How Students Can Succeed in Their Online Classes

How Students Can Succeed in Their Online Classes

Are you starting an online class and you are thinking about how to succeed in your newly online classes? The truth is that it is natural to be nervous and with that to succeed is all you can ever think of. 

The pressure on people when they start a new class is always high that if you cannot control it, it can take you down or it lifts you. Therefore in this article, I will be guiding you through things you should do and things you shouldn’t do and also how to succeed in your newly online classes.

First of all, what is the difference between starting a new online class and starting a new traditional class? The simple answer is nothing. Yeah, nothing because the same way you prepare for the new traditional classes, things to tell your colleague, etc. is the same way you will also prepare for your newly online classes.

In your newly online classes, your teacher will, first of all, ask you how your holiday went and how you are prepared for the new class before he or she starts the class just like the traditional classes.

So with this, it means that you can also use the steps or tactics I will list and explain here for the benefit of both online classes and traditional classes (Offline classes). It can work for both settings.

How Students Can Succeed in Their Online Classes
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How Students Can Succeed in Their Online Classes

Congratulation, you have successfully moved into another class I’m happy for you. But that being said, if you want to continue moving higher, there are certain things you will need to fix and these are;


 To succeed in anything you are doing in life, the first thing is to set a goal. a goal on things you want to achieve and a goal on things you want to learn.

Setting a goal for your new class is like saying I want to make this amount of money by the end of the year. And when you do that, you will do whatever it takes to make sure that you make that amount of cash at the end of the year.

The same goes for education. For you to reach a greater height in your studies, you will need to set a major goal.

I use the word major because a goal is an important plan or achievement in someone’s life.

Therefore, set a major goal on things you will like to accomplished in your newly online classes, and make sure that you work towards it as well. 


You are running an online class, you have to make sure that you know how to make use of the online resources. I.e. how to navigate from page to page in other to get all the information that you need for your studies.

Online resources can be some sites that you go to research on your work or assignment given to your class by a teacher, it can also be a YouTube platform. 

Yes, as an online student, you must make sure that you know how to make good use of YouTube and also that you know Vbloggers channels that are blogging on your course of study. This will help you to easily navigate from channel to channel when you are being given a project to do by yourself or with your team.

To succeed in your newly online classes, you will not have to be waiting for your teacher to tell you to do this before you do it. That’s why this point is coming in, ensure that you make good use of the online resources that you have got hold of. 

Try out new things that you were taught in class with the help of these resources so that before your teacher will tell the class to do it, you already know it.


Everything about life is planning, be it a good thing or a bad thing, likewise studying. If you want to do well in your online classes, then you will need to have a study plan.

A study plan that you are sure that you can keep to it without it affecting your daily business. Make a timetable, this time will help you when you want to read, instead of thinking of which subjects to read, you will just be able to choose one. why? Because that’s the subject you have to read for that time which is on your timetable. 

A nap before reading is a big plus to academic excellence. A siesta helps your brain to relax. this helps you not to have a mental breakdown because of stress and lack of sleep.

So give your body a good rest before you start studying.


Make sure that your siesta time does not affect your study time. work on your study plan in a way that you will be able to be dedicated to your study time without having to be rescheduling regularly.

having to take your online classes from home, try and make sure that your guidance or siblings, and friends know well very that a so time is for your study. this will help you to be dedicated to the time you have set for yourself.

To be able to follow your study time and also to be dedicated to it, it will take self-discipline to do that. so no matter what you do and before walking up to your guidance or siblings at home, make sure that you have first of all fixed your mind to keep to that time.

If you have a good study time already or if you don’t, I will suggest that making the time that immediately you are done with your online classes, you will move to start your reading, will be very good.

This kind of study time will help you to understand what you have just been taught a few minutes ago by your teacher than closing the note and your system to keep.

Read it while it is still very much fresh in your head.


 Reading will help you to succeed in your newly online classes but taking a break sometimes will help you to avoid breaking down.

If you study for 2 hours, then try and take a break from it maybe for like 20-30 minutes before you continue again. try and exercise your joint by the time you are having a break, if you can sleep during that time, then do it.

Doing this does not mean that you will not succeed, of course, you will succeed, a little break will not harm you instead it will help you to understand more when you start studying again.


One of the issues with young people when it comes to online classes is social media. If you are addicted to social media, that every time you are online or that if you don’t login in a day, it will seem like you are lost, then online classes are not for you.

Online classes are for people who can stay in the online classes for an hour or 2 without running from one social media to another while still in class.

Social media is one of the big enemies you will have to tame down if you want to succeed in your newly online classes. Learn to avoid social media at least for the day or if not for the day, try and avoid it throughout the period you have set online as your classes period. Because that’s the only way you can succeed.


Whatever you take note of, it is always difficult to forget. but why? It is because you used your hand in writing it down without anybody telling you what to put down.

Taking a note means you jotting down some points said by the teacher or from the book given to you in class which you think are important.

This note will help you during your study time to compare and contrast to what is written on the material given in class.

What your teacher is saying sometimes is always very important than what is on the textbook issue out to students from the school. For example; your teacher sets an exam for you and your classmate, then you decided to answer the questions using your understanding and combining it with what he taught you in class without using exactly as it says in the textbook, do you think that you will pass those exams?

Yes, you will pass very well. It is not just because you understood the subject and were able to explain but it is because you have shown your teacher, that gave him or her attention during the time the subject was taught in class.


what you don’t understand during classes or when you are studying along, ask a question. Asking questions will help your teacher to understand your weak point which is where you don’t understand.

With that, he or she will have to come back and explain where you asked the question. But without asking questions, it will just be taken that everything is understood to you.


One thing about school is that if you are not mentally engaged you will easily fall out. Mentally engagement means you giving in your all just to make something out of your education.

There are a lot of ways to be mentally engaged on things including class and some of them are; sufficient rest, stay hydrated, get enough exercise, etc. 

Having sufficient rest helps the brain to function well instead of breaking down. For you to succeed in your newly online classes, you will need a sound mind and a sound memory, to be able to stand well.

You can also be mentally engaged by ensuring that you find things that can help keep your brain active, things like taking extra classes on your own, either online or offline classes, play brain task games in your extra time when you are not reading. This will help your brain in terms of reasoning and spellings. 


I know it is an online class, you don’t have to go out for it, but still, you need to ensure that you feed well before you start the classes for the day. Feeding well, helps you to have the stamina to stay concentrated to the end of the class without being tired or distracted. 

Feeding well also involves you working on the 6 classes of food because there all have a different function on the body system, so to stay strong, without a weak muscle due to a long time of sitting, then you will need to feed well before you can stay strong.

Feeding well does not mean that you have to finish all the food in the house before you stay strong, but you can feed well by making sure that you eat when the hunger comes, you don’t skip a meal, and you eat whatever is available at the moment without selection. This will help you to stay strong and succeed in your newly online classes.


 They are no student that does not have a weak point be he or her the best student of the year, there is always a weak point and that is where a study team comes in. 

Joining a study team will help you to learn and understand the things that you didn’t understand during the classes, and you will also have more insight through another person’s explanation. 

Joining a study team is another way you getting motivated in your education. For example; in a study group, There are more than two or four, five, etc, students involved who took it upon themselves to be among the people who succeed in their online classes, and just seeing this kind of group of students, you will be motivated to open your books to read even when you were feeling lazy to read on your own.


 Joining a study team does not still end there. Make sure that when you want to study, dismiss everything that supposes to be the reason for distraction is taken care of before you stay.

These things include; social media, friends, movies, music, wrestling, etc.

These 12 steps will help you to succeed in your newly online classes. Success to you.

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