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How To Become A Better Student During A Lockdown Period

How To Become A Better Student During A Lockdown Period – We all saw what happened in the year 2020 and how the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic stalled major activities in many nations across the world. The pandemic forced many educational institutions to start teaching students online. Students had to sit in their homes during this period.

A lockdown can be caused by a number of reasons such as:

  • A pandemic outbreak
  • Civil unrest
  • Conflict between countries
  • Natural disasters

All these events listed above can cause a lockdown in a country and in this period many activities are put on hold and academic activities are not left out. Schools get closed down and students miss out on a lot of things pending when the lockdown is over.

Many students begin to ask questions like

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What can I do during a lockdown period?

How can I utilize my time during a lockdown period?

What can I do to become a better student during a lockdown period?

Well, the truth is as a student, a lockdown period is a time to reflect on your previous performance in school and work on yourself to become a better student when school resumes after the lockdown period.

Working on yourself during a lockdown period will help you prepare for school and help you perform better in your academics. Students shouldn’t while away their time in a lockdown period regardless of the cause of the lockdown, look for ways to develop yourself and become a better student and person.

You should always know that learning never stops and a lockdown period offers you an opportunity to develop better characters to help you become a better student and do well in your academics. During this period of lockdown, you will need to self direct yourself towards your studies as no teacher or tutor will be there to guide you on how to go about your studies.

You shouldn’t look far because this article is going to show you how you can develop yourself as a student during a lockdown and prepare yourself for when things gets back to normal after a lockdown.

There are many things you can work on during the lockdown period so as to improve yourself and keep staying fit just like the athletes do. Let’s point out something to you, during a lockdown period, athletes are going to keep working out and stay fit to prepare for life after lockdown. They will not get lazy and start eating excessively knowing that the lockdown won’t stay forever.

As a student, you should take a lesson from this and see the reason you should continue working on yourself to become a better student in preparation for life after the lockdown period.

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We have carefully written this article to give you tips on how you can become a better student during a lockdown. These tips are:

  • Set clear goals for yourself

Like we said earlier that a lockdown period is a time where you can reflect on  a lot of things. This is a time where you ask questions like

  • What has been your drive?
  • What do you actually want for yourself?

At this period, if you don’t really have a focus as a student, you have to set goals for yourself. Mind you, set clear and specific goals. What you want to achieve during and after the lockdown and when you return to school.

These goals you set give you a focus and a direction to follow. It helps you stay motivated and develop self-discipline so that you can achieve the set goal.

During a lockdown period, reflect on the past goals you have set for yourself, check out the ones you achieved and the ones you didn’t get the chance to achieve. Review them and figure out why you couldn’t achieve the goal and then modify the goal(s) and work towards achieving the goal you set.

  • Set your goals according to your passion

Why set a goal that you don’t have a passion for? The passion is your drive and motivation to achieve the goal you set. If you want to achieve any goal you set in life, there has to be passion for what you want to do.

While setting your goal(s), understand your passion, your strengths and weaknesses as this will help know what you can do and how to improve on what you cannot do well.

Set your goal according to what you desire and have interest in. it will help you overcome some challenges or setbacks you might encounter in achieving your goal(s).

  • Set a study goal for yourself

You should know that a lockdown period is not a time to sit on the couch and focus on your TV screen or being so glued to your mobile phone and other gadgets. You should always study to keep your brain fit and active.

Try to set a study goal to motivate you to always study. Your study goal can be studying for 2-5hours every day or finishing a particular textbook or article in a week and be sure to understand the details in what you have studied.

Your study goal can be different from the normal goal you set. This study goal motivates you to study and study effectively.

  • Have a positive attitude towards studying and improving yourself

We talked about passion in one of the points we raised earlier in this section of the article and also you should have a positive attitude towards studying. If you have set a goal of performing better than your previous results when you resume from the lockdown, you should be positive about it.

Never nurture the “what ifs”; you are only inviting negativity and lack of motivation to achieve your goal. Have a positive mindset towards being a better student after the lockdown period and to perform better when school resumes.

