How To Create An Admired Brand For Your Business

The brand of your business is the key to surpassing your competitors and staying ahead in the market. Every successful business has a unique brand that puts it at an advantage when compared to competitors. Unique brands are admired by their customers and also the society at large.

When your customers admire your brand, they are ready to defend it and also advertise it because of its uniqueness. When your brand captures the attention of customers and also gain their trust, love, respect and praise, the more they would admire the product.

Every successful company has an admired brand and has gained the trust and love of their customers. These companies spent years and resources in building their brands to what they are today. Building your brand takes a lot of work and it is not really easy.

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Well, you should be of good cheers because we wrote this article to put you through how to create an admired brand and a successful brand too. Your company’s brand is your message to your customers and the world at large.

For your brand to be admired by customers they must benefit from it and it must have an enticing effect. What we mean is that it must live up to the expectations of your customers or even more than their expectations whether in size, design, features, etc.

So when you offer your brand offers a lot like entertainment, meeting a need or solving a problem, engagement, power, and many other benefits; then be rest assured that your brand has come to stay because you will capture the hearts of your customers and so they will tell the world about your brand.

In this article, we will be showing you ways to create an admired brand for your business so as to establish a successful business that will last for years. So before we start, we will be looking at the meaning of what a brand is then we will go ahead to helping you create an admired brand.

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A brand is a name, design, symbol, and any other quality that differentiates a business from other businesses. A brand gives your product an identity and helps people to identify your company, business or product.

Every company has a brand and it is more than just a logo, slogan or name. It is how the customers or world see your product. Brands cannot be touch as they just help people picture what a company is and gives your product a place in the market.

Let us take the half bitten logo on all Apple products, when you see that half bitten apple on any product or electronic device, what comes to your mind? The logo gives that product an identity and gives people an idea of how the company is and distinguishes the company from other technological companies. But mind you, that logo is part of the brand of the company.

In order to protect your brand, you should register trademarks as this will help give you and your business ownership over your brand and full rights too.

As we have clarified you on what a brand is, let’s get to the main point of this article…


  • You should have a goal

Every human has a goal they want to achieve whether as a student, young adult, working class and entrepreneur or business owner. You should have a business goal and vision. It could be long term or short term or even both. But the question is; what is your goal? What image of your company and brand do you have? How do you want to see your business in years to come?

When you have a goal, then you have a direction. You don’t need to move around in circle; your goal is your mission and your vision. You should be honest with yourself and pin-point why you want to do what you want to do.

Make realistic goals and be prepared to work towards achieving the set goal. One thing is setting a goal and another is achieving the set goal.

  • Figure out who your customers are

You don’t expect to sell to everyone or let me put it this way, “you don’t expect everyone to be your customer or follow your brand”. One of the key tips to creating a unique and admired brand is to know your customers.

In doing this, you will have to identify an unmet need or problem and channel your resources towards meeting that need. Meeting the need will help you set your goal and make it a realistic one. Your customers are your priority and so meeting their needs and satisfying them will help build their trust in your brand and long lasting loyalty.

Apple Inc. through their efforts over the years have created a brand that meets the needs of their customers and because of this love the customers have developed for Apple products, when the company brings out a new product or creates a new demand, people don’t hesitate to get it.

  • Conduct a market research

You won’t go into a business without researching about what you want to do exactly; this is where a market research becomes necessary. You have to conduct a market research on the product you want to develop and know the level of demand for that product.

A market research gives you information about how customers demand for a particular product, how they make their buying decisions, their buying patterns and also why they purchase the product or service.

The market research will also help you know your customers too. It will help you develop ways to promote your brand and the best marketing strategy to implement for your product or service.

You should know that for every improvement in the feature of an Apple product, whether iPhone or Mac; a market research was conducted.

The market research can be through interaction with customers, using questionnaire or market survey.

  • Place yourself in your customers’ shoes

If you want to create an admired brand that your customers would love, trust and respect; think like your customers. Yes, put yourself in their shoes.

Why would you buy a particular product or why would you choose a particular brand?

