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How To Boost Confidence and Self Esteem

How To Boost Confidence and Self Esteem – Believing you can achieve anything you set your mind to is the foundation for self confidence. To most people, self confidence is a natural characteristic while to others, it can be built in when seeking self improvement.

Self confidence comes with a lot of positive characteristics which are closely associated with your mental strength. A strong mental strength can help you develop a high self confidence and also help you become successful in life.

My personal experience with self confidence wasn’t really a tough one for me to handle even though it cost me alot. When I was younger, I was filled with self doubt for my own ideas, I hardly speak in crowd and I hated talking much. Though most of this were attributed to my bad dentition which destroyed my zeal to interact with people and made it hard for me to achieve self confidence.

Few years later, I raised some money and worked on my dentition. Since then, I started working on my self confidence using the below tips.

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How To Boost Confidence and Self Esteem

Here are the few key points I implemented that helped me boost my self confidence:

Eliminate Negative People and attract positive people

The first step towards building self confidence is by eliminating negative people from your life. When I mean negative people, I mean those that prevent you from doing or achieving something. They are always fond of looking at the negative side of everything and arent encouraging you to do anything. If you have this kind of people around you, you need to do away with them and start attracting positive people towards your life.

Compliment others:

The second point on our list today is complimenting others. Complimenting others simply mean telling other people how good they are or how beautiful or handsome they look. This will make them feel good and happy around you and in return will make you feel good and happy around them.

Work on your body everyday

Working on your body and looking good is one of the most effective way of building self confidence. Working on your body can be doing regular body fitness exercises, working on your tummy fat, building your smile and keeping your dentition good and clean.

Develop your brain

When trying to build confidence, you shouldn’t leave aside developing your brain. You need to be filled with lots of information and ideas to give out to other people. The best way to go about this is by filling your brain with the right information through reading books and attending the right seminars.

Help someday everyday

Making other people happy by helping them out with their problem is a silent but effective way of building your self confidence. Now you have lots of information on you. You need to use those information in helping people and getting appreciated for it.

Always work outside your comfort zone

If you must build yourself confidence, you must be willing to leave your comfort zone. Always push yourself towards trying new things out. Things like speaking in crowd, talking to a new person or attempting a new task can be very effective.

Attend to issues with a smile on your face

Instead of complaining about your problems or issues, learn to solve them with a smile on your face. Also, another effective way of solving issues rather than complaining is to ask yourself whats the cause of the issue is, and how you can solve them. This will open up your mind to different problem solving ideas and help you tackle them easily.

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