It is one thing to say you want to be a better student and it is another to work towards actually being better and improving yourself. For you to do this, you have to put in effort and be determined to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Do not limit your ability even when you know your weaknesses. Work towards being better not perfect.

  • Study everyday

It’s a lockdown, you are not in school meaning you have the time to study and you can actually study every day. We are not saying that you should neglect other activities you have to do and always study at the slightest chance you get. What we are saying is that you should set out time to study every day. This will help make studying a normal routine for you.

You can prepare a study schedule to help you study. In your schedule, you could allocate 5-6hours every day for studying. This way, you are preparing yourself for when the lockdown period will be over.

In your study schedule, write out your goal(s) so that you get to see them every day and be motivated to put in your best. Always stick to the schedule you have prepared for your studying and have self-discipline too.

The schedule will also help you work on procrastination. The schedule you create can also be for every activity you perform in a day but make sure it contains study hours. You have to keep the brain active and focused.

  • Know the best time to study

There is always a time when you study and everything just begins to flow. At this point, you begin to comprehend so easily and studying becomes interesting and easy.

During a lockdown period, you have just enough time to yourself but it is what you do with it that matters. Even if you decide to study every day, you cannot use the whole 24hours in a day to study. You have to understand yourself and figure out the best time to study when your brain can be very receptive to collect, comprehend and interpret information easily.

Take your time to understand yourself better. This will not only help you during the lockdown period but also after the lockdown when you go back to school.

Nobody knows you better than yourself.

  • Know the best way to study

Everybody has different ways they study to make them comprehend and assimilate information easily. While some students study with music and slight refreshments, some others study in a very serene environment without any distraction. You have to figure out the best way that you can study effectively.

You have to review the way you have been studying and see if the results have been positive so as to figure out a better way to study that will help you become a better student.

  • Work on your time management skill

You are in a lockdown period and you have the whole day and time in the world to watch TV, eat, sleep, play with your smartphones and many other activities. But you have to organize your time properly; you have to use the period to work on how you can manage your time effectively.

This is really a concern for many college students as in college, you have too many activities to meet up with but have limited time. During a lockdown period, you have the time to work on your time management.

Do well to set time for every activity you do in a day and see how you can keep to the time you set for the activities. For you to be a better student, you have to be able to manage your time properly. Doing this will help you avoid procrastination and keep you motivated.

Read books and articles on how to manage time properly and make use of what you have learnt. Time management helps you to stay organized and focused and staying organized helps you to become a better student both academically and socially.

  • Work on your concentration level

You are not in school where you have too many activities that may distract or divert your attention and also friends that may need your attention too. During the lockdown period, you can work on your ability to concentrate and focus.

When studying, try to see how you can block off distractions and concentrate on what you are studying; this will help you study effectively. You have enough time to see how you can improve your concentration level.

Train your mind to wade off distractions and concentrate on anything you are doing. Working and improving your concentration level will help to improve your listening and reading skill as you won’t get easily distracted while in class and also while studying too.

  • If you are a procrastinator, work on overcoming procrastination

Hey, some of us procrastinate at some point in time. It might be for a good reason but the truth is procrastination is not really good. You are putting off or delaying an activity to another time and this increases stress.

If you are a procrastinator and you are fond of procrastinating activities, a lockdown period is a time for you to work on your procrastination habit. You can overcome procrastination if actually you want to. What you have to do is

  • Admit you are a procrastinator
  • Identify or figure out why you procrastinate
  • Start what you want to do
  • Do the important things first
  • Don’t be a perfection freak, you cannot always be perfect
  • Set goals and have deadlines
  • Enjoy what you do

Trying all what we have listed here will help you work on procrastination and overcome it.

  • Improve your reading skill

Your reading skill influences your writing and speaking skill. You have to use the lockdown period to work on your ability to read, understand, decode, interpret and respond to a written text.

Your reading ability and skill is very important for you to become a better student. Your ability to read and understand written texts not only help you academically but also in life generally.

In order to improve your reading skill, make reading a habit and something you enjoy. Set reading goals which you can also call study goals and also make notes while studying as this helps you understand better.

Reading is essential for you to do well as a student and also as an individual so you should work on your reading skill.

