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How to Get Better Sleep in College

How to Get Better Sleep in College – Are you planning on starting college or you are scared that you will not be able to get a night of better sleep if you move to college? Well, the truth is that there is always a solution to many things that is why I have research and compile this article on how to get better sleep in college.

College life can be so fun that you don’t even remember that your body system needs good sleep but no matter how fun that can be, it is important that you get better sleep in college if you want to excel in whatever you do.

So now that you know this, are you now worried about how to get better sleep in college and the benefits of you having one? then I will tell you.

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Why you must have a better sleep in college

1 Having a better sleep in college will help you to think on the right track: but how? When sleeping, your mind is free which means that you are not thinking nor worrying about anything, and this also means that your brain is calm and also resting. 

And this rest helps the engine of your brain to be sound and not to knock. 

2 It also helps in your sight: Your eyes are connected to the brain, so the more you stress that eye or the brain, the more you damage you are getting yourself into. 

Therefore with a night of better sleep in college, you are not only helping the brain to relax instead you are also helping the eyes to be clear.

3 For boosting: sleeping at times, helps you in boosting your academy performance. Now let me explain, As a student who wants to stay up all night to read can only have the stamina if he or she had a siesta before the night. 

No matter how many hours you stay up all night trying to read, when your eyes or your brain is tired, no matter what you read, it will not enter neither will you remember.

One thing you cannot cheap is nature, It comes whenever the time is due. So not having a better sleep in college because of fun, will only result in poor performance.

4 Healthy: Having a good rest even while in college will help in keeping your body system checked. A night of better sleep in college even with a little food helps you to be strong to start a class of 2-3hours without breaking down.

Q/A Okay I know why I should have a better sleep in college but then how to get better sleep in college is the problem I’m facing.

How to get better sleep in college 

 Okay even with the insight into why you need a better sleep in college, it is not going to be that easy if you don’t follow these few steps that I will be listing down here.

1 Discipline: No matter what happens, what you planned, or how you plan to live in college without discipline, it is not going to be a success. To have a good living on campus, everything comes with a price tag. 

To have a better sleep in college, you will need to deprive yourself some certain campus life, for example partying.

Note; there are a lot of other ways but discipline is the only way so no matter what is listed here, all will still result in discipline.

2 Sleep on time:  Set a timer for yourself that will be telling you this is the time for you to have fun with friends, this is the time for you to eat, and this is the time for you to sleep, etc. You can only follow this timer if you discipline yourself to follow it up.

Staying up at night with friends while you suppose to be sleeping or reading is a bad habit that comes with a negative consequence. That consequence can come in a way of academy performance, or health issues.

So you must discipline yourself most times to be sleeping on time.

3 Keep your wake-up time the same: Make it a habit of sleeping at a particular time and waking up also at a particular time. This will help you not just to get better sleep in college but also after college.

This is where discipline is needed. sleeping on time will help you to keep to your time of waking up, but if you slept late, it will be a little hard for you to stay down from the bed while your bed is still asking you to stay a little longer.

And most times, it is hard to say no to your bed pleading, so to avoid such attachment with your bed, you must discipline yourself to go to bed early. As it is said, “Early to bed, early to rise”.

Don’t be too attached to your mobile phone or laptop: If you want to be getting better sleep in college, you have to ensure that you drop the habit of being on a phone from 7,8pm till 12 am. 

This habit will only make sure that you don’t have enough sleep in college in a way that you suppose to have. 

Note this point, Most students that sleep in classes during lectures are people who did not have enough sleep at night either by staying up all night to read or by staying up not doing anything profitable. 

Therefore to have a better sleep in college, you must ensure that you distance your phone a little from yourself at night. this will help you in breaking the attachment that was already created.

5 Don’t be asleep procrastinator:  To be able to discipline yourself to get better sleep in college, don’t carry the mindset of I prefer sleeping in the daytime than at night.

The main time your brain and your body need to rest completely is at night. So you choosing to be using your night for video games, pressing your phone or laptop, sitting out with friends, partying, and having fun will only make you asleep procrastinator. 

