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How to become a creative student

How to become a creative student – Do you know that you are creative in your own way? Do you know that you can actually do more than the usual? Creativity is what makes you different and do things in a different way.

Creativity is a valuable skill and it is important that students be creative in order to help them in all facets of life. Students that think outside the box and look for new and modified ways to do things are always productive.

Now, do you know you can become a creative student? Well, yes you can. It is important that you should become a creative student. Creative students tend to stand out in class as they consider things in new ways making them become smart and innovative.

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There is creativity in every individual but you have to key in to your creative side. Being creative means that you are a problem solver and this will help you become a creative thinker.

Many tutors encourage creativity in classrooms as it helps students to bring out the best in them. The importance of creativity for students cannot be overemphasized because it increases their chances of becoming the next Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison.

Every student should be encouraged to see beyond boundaries, see from a different perspective instead of doing the normal and also think outside the box. It will definitely boost your academic performance.

In this article, we will be discussing a lot about creativity and creative thinking. You will be seeing why and how you can become a creative student. There are many benefits of being a creative student and we are going to discuss them in this article. For a better understanding of what we will be discussing in this article, we have divided this article into four categories.

  • Who is a creative student?
  • Characteristics of a creative student
  • Why you should be a creative student
  • How to become a creative student

Before we proceed, what is creative thinking?


Creative thinking is the process or ability to consider something in a new, different or modified way. With creative thinking, you get to think outside the box and away from the norm.

You are given a task to do in class and your ability to carry out the task in a different and unique way as compared to how it is being done is creative thinking.

Creative thinking involves brainstorming and devising new ways to solve problems and overcome challenges. It is important that you employ creative thinking as a student as it will improve your performance in class and also boost your self-confidence.

When you think creatively, you always see solution where others see problems and this skill will also help you in developing other important skills like time management, self- discipline, critical thinking etc.

A creative thinker explores ideas, generates possibilities and look for unconventional ways to address a problem or challenge.

Who Is A Creative Student?

A creative student is a student that is able to develop new and unorthodox ways of carrying out a task(s). As a creative student, you will be motivated and independent. You carry out with little or no assistance. Creative students do not just settle for the normal as they tend to question the narrative of approaching things or situations.

Albert Einstein was a creative student while in school and turned out to be an extraordinary student and a person that is being celebrated in the world today. At age 12, Einstein taught himself algebra and Euclidean geometry over a single summer. He (Einstein) independently discovered his own original proof of the Pythagorean Theorem at age 12. He was an outstanding student because he employed creative thinking. He saw nature in a different way and as a “mathematical structure”.

Creativity is a skill that is vital for every student and it adds to their success in school and in life as a whole.

Characteristics Of A Creative Student

We have explained who a creative student is; the ability to think outside the box will enable you reach areas that have not been explored before.

We are going to be looking through what it takes to be a creative student or what you should possess as a creative student.

  • A creative student welcomes new experiences

When you are creative, you tend to be open-minded and ready to learn new things. These creative thinkers are always ready to learn and try new things and this helps them develop new ideas and ways of doing things.

You cannot always be right and you should be open to change besides that is the basis for being creative. Being creative brings about change and you cannot change things if you don’t accept change yourself. You must be willing to accept and adopt new ways of tackling or answering questions in class.

A creative student, you must be flexible, open-minded and receptive. You are not an island of knowledge nor are you perfect. Be ready to learn, unlearn and learn again.

  • A creative student goal setter

Being creative gives you a sense of purpose. It also gives you a course of direction and therefore creative students are known to set goals and work towards achieving their goals.

In setting goals, you should clearly state what you really want and be honest to yourself. A clear goal will help you develop better ways of achieving the set goal.

In being creative, you have to visualize how your goal will look like when it becomes a reality.

As a student, you set a goal of getting an A in your mathematics, you have to think of how to achieve this goal or better ways of achieving this goal perhaps other methods have not be productive.

  • A creative student is curious

Creativity comes with not settling for less or settling for the normal. You try to develop a modified way to do things or doing things in a way that have not been tried before.

For you to be able to come up with a new or modified way to perform a task or solve a problem, you must have questioned the narrative or normal way of solving that problem. Curiosity leads to creativity as you begin to ask “what if” you try doing something in a different way.

Most of the notable inventions in the world today came as a result of curiosity; they began to question a lot of things there by releasing their creative potential.

If you want to be a creative student, you have to ask questions.

  • A creative student uses time wisely

When you are creative, you try to figure out easy and better ways of carrying out a task so as to save time and energy. A creative student is a smart student and so he or she tries to use time wisely.

As a student, when you are given a task in school, you have to look for smarter ways of carrying out the task so as to move on to something else and save time.

Creativity will help you save time and still become productive.

