
  • Fold the paper over evenly so that you get a rectangle half the size of the original piece.
  • Use tape to close the two open edges of the formed rectangle but leave the top open as that is where you will insert the letter
  • Fold down the top to make a small flap as this will prevent the letter from falling out of the envelope.
  • Open the envelope and insert the letter or card and then fold the flap down again.
  • Glue the flap to keep your message enclosed as this will keep the envelope closed till the recipient opens it.

How To Make A Taped Envelope

  • You should get a standard-sized paper of 8 by 11 inches and lay it down in a landscape style
  • Fold the paper in a lengthwise by matching the edges of the paper and ensure the fold is straight.
  • Then press down the folded edge with your fingers to make a crease (a line on the paper when folded) in the middle.
  • Fold the top right and left corners along the crease in the centre and then you will have a triangle at the top of the rectangular paper
  • Fold one-inch of the bottom and top edges towards the crease in the centre leaving enough room in the centre where you insert the letter or card.
  • Fold the paper towards the bottom of the triangle so that the triangle is still visible.
  • Then you smooth out the fold with your fingers and then unfold it.
  • Large letters or cards may not fit into the envelope so you will have to fold the card or letter so that it can fit into the envelope.
  • Insert your message and then close the envelope with the top of the triangle by folding it towards the rectangle.
  • Tape the edges to shut it and also tape the flap of the envelope.

How To Make A Square Origami Envelope

  • Get a square sheet of paper that is larger than your letter or card maybe a 12 by 12 inch piece of paper for a large letter or card and 7 by 7 for a small letter or card
  • Place the paper in a way that it will form a diamond shape
  • Fold the paper corner to corner to make a crease that will go up left and bottom right and another crease going up right and bottom left. If you do this properly, the crease made will cross each other at the centre.
  • Unfold the edges and let the paper lie flat in a diamond shape again
  • Fold the bottom corner up to where the two creases cross in the middle of the paper
  • Fold the flat bottom of the corner up to the middle of the crease and this will form a triangle and then smooth the fold so the paper lies flat.
  • Fold the left and right corners towards the centre
  • Fold back the edge of the right corner which means  that the overlapped point of the right corner will come back slightly
  • After that, a small triangle is made and then you stick your fingers into the fold of the small triangle. You will see that the triangle will open into a diamond shape.
  • Then you spread and make the small triangle flat which will make the tiny diamond have a crease down the centre
  • Insert the top edge of the envelope into the small opening and then you have your envelope.
  • You can decide to tape the edges of they are loose.

Final Note

You can see that making an envelope is quite easy whether you want to make a pouch, taped or square origami envelope as you just need a few home supplies and you are good to go.

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