And this kind of life is not good for academy excellence. 

Moreover, if you are a game or internet freak, there is still a way that you can arrange everything without having to stay up all night till morning. and this can only be carried out through discipline.

Discipline yourself in a way that if 6 pm to 7 pm is for a particular thing, then 7 pm to 8 pm will be for another, and so on. This will help you to also set a particular time and keep for your sleep.

6 Stick to your sleep rhythm:  If you already have your time in which you normally sleep at home, then it is advisable to continue it. living in college does not mean that you have to keep late at night or that you are completely free to do whatever you please since you are all along now.

So sticking to your sleep rhythm will help you to get a night of better sleep in college because you are already used to sleeping by that time and waking up by that time.

How many hours should a college student sleep?

This, I cannot say, because it is based on the individual difference, and age wise. There are people in which their body system needs a sleep of eight hours to ten hours before waking up in the morning for any activity.

But as a college student, you must give your brain a rest by sleeping for about 7 to 9 hours a night. There will help both your body to calm and your brain to boost well during the day.

Why can’t I sleep in college?

Most times, whatever we fix our mind on during the daytime, determine how our night will be. This means that sometimes we just can’t sleep no matter how hard we try at night because our mind is occupied with different kinds of though.

So the only way to give in to sleep when the night is due is when we try and clear or sort out the things that are stored there.

Is it OK to get 5 hours of sleep? 

To have good health and also a sound brain, you must get at least a minimum of seven hours of sleep in a day.

I know that at times it is not that easy to just lay down and sleep after what life throws at you but still, it is important to know that no matter what, we still need good health in other to face that life.

So try as much as possible to give yourself that rest.

How is college life?

College life is like you leaving your home to go and start a life of your own. It is like God giving you a pen to write down your future. which means that at this stage in life, the process, or direction you turn in college can change or delay your future. 

College life is fun and overwhelming.

How safe is college life?

Once you move into college, your destiny is written in your pars, it is either you handle it carefully without water washing it off or you wash it off. 

College life is safe when you live a discipline kind of life. 

Discipline in the sense that, you are the kind of person that likes to sleep at 9 pm and then wake up at midnight to read, then return to bed by 4 am against classes the morning, and your roommate is a party kind of person.

It will take a student who is well disciplined to avoid the temptation of trying the partying lifestyle out.

So moving into college life is safe when you can take your own decisions and also stand by them.

What is the difference between living in college and living in high school?

This is one of the mistakes that every fresh college student that graduated from a boarding high school does make on their first day in college.

Comparing high school boarding with college life comes with an 80% difference. 

Boarding High School :

  • A time is set for everyone to go to bed.You are being assigned to a head house staff.There is a lot of rule and regulations to follow.No freedom to step out or to party.Your belonging are checked before getting a room.

College life:

  • You can choose to sleep at any time you wish. You don’t have a head house except for the housemaster or mistress who is in charge of the whole building. Fewer rules and regulations. this means that students are given room to build their social life as they want. There is the freedom to party. Although not all colleges, most of the colleges, give chances to their students to party and release themselves from whatever they are holding in their heart all day long. You are free to carry whatever you know that you will be needing during your stay at college. 

With these differences, you can understand that high school boarding life is like going out there to learn about what life is all about. 

while campus life is like you going out to give to the world what you have learned all through your life.

Can I train myself to get less sleep?

Is it a little too impossible to train yourself to get less sleep just as I said before “You cannot cheat nature”

Sleep comes naturally and when it comes, it is either you embrace it with open arms or it disgraces you in public or class.

So the only way you can train yourself for less sleep is to discipline yourself ahead of time. that means when the sleep finally comes, you must have planned on what to use and divert it.

It can be your phone, a movie, partying, etc but not a book. The worst enemy to sleep is a book. It is easy to sleep under 10 minutes of trying to read your books if you don’t discipline yourself.

So Yes, you can train yourself with the help of discipline.

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