How Students Can Stand Out in an Online Class

Are you an online college student and you are thinking of how to stand out in an online class? well, then don’t worry because just like the regular classes are, there is also room for that in an online class.

With the help of many tech companies and tech products now all over the world, online learning has been made a lot easy than it should have been expected to be if you were supposed to be to the Café every day just for classes just because you don’t have a tech at home.

But with the help of the tech, you can stay at the comfort of your home and stand your enrollment without having to move out to a particular building called a school to study.

Although the online class is easy, you still need to study and also learn how to stand out in an online class. 

Standing out in an online class can help you in a lot of things but the most important thing that you learning how to stand out in an online class can do for you is by helping you create a good education relationship with your teacher.

Creating a good relationship with your teacher and fellow online students can give you the room to be exposed to more things in your area of study. Yeah, standing out in an online class is you sending a sign to your teacher that you are interested in what he or she wants to teach you.

And this kind of relationship is the only thing that can cause a teacher to go the extra mile just to teach a student. perhaps, who wants to waste time teaching a student with no flame insight for education.

Therefore, in this article, I have compiled not all but the most important things that you will need if you want to learn how to stand out in an online class. And believe me, after reading this, if you follow these steps either in an online school or in regular classes, you will see a big positive difference.

Is online school easy?

Having classes in an online school is not as easier as in the face-to-face classes between students and the teacher. An online school takes a lot and also demands a lot from you than in a traditional school.

It takes discipline to be able to enroll in an online class so No, online school is not that easy but it is easy when you have self-discipline.

How to stand out in an online class

For you to stand out in an online class, then you will need to these few things;

  • Interact and ask questions during classes:

A class that is full with a good vibe, generates interaction between the teacher and the student. And a class that is only one man speaking, generates a bad vibe and ends up making it bored.

An interactive class helps you to be more interested in the class without praying for it to please just end because you want to get out from the site.

Interacting and asking question in classes do not only help you to get to understand what you are being taught, but it also helps your teacher to know that he or she is not wasting his time teaching someone who is not interested in whatever he has to say or in what he has been saying.

Apart from these two things, you creating interaction in class, helps your classmates to be able to follow up and something ends up joining in the conversation without just sitting and be listening. 

Create a good relationship with your classmate so that you can get to know them, knowing your classmates and when interacting with your teacher, you will be able to ask some questions which in one way or the other will interest your mates to be able to follow up and also be carried along instead of just you.

  • Give your guest speaker something to smile on: 

Giving your guest speaker something to smile on does not mean that you should be proud and arrogant in front of the speaker thereby making the effort of your teacher go to total waste.

You can make your guest speaker smile by showcases what you got. that can only be done by communication. For the speaker to just start the class and then speak for an hour without any questions or answers will only make it look like you guys are not ready to learn.

So this is the chance for you to stand out in an online class not just between your teachers and classmates but also with a guest speaker. This can help you one day when you need a recommendation to build engagement in class.

  • Keep your camera on as long as you can keep:

Do you want to be taken seriously during an online class? then learn how to keep your camera on. Keeping your camera on when the class is going on is a sign that you are following up on the class and that your concentration is there too.

But when every small thing, you switch the camera off and on, will only mean that you are not ready for the class may be because your mind is occupied or that you are being distracted by your environment.

That notwithstanding, it does not mean that when you are busy that it is a must to switch your camera on, No, but it is important to keep it on when you are less busy in other to join the class.

Most professors understand that some days you’re just not camera-ready, but whenever you can, show up for the class with your camera on.

  • Take note: I know it is an online class and materials are given but there is one secret about studying and that, “Note-taking” note-taking doesn’t have to be the note that is dictated from the teacher to the student but it can be the one that you are jotting down as the teacher is explaining during the classes.

After your online class, the note you took when the teacher was explaining some points to you or the class, will help you to understand whatever you read or see on the material that will be later be given to the class by the teacher.

This helps break down some hard parts of the material, with this, you will be able to stand out in an online class, and also you can see points to use and ask your teacher some questions in places that you don’t seem to understand even with his first explanation. This will tell him or her that at least you took in what he explained before to you and your colleague just that you still need my insight on it. 

  • Manage distractions: One thing about you taking an online class from home is that you will always be distracted, so to avoid that, why not try and manage the distractions as much as you can before scheduling the class for the day?

If you know that 7 pm is when the whole family wants to gather or for something or that 4 pm is time to make dinner, you shouldn’t schedule your class by then because you will not be able to give in your attention to your teacher and at the end of it, you will not get anything that was taught that day.

  • Manage your time: Your time is very important when it comes to online classes, therefore no matter what takes place at home, at work, in your environment ensure that it is taken care of before time for your studies.

The way you manage will determine how serious you are, so try and ensure that you work hard by disciplining yourself to adjust to the time set for each activity around you.

  • Be patient: It is an online class, things are expected to happen even if is not regularly but sometimes, things like network issues or conference settings may go wrong when fixing, etc. 

Things as these, you are expected to be patient and also be willing to help in any way you can to help your lecture to be a success.

Can I get a free degree online?

There are some online programs which are tuition-free for students who want to study the program but because of tuition fee, they couldn’t. Although it is called a tuition-free program does not mean that it is not accredited or recognized. 

More than half of the online programs are fully accredited and recognized both without the country and outside the country. 

Where can I study online for free?

There are a lot of online schools that run free programs for students who want to study through their education system and here are the most popular programs that offer free classes on some degrees;

  • Udemy: Udemy is one of the most popular online schools in the world today. The school is fully accredited and recognized all over the world and it is fully known for its excellence in teaching computer-related programs.

Udemy was founded in the year 2010 in America by Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani with headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. 


  • Coursera


  • edX


  • Khan Academy


  • Alison


  • Open Culture Online Courses


  • Academic Earth


  • Lifehack Fast Track Class


  • World Student Forum


What should you not do in an online class?

There is always one spirit that does hand around whenever someone’s data is on telling you to explore the internet as much as you can, that’s not bad but it is bad when the only reasons why you on your data or Wi-Fi was because you want to enter an online class. 

Therefore when you are planning on joining an online class, you must stay away from any form of distraction on the internet. and some of those distractions are;

  • social media: Social media is the greatest enemy when it comes to online classes. Yeah, enemy for example; You are in an online class and all of a sudden, you log in to one of your social media either Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, etc, at the same time as you are undergoing your classes, there is a possibility of getting distraction because your attention will be divided. This kind of frequent act, cannot help you if you want to stand out in an online class. So if you still want to know how to stand out in an online class, you have to put a stop to this act as soon as you can.
  • Websites: Trying to concentrate on one site which is your class will be very helpful at this moment if you don’t want to see yourself fallout from class instead of standing out.

Can you cheat online classes?

Are you thinking what I am thinking? haha if so then I am sorry because the answer is No, online classes have what we called cheating/plagiarism detection software. They ensure that before there start running their online programs that this software is integrated into their LMS programs (Learning management system program).

How do online schools prevent cheating?

There are a lot of ways to prevent cheating in an online school but then make schools prevent using software called Keystroke verification software.

Keystroke verification software is the best way or method to prevent cheating in an online school helping the school to run smoothly just like the regular schools.

What are the easiest online classes?

 There are a lot of online classes and many more are coming up every day which is making online classes interesting as days passes but among all, there are a few which are the easiest online classes you can ever think of and some of them are;

  • Social Science
  • Basic History
  • Art/Music Appreciation
  • Education courses
  • Health Education, etc.

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