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How To Make A First Class In A Nigerian University

How To Make A First Class In A Nigerian University-You must have seen a lot of news about first class students from various universities in Nigeria and you begin to ask yourself as a fresher or college aspirant how you could achieve this feat.

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Making a first class in a Nigerian university is not as difficult as a lot of people must have told you. It just requires you being smart and working harder. Any student can come out with a first class if you put your mind to it.

Nigerian universities are not as difficult as people have painted them to be and even though you might face a lot of challenges in your quest for making a first class, these challenges are nothing you can’t overcome.

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In this article, we will be showing you how you can make a first class in a Nigerian university and this article was written after interviews and discussions with some of the best graduating student of some universities in Nigeria.

Without further delay, let’s show you how you can become an outstanding first class student.

  • Set academic goals

Goals are very important if you really want to achieve anything in life and as a student that wants to come out with a first class, you will have to set goals for yourself most especially academic goals.

These goals are what keep you focused and determine to come out successful. Set goals that will help you stay motivated to study. Ensure that your goals are clear, realistic and challenging enough.

  • Prepare a study schedule

You should know that for you to come out with good grades you certainly need to study and so to make a first class, you will need to study smarter and harder. You will need a study schedule to help you study better. The study schedule is the time you set to study.

It can be the number of days you intend to study, the number of hours you allocate for studying along with the subjects you want to study. With your study schedule, you will be able to discipline yourself and also stop procrastinating.

Creating a study schedule will help make studying become a part of your daily routine and gradually turn studying into a habit. Make sure that your study schedule is flexible and also balance with your activities.

To make your study schedule more effective, you should understand your activities so that you will be able to organize and set your schedule properly.

  • Know and understand your priorities

For you to be able to organize yourself properly, you will have to know what activities are more important and less important. You don’t want to spend all your time on irrelevant activities as this will not yield any productive result in your pursuit for a first class.

When you know how to arrange your activities according to how important they are so as know how what to do and the right time to do it.

You should know that time is a limited resource that is of essence and so you have to know what to spend more time on that will yield something productive. For this reason, you should know your priorities.

  • Find out the best time to study

Because you want to come out with a first class result doesn’t mean that you will study all the time. It is not about how long you study but how effective your studying is and for this reason, it is important that you know the best time to study.

Knowing the best time to study will help you study smart as your brain will be able to assimilate information better and faster. When your brain is relaxed and refreshed, you will be able to study for long and even study well because you will be focused.

Your best time to study could be at midnight, after school or in the morning when you wake but let it be when your brain is relaxed and rested.

  • Don’t spend all your time studying but always study

You might be wondering why we are saying this but this is the truth. Like we said earlier that making a first class in a Nigerian university is not about how long your study but how well you study. It is more of studying smart and better. You don’t have to spend the whole day studying every day.

You could prepare your study schedule in a way that you get to study for 5 to 6 hours every day and mind you, you should study at the same time every day.

You cannot study all the time and leave certain things left undone. Because you want to graduate with a first class doesn’t mean that you stay away from friends and family. It is all about how you organize yourself to make sure all your activities fit in without clashing.

  • Don’t procrastinate

This is a very bad habit and as a student, you should avoid procrastination. It will certainly affect your academic life and success. Never leave what you have to do today for tomorrow as every day comes with its own task.

If you are a procrastinator, you should find out why you procrastinate as this will help you figure out how to overcome it.

As a student that want to make first class, if you set a study schedule to help you study, you should be disciplined enough to stick to the schedule.

  • When studying, always concentrate

If you really want to study well and for a long period of time, you will have to do away with distractions so that you will be able to focus and study. You need self-discipline and concentration to help you overcome distractions.

So if you want to study, you will have to find a place with little or no distractions and also turn off your phone so that you will not be tempted to look at your phone when a message comes in.

  • Organize your time properly

As a student especially someone that wants to come out with a first class, you should be able to manage your time properly. Having time management skill will help you know the importance of working with time and this will help increase your concentration level and avoid procrastination.

Time is a limited resource that needs to be managed properly and for you to be successful in your academics and also life in general; you have to know how to manage your time wisely.

Learn to allocate time to everything you do and also discipline yourself on sticking to the time allocate for each task.

  • Ask questions in class when you don’t understand

Asking questions in class doesn’t mean that you are dumb instead it help to make your understand what the lecturer is saying better. Always ask relevant questions and try to listen attentively.

Never be afraid to ask questions as you would be surprised that someone else had the same question in mind. Being curious helps you to become creative and innovative.

  • Review and study what you have learnt at the end of classes each day

For you to remember what was taught in class, you will have to study what you learnt in class at the end of the day. Always review what you learnt for the day as it will help the information stay with you.

As you are reviewing, you would also get a better understanding of what the lecturer was talking about in class. Do not hesitate to revise what you learnt in class that same day.

  • Study to learn and not just to pass your exams

A lot of students study to pass their exams instead of studying to understand what they are studying. When you study to pass your exams, you are cramming and a crammer is a bad learner. When you cram, you would only get to remember the information for a short period after which you will forget after the exam.

But when you study to understand, you will be able to remember what you have studied easily and also put them down in your own words.

When you study to understand, you try to find connections between different concepts and this will help you understand the topic better.

Study on a regular basis so that you can get yourself acquainted with the subjects and topics.

  • Relate what you are learning with real life situation and what you already know

Do you feel that what you are learning has no connection with what you already know or real life situations? Well, there is always a connection if you look closely. Try to get a connection to previous knowledge as this will help you understand the topic or subject better.

When you brainstorm on the relationship and connections, you tend to remember what you have learnt and what you have learnt becomes part of you.

For instance, if you are learning about white blood cells, you look at them as soldiers as they help to fight and protect against germs and diseases which you see as enemies. It might take time but getting the connections will help improve your study skill.

  • Focus on key details and more important information

When studying, you should try to concentrate more on the essential aspect of what you are studying and give it more attention. You will also give the less important aspect attention but don’t dwell so much on it. Studying smart is about knowing what to study and not studying everything.

Final Note

For you to make first class in a Nigerian university, you will have to study smart as it will help you to be more effective and also improve your time management skill.

Always read to understand and try to find meaning in what you are reading. You can decide to study with your friends or course mates to help make the study session and interactive and interesting one.

Make studying a part of you by creating a study schedule to help you study every day even if it is for 5 to 6 hours.

Studying opens you to new information or helps you understand what you already know better. So if you want to study effectively and see the impact of your studying on your academic performance, use the tips we have highlighted in this article. Every information in this article has been proven to be effective.

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