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How To Become Successful In Law School

How To Become Successful In Law School – Are you a law student or you are planning to become one? If yes, then congratulations in advance because in this article, we will be giving you guidelines on how to become successful in law school and also answer a few questions that will help clear your mind.

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It is one thing to study law without being successful and it is another for you to study law successfully and being successful should be the important thing on every student’s mind. 

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To have admission to study law is easy especially when you have a good GPA but then you can’t be a successful law student just with those grades. You will still need to step up your game more instead of relaxing and that is where this article comes in.

You got enrolled because you passed the requirement from the admission board and likewise others. You will need to make some sacrifices in other to graduate from there and then end up with a big firm. But before we start looking into how to become successful in law school, let’s first of all try and look into a few necessary things which will help you during the process.

Which study is best for law?

Before going into law school, you must get to understand that although every student enrolling in law school is called a law student but does not mean that they are into the same specialties. That being said, below here are the few best specialties in law that are very popular and demanding over the years;

  • Criminal Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Banking Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Business Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Civil Law
  • Labour Law
  • Cyber Law, etc.

The law programs listed above are the top 9 best and high demanding law programs in the world with higher pays.

How many Laws do we have?

We have 4 types of laws which are;

  1. Administrative Law: Just as the name implies, these are laws that are passed to the citizens directly from government agencies.

2. Statutory Law: This has to do with the law from the congress house.

3. Constitutional Law: These are laws passed by the highest authority in the country for example a country governed by Queens or Kings, etc.

4. Common Law: These are laws that come in to stand in the absence of a law passed from the state or congress house.

Can you have a life while in law school?

Being in law school does not mean that you shouldn’t have a life. The fact is that as a law student, you will need to know people, places, etc. for future use. Note this, having a life should not stop you from taking your studies seriously.

Easiest Law Schools to Get Into

Getting into a law school is like getting into an engineering or a medical school which demands a lot of hard work but then they are few which are among the top best law schools in the world but yet they are easy to get in. few of them are;

  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego
  • Appalachian School of Law, Virginia
  • Concordia University School of Law
  • John Marshall Law School, Chicago
  • Willamette University College of Law

Those are the top 5 easiest law schools so if you want to check them out visit their official sites.

What skills are required to be a lawyer?

Before you enroll in law, there are some skills you need to learn to develop because you will need and there are;

1. Research skills: To solve a case as a lawyer, you will need to gather information not just gather any information but you have to analyze it to be able to pick out the one that is strong and true to help you solve the case as proof.

2. Communication skills: Every good lawyer have what we call a “sweet tongue” this is because they can speak in a way that you use your mouth to leak all your secrets to them right there. This is one communication skill you need to have for you to become successful.

3. Observation skills: Every lawyer must know how to tell when someone is lying and when they are telling the truth by looking into their eyes or studying their physical appearance. These are the top three necessary skills you must have if you want to be a good lawyer.

What is a good GPA for law school?

To get admitted into law school you will need to have at least a GPA of 3.5 but graduating from law school and working in a top firm, you will need to graduate with at least a 3.7 GPA to stand a chance of working in the firm.

Do law schools care about GPA?

Yes, law schools and top firms care a lot about GPA.

How many years in law school?

If you are a student with a bachelor’s degree, you can complete your program in under 4 years depending on which specialty you are enrolling in. But if you are an undergraduate with no degree, you will use 7 years to complete your program.

How can a law student become successful?

If you want to become successful in law school, there follow a few points;

1. Attend Classes: As a law student, one thing you can’t joke with is you not being serious about going for classes. 

2. Join the interaction: Law is all about argument and proving of points and without joining the interaction as a law student this is you not being able to voice out. Every lawyer is supposed to have boldness and vibe when in public and you can learn to have been like this starting by joining your class interaction. 

3. Jot down your point: If you can’t join in interaction it is because of two things either you are shy or you don’t understand. And if number two is the case here, then you need to pay attention and then jot down your picked point. This will help you during your revision in your spare time. At least when you do this, there is a possibility of you being able to join in the discussion next time.

4. Stay healthy: as a law student, you will need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally strong to be able to function well with whatever you are doing both in class and outside of class. A law student who is mentally stressed is likely to break down even before becoming a lawyer.

When you are mentally stressed the possibility of you being able to read with understanding is less than 50% and that is not good for law as it has to do with reading, scanning, skimming skills. So you will need your brain to be able to function in this.

5. Self practices: As a law student, following up on news sites, top celebrities, public figures, politicians, etc. social handles will help you to be able to know what you are missing and what you can do. 

You can also follow up with top lawyers that are in your field then use your observation skills to learn from how they handle things including their cases.

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