You have to find out what your customers want to feel or what they want to achieve so as to make your brand suit them better. If your customers want to feel among the elites, feel smart, cool, powerful, responsible or unique then your brand has to satisfy that feeling and make your customers feel satisfied too.

Apple Inc. through its product and design gives their customers this sense of pride. The users of Apple products always feel cool, smart and different because of the brand and also the message the brand passes across to the world at large. This is how an admired brand should be.

So everything about your product from the design to the image, colour or content should give your customers this sense of pride. This will help keep them loyal to your brand. So in everything you intend doing, for you to create an admired brand, you have to think like your customers.

  • Research about your competitors

We are not saying that you should be obsessed with competition but competition makes you better and smarter. You have to research about your competitors to know where they are lagging so as to take advantage of those lapses.

Most times, you can also research about them to imitate them but in doing this, you should do it better than them.

Every business has competition and every business wants to have an edge over their competitors. In your market or industry, when customers think about a product or service, what brand comes to their mind? That brand should be yours. You have to be one step ahead of your competitors in other to remain relevant in the market but do not get obsessed with competitors in order not to lose sight of what you are doing.

Your researching about your competitors is to know how you will create a brand that is different from theirs. Finding what will make your product or service special and better. You should also look at what will make customers choose your brand over that of your competitors.

If you are selling a product, you could make your design, product feature and many other things different. If you rendering a service, you should also do it different from your competitors and be unique too.

  • Let what you preach be what you offer

For every message your brand gives out, your product should do same or even better. You cannot promise a good product and don’t live up to expectation. Your product should portray the message you are passing across.

Take Apple for instance, their slogan says “think different” and for every product they give out, there customers or users feel different and unique. It is even better that you under promise and overdo. What this means is that you should say less about your product or brand and give your customers more than what they expect.

When you under promise and overdo, it will build their loyalty and trust in your brand. You should know that before your product comes out, the words about your product or brand is already out there and so it should live up to the reputation and the hype too.

  • Engage your customers

For your product to suit your customers better, you should always engage them. Interact with the people you want to sell your product to. This will help get feedbacks from them on how to improve your brand and this also makes your customers feel attached to your product and what it stands for.

Engaging your customers will help them easily align with your brand and make them know a lot about your brand and give them a lot to say when they talk about your brand to others.

Make your product user friendly and engage your customers so they understand the product better. Most technological product provides enabling benefits for their customers that make their products easy to use.

Make sure you respond to the feedbacks your customers give and make improvements so that they feel that they are a part of your brand and business. it will help to build their trust and loyalty.

  • What marketing strategy do you want to use?

One of the reasons for conducting a market research is to develop a suitable market strategy for your product. The marketing strategy will help you attract new customers and also retain the already existing ones.

You have to develop a marketing strategy that will bring your brand or product closer to your customers. This marketing strategy could be in creating awareness (advertisement), channel of distribution, retaining customers etc. your marketing strategy brings your brand closer to your target customers and also the world at large just like Mc Donald and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Look for ways to promote your brand but it should be at a low cost; it could be through business listing sites, local newspapers, radio stations or even blogs.

  • Use online marketing to promote your brand

It is evident how online marketing has helped and has also been helping many businesses across the globe. Many successful businesses now use the internet to reach out to a large number of customers and also potential customers. The online marketing has become an important component of marketing in the world today and every business is enjoying its own fair share of using the internet to promote their brand and reach out to their customers.

There are many platforms that you can use to promote your brand on the internet and we will be listing some of them so that you can try any of them or even use most of them to help create an admired brand and also promote your brand but remember that your product should complement your message.

Give your target audience or customers quality contents. Some of the online marketing platforms are:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Video marketing Platform (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Email Marketing

Using the online marketing will increase your customer base and help you reach out to a large number of target audience.

  • Create a website for your business

If you want to grow your business, you have to create a website for your business. Your customers or others will see you as old-fashioned if you don’t have a website for your business. This website is where your customers can go to check for your product. With your website, you get to promote your product or service, explain how your product works and everything about your business.