  • A creative student is a problem solver

Creative thinkers are seen as a problem solver. In the bid of questioning the normal state of things, you tend to want to solve the problem on ground and this makes you develop new and modified ways of solving a problem.

Creative students do not see problems as a hindrance or obstacle; they see problems as an avenue to create something better and unique.

Most inventions in the world today were a result of trying to solve problems; looking at calculators (solving the problem of counting), telephone (solving the problem of communication), computer (solving the problem of processing and storing information) and many other inventions.

  • A creative student risk taker

The ability to turn your creativity into a reality is taking risk. One thing is to be creative and another is to be innovative.

Innovation is the act of implementing your creative idea to create a reality. You cannot be creative and make a difference if you don’t take risk. Taking risk is what brings a change and for a student that wants to be creative, you have to challenge yourself and think outside the box.

  • A creative student is ready to learn

Creative students see learning as an everyday process. Creativity and innovation comes up as a result of continuous learning and practice. A creative student is always eager to learn and try new things.

You learn from other people’s experiences, failures and also learn from your failures too. A creative student is ready to make mistakes and also learn from his or her mistakes.

  • A creative student is determined

Have you ever come across a problem that seemed so difficult to solve? It could be an individual task in class or an assignment.

A creative student doesn’t give up easily. They are always determined and motivated to find solution to the problem or task at hand and this leads them to devising different ways of solving the problem.

They do not see failure as the end of the road, where others see a roadblock they see a solution and a way to proceed.

Every notable innovator achieved their success because they were determined and never gave up even when they faced challenges and setbacks. They surged through the obstacles and looked for creative ways to achieve what they have set to achieve.

  • A creative student thinks critically

The difference between creative thinking and critical thinking is that while creative thinking looks at new ways or modified ways of solving problems, critical thinking looks at how you are thinking and why you choose to follow a particular course of action.

Creative students always try to be accurate and so they analyze any course of action critically before taking it. They think before they act and this helps them to make wise choices.

  • A creative student is self-disciplined

Self-discipline is your ability to control yourself and make yourself work hard or do something without someone telling you to do it. A creative student always carries out tasks with little or no assistance from adults.

They tend to be focused on their goals because of self-discipline and also do what they have to do regardless of how they feel.

Why You Should Be A Creative Student

Like we mentioned earlier that creativity is vital for students at every level. There are many benefits of being a creative student and these benefits will serve as reasons you should become a creative student.

Let’s look at some of the reasons you should be creative…

  • Creativity improves your academic performance

From everything we have been discussing in this article, you must have seen that creative students are academically sound.

When you are given a task or an assignment, you brainstorm and develop ways of getting that task or assignment done and consistent practice of your creativity helps to improve your academic performance in school.

You become smart, inquisitive, enthusiastic and innovative and this will go a long way in helping you academically.

  • Creativity helps you solve problems

Problems cause you to be creative. When you are creative, you see solutions to problems where others see obstacles or road blocks. You always want to find ways to solve problems and achieve results.

Creativity comes when you face problems and start brainstorming on better ways to solve a particular problem.

  • Creativity boosts your confidence

Creative students tend to become confident in their ideas and also their ability. When you are creative and your ideas always bring results, your confidence level will grow and others will build confidence in you and anything you do.

A smart student always draws the attention of the tutor or teacher and also his or her peers too. Your ability to develop new ways of solving a problem or meeting a need helps to boost your self-confidence and ability to deliver at any time.

  • Creativity helps you find success in failure

Thomas Edison said that “I have not failed; I have just found out 10,000 ways that won’t work”. A creative student will also see the positive side of failing. This is what creativity does for you.

You look for better ways to go around a particular situation and solve the problem. Creativity helps you to see failure as a way to get better and improve.

No successful innovator or creative thinker achieved their result at one attempt. You are bound to fail on several occasions but consistency and determination makes you achieve your set goal.

  • Creativity helps you to become innovative

The end result of creativity or creative ideas is innovation. Like we said earlier in this article that innovation is the act of implementing a creative idea and making it a reality.

A creative student will become innovative. You will tend to bring out something out of nothing and generate modified ways to carryout task(s) thereby leading to innovation just like Albert Einstein did with his Pythagorean Theorem proof.

  • Creativity creates a sense of awareness

A creative student is open to new experiences, knowledge, ideas and information. When you are creative, you discover new things and understand yourself better too. You get to understand that you are limited not because of what you can do but because of your thinking capacity.

Creativity helps you to be aware of your ability and capabilities and makes you understand that your mind is ready to explore only if you push it.

  • Creativity helps to boost your self esteem

You know that creativity helps boost your confidence as we have mentioned earlier also when you have so much confidence in yourself, your self-esteem will be boosted.

Your level of self-confidence will definitely affect your self-worth and also the way people see you.