  • Improve your writing skill

For some students that find it difficult to take notes or organize their notes, you can use the lockdown period to work on your writing skill and note taking ability.

How well do you take down what you hear?

How well do you make notes from what you have read?

You can decide to take out time everyday to make notes from what you have read and organize the note well. Minimize distractions when reading and writing, work on the key points you came across when reading, try to make connections with what you are reading and what you already know.

  • Be self-disciplined

Self-discipline is a quality that every student should possess if they want to become better students. When you set a goal and plan for achieving that goal, you have to take action and work towards achieving that goal regardless of how you feel.

Even when you are not motivated, self-discipline helps you find your motivation. You have to be self-disciplined to avoid procrastination and manage your time properly. Self-discipline keeps you focused and determined.

If you lack self-discipline as a student, you can work on that and a lockdown period can be an opportunity to work on being self-disciplined.

  • Don’t multitask

Multitasking reduces productivity. Set out time for every activity you have to do and make sure you complete them one after the other. Multitasking leaves you exhausted and reduces your efficiency.

An ideal student doesn’t multitask and why multitask when you can actually allocate time to the tasks you have to complete and make sure you complete them within the time given.

Procrastination leads to multitasking as you have to complete the tasks at hand by performing them simultaneously in order to meet up. When you work with time and keep up to time, you see yourself easing stress.

  • Take an online course

A lockdown period is an opportunity for you to enroll in an online course as many educational institutions teach students online. The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 saw many educational institutions resort to teaching online.

You can take on an online course as there are various skills you can learn during a lockdown period. You can learn

  • Graphics design
  • Website design
  • Digital Marketing

These skills will help you in school and also after school. These skills are very useful in the world today. A lockdown period offers you the opportunity to take online courses and learn a lot before school resumes.

  • Engage in exercise

All work and no play make you a dull student. It is very good to exercise the body and during a lockdown period, you can always engage in exercise. It helps to keep the body fit and mind active. Staying in one place can cause fatigue.

You can try

  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Skipping
  • Dancing
  • Playing football, basketball or tennis

Set out time in your schedule for exercise

  • Read self development books

When we say self development books, we mean books that will help you grow mentally and intellectually. These books open you up to new perspectives and help you develop character and attitude.

These books inspire you to do better and be better. Make out time to read about successful people and how they became successful, you might learn a thing or two from their stories and experiences.

The lockdown period is a time to work on your character and yourself too.

  • Work on being creative

Everyone is creative but what is your spark? The lockdown is the perfect time to work on your creativity and train yourself to think creatively. This is a time where you can train yourself to think outside the box and do things out of the normal.

You are faced with a problem, you can think of better ways to solve that problem. Always be ready to learn and try new things as this will help stir up your creativity.

A smart student is creative and welcomes new experiences.

  • Eat healthy food

Food also helps to sharpen the brain and mind. You have to eat healthy meals. You don’t have to skip your meals in order to catch up with lectures or other activities. In a lockdown period, everyone is expected to stay in their homes and so you should try to eat healthy food and make sure you stay healthy.

Take a lot of water and fruits. This improves the way your body functions and keeps your healthy.

  • Make out time to rest

Sleep is needed to refresh the body ad mind. It also helps to relax the brain. Have you tried studying after sleeping for a couple of hours whether at night or during the day? The brain becomes refreshed and active and at this point, it can easily comprehend information.

During a lockdown period, you can have a sound sleep of 8-9 hours. Lack of sleep can lead to stress and make you break down.

Ending note

A lockdown period offers you the opportunity to do a lot of things but what you do with this time matters a lot as it can influence your knowledge and future too. Instead of whiling away time doing irrelevant things, you can work on becoming a better student ad prepare yourself for life after the lockdown period.

Many students saw the COVID-19 lockdown period as a time to relax and rest from the stress of college while others saw this as an opportunity to reflect on their past performance and work on being better and improving.

There are a lot of things you can do to become a better student while you are in a lockdown and we have highlighted some of them to help you start working on yourself and so you will not be taken unawares incase of a lockdown situation.

Make sure you use the tips we have highlighted in this article and work towards being a better student whether in school or not.

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