The website you create should be easy to access and user friendly as this will influence the time that your customers or anyone navigating the site spend on it or how they navigate the site. Your site should be simple and unique. It should tell a lot about your brand and what you are selling.

You should also create a blog on your website where you post contents or write-ups and this will help to increase the traffic on your website and give you a greater chance of reaching out to a lot of target audience and create awareness about your brand and why they should choose your brand over others.

Many successful companies have websites where they can interact with their customers and get feed backs from them.

  • Build your social media presence

As important as your business website is, so is your social media presence. For you to create an admired brand, you have to have a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Using these platforms, you get to promote your brand and also make the most sense of your business.

With social media, you have the opportunity to connect with a large audience and share information about your brand. With this, you can communicate with your customers and they get to ask questions about your brand.

Because it is a social media platform doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be professional. You have to act professional and give out relevant information about your brand; remember the social media platform represents your business.

Try to maximize your social media presence and build a relationship with your audience; it might be by posting quality and relevant contents or information. Do not always be about selling your product or service instead, interact with people and build a relationship and with these relationships; you have a chance of boosting your customer base or client base (if you are rendering a service).

The impression your brand gives to customers will make them give good reviews about your brand from their experiences.

  • Create a simple logo and slogan for your brand

Well, it is important for every business to have a logo and a slogan. Even some people mistake a logo or slogan for the company’s brand well they are quite different. When your business has a logo, it shows that you are serious about what you are doing and your slogan tells a short message about what your business does.

In creating a website for your business, you must have a logo and your logo should be simple, unique and also professional. It should be easy to recognize and give a picture of your brand.

Which brand comes to your mind when you see a check mark? Nike right… The logo is just simple but unique. Your logo must not be too flashy or fancy but should be professional.

Also, your slogan or motto should tell a lot about what your business does. The Apple’s slogan “think different” tells a lot about the brand in just two words and one sweet part of this is that they deliver what they say if not more than that. The Apple users are seen to be different by others.

When you hold or use an Apple product, you just feel special and different. The brand portrays its slogan “think different”

  • You should involve your team in your brand

One of the key to establishing a successful business is having a team or competent workforce. So for you to develop or create an admired brand, you should involve your team in what you do. Accommodate their ideas and input and don’t be a control freak.

Allow your team or employees add a little of their ideas and creativity because some of them can come up with excellent ways to create a unique brand or strategies to promote your brand. So communicate with your team or employees and explain the importance of your business and brand and also how you arrived at it.

It will help them give in their best to the progress of your brand and business.

  • Be up-to-date with the latest trend in your market and industry

For you to remain relevant in the market, you have to follow the trend of the changing demand of your customers so as to continue to improve in your brand and make your customers continue admiring and using your brand.

You cannot afford to be seen as old-fashioned instead always try to stay ahead of competitors. When your brand has been accepted by your customers, you can even create new demand for your product and because of the respect, trust and love they have in your brand, they will want to try the new innovation and even talk about it to others.

So always conduct market research even after setting up your business and be up-to-date with latest trends so as to meet your customer’s needs better.

  • Attend events so as to meet potential customers and also relate with others in your industry

Attending seminars, events and functions will create an avenue for you to meet potential customers and you also get to introduce your brand to them. With this, you get to promote your brand very well and also make sure your dressing and manner of approach lives up to the brand that you are promoting.

Dress smart and talk smart too. When you do this, people will love your product even before using it.

You should also relate with others in your industry and try to learn a thing or two from them as no one is an island of knowledge. Get to collaborate with them to carry out joint projects or tasks that will benefit your customers and in the end, you will see it is a win-win situation and everybody is happy.


Your brand is your message to the world and that message is your product. You should be ready to create an admired brand and build trust, respect and love of your customers. You have a thing or two to learn from the tips we have highlighted in this article to help you create and grow your brand into an admired one.

Anyone can build a successful and unique brand but it is about hard-work and consistency. Your customers should feel empowered, in control, engaged and fulfilled from using your brand. They should enjoy every bit of your product.

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