  • Creativity helps you stay ahead

A creative student will always be ahead of his or her peers and this is because he or she is always ready to learn and get new experiences and this opens them to new knowledge and new findings.

They do not want to settle for the normal and in the bid to question the normal way things are done, they get exposed to new knowledge and findings.

This helps you as a creative student to interact well with peers and also on class.

  • Creativity relieves stress and anxiety

Your ability to brainstorm on better ways of solving a particular problem will help you solve the problem easier and faster. Because you are creative, you do not spend much time trying to solve a particular problem as you think of better and smarter ways to deal with that problem.

A creative student manages time wisely and time management helps you relieve stress and anxiety. Besides, one of the ways to unleash your creative side is by resting and resting helps relieve stress and anxiety.

How To Become A Creative Student

We will be guiding you towards being a creative student. We will be looking at some tips that you can try to help you unleash your creative side and become creative.

Remember that everyone is born creative but the problem is that not everybody has discovered how they can be creative. As a student, you have to be creative in your career.

So let’s show you how you can be creative as a student…

  • Brainstorm and allow ideas to flow

When you are faced with a problem or task maybe something that is difficult, ideas will always come. They will always flow, it is now up to you to open up your mind and understand these ideas better.

You have to nurture them and critically analyze the ideas that come. Try to be open-minded and gather information from both internal and external sources.

You should also source for information and brainstorm on ideas. Never think that you cannot be creative, you have to understand why you need to come up with a solution to the problem at hand and this will help you come up with creative ideas.

  • Observe your environment

This is another way to boost your creativity. Creativity comes from being observant of things around you. We said that creative students are curious and inquisitive, well this is because they have observed and looked at their environment, people and also nature. This make them question the normal way of doing thing.

Your ability to observe things around you will spur you creatively as you would see a way to develop something new out of nothing or modify an existing idea.

  • Be ready to learn

One thing about learning is that it is a continuous process. If you want to be creative, you have to be ready to learn always. Learning opens you to new possibilities and ideas that you never knew existed.

Learning keeps you informed and helps you stay ahead. You have to read books and talk to people. You learn every day and you can also learn from anyone. No one is an island of knowledge and so to be better, you have to open you mind to learning.

  • Ask questions and be curious

A creative student asks questions and so if you want to be creative, you have to be inquisitive. You should be curious to know why things are the way they are and if there are possibilities and other ways to solve a problem.

When you ask questions, you get informed and also you can get ideas from answers to the questions asked. You shouldn’t always accept things the way they are, you have to question its existence and look at the “what if” it can be done different and this will help you come up with creative or modified ideas.

  • Always take notes

As a creative student, it is important that you always have a notebook or iPad with you to help take notes at every point in time. Ideas can come at any point in time and also at anywhere.

You should always take notes and put down the ideas as they come even while you are sleeping.

Research has shown that the best ideas come from our sleep. This is because sleeping or resting helps to boost your creativity and ability to solve problems.

Most times, you get answers to questions or solutions to problems from your sleep. So it is advisable that you write down your nocturnal ideas because they might turn out to be the best possible solution to a problem.

  • Take a stroll and also go for a run

This will help relieve you of anxiety and also give you a brainpower boost thereby stimulating your creative thinking ability. It helps to take your mind of worries and also expose you.

Taking a stroll will allow your mind wander away from your problems.

  • Read about creative thinkers

This is another way to help stimulate your creative ability. You should read about creative thinkers and innovator as this will help give you inspiration and also motivate you to be creative.

You can also emulate some of the things they did that helped them to be creative and innovative.

  • Do not repeat the same routine in completing a task

Most times, you might want to just solve a problem and use the available method of approaching that problem as it is easier but you should also know that monotony get boring with time.

You should always try to explore new ways and apply a different approach to answering questions and solving problems.

  • Travel

One thing with travelling is that it leaves you speechless and then turns you to a story teller. Going to places will help boost your creativity as you will see and learn things from the places you visit.

  1. Eat healthy foods

Research has shown that there are some meals that will help boost your brain power and make you active and smart. When the brain is active, then you can actually think of ideas and be creative.

Food rich in protein and minerals will help sharpen the brain and this will boost your thinking capacity. You should also take water too.

  • Rest well

Like we mentioned earlier that the best ideas come when we sleep and having a good rest will help boost your creative thinking ability.

Final Note

We have said it that everyone is born creative and there is no limit to how creative you can be as it is your ability to think that limits your ability to perform.

Never believe the myth that every problem has only one solution and that the best method has already been discovered. You have to look very closely and question the narrative.

Allow your mind to travel and incubate ideas, you will stimulate your creativity with time. We hope you have learnt a lot from this article and we want to see you use the information you have gotten from this article and put it to a better use.

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