How Students Can Prepare For An Upcoming Examination Before The Exam Day

Welcome to yet another interesting article on how students can prepare for an upcoming examination before the exam day. We decided to put up this article to help students prepare for any upcoming examination during their academic life. The steps explained in this article are only from the authors view point/experience and doesn’t guarantee positive results. However, be rest assured you will be getting changes in your performance if you follow the steps the right way. This article contains three sections which includes, how you prepare for an upcoming examination, what to do when the examination is on the next day and what to do after an examination. If this article interest you, we recommend you read every bit of it till the end and share them to your friends and family.

How Students Can Prepare For An Upcoming Examination Before The Exam Day
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Steps To Take When Preparing For An Examination

Prepare Your Mind For Success – The first step towards preparing for an upcoming examination or any challenging event is building a strong mindset. According to a website known as verywellmind, “your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world events and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, and behave in any given time and situation”. So to achieve success in your examination, you will be needing a strong mindset and determination. Accept you are not a failure and you are willing to put in all the work to succeed. This will definitely set you on the right path to success.

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Set Up A Time Table – The second recommended step to take is creating a timetable that will guide you on how to execute your daily plan which also includes your reading plans. Your time table should be simple and precise and shouldn’t be stuffed with a lot of activities. Also, ensure you leave room for eating and resting.

Read to Remember – One good reading strategy is the read to remember strategy. Unlike cramming, this method involves reading a piece till you understand them, and you are able to put them down in your own words. After you are done reading for the day, it’s recommended you pick up a piece of paper and put down all you have learnt without looking at the source. This method will help you remember things easily without looking at anywhere for help.

Get Past Questions – If you are preparing for a senior exam or an exam that has been happening before, it’s recommended you get past questions of similar exam. This will guide you on the kind of questions to expect and how to attempt them. In some cases, you will find people selling this questions and the solutions around the school premises. You can buy and read them ahead of the examination. However, it’s also important we note that you shouldn’t rely on past questions alone, but you should be aware of the type of questions that have been asked during previous similar examinations.

Attempt Assignments – If it’s an upcoming semester examination, do ensure you are able to solve all assignments that you were given during lectures. Most times, the examiner might choose to repeat the assignment questions during the examination. This happens mostly when students didn’t attempt the assignment or weren’t able to provide the right solution to the assignment. So do you have an assignment you weren’t able to solve? If Yes! Do ensure you can solve them before the exam day.

Note down possible questions from lectures – Lectures are also another important event to get possible examination questions. There are some questions the lecturers might want everyone to attempt and also other ones they emphasized on. Sometimes they ask questions during lecture and do not give out the answer and are simply expecting the students to do their own research. These questions are very important and should be noted because they have a high tendency of showing up during the exam day. Is your lecturer fond of asking questions during lectures? If yes! Ensure you are taking note of those questions and their solution’s.

Ask questions – Whenever you are confused about something, it’s important you ask questions immediately. You can ask your lecturers, students or even check online for similar questions and solutions. We highly encourage students to be very flexible with information sources such as Google, YouTube, quara etc.

Take self-prepared test – Self prepared test are test you design by yourself from a particular source and you have to be disciplined with it. After your reading, do ensure you take a self-prepared test. This will help you test your ability and understand your weakness. Students making using of self-prepared test find it very difficult to forget what they read. It also helps them understand better and improves their performance during examination.

Eat and sleep – Lastly, do not forget to stay healthy by having a nutritious meal and enough sleep. This will help you energize your system and keep your body and mind in shape. Eating and sleeping are very important and shouldn’t be ignored.

How To Prepare For Next Day Examination

At this point we are going to assume that the examination is taking place on the next day and we will be giving out some important steps you can take to prepare for your upcoming examination.

Eat and Sleep: The first and important step you need to take is having a good meal and a proper sleep. This is important to keep your body on the right state for the next preparation. You will need your body to be in the right state if you intend preparing for the next day examination. Studies have shown it’s very difficult to read properly with an empty stomach and a poor sleep.

Wake Up Early– Ensure you wake up early to start your final preparation for the next day examination. Do not spend all your day sleeping when you are supposed to be reading. You can sleep for 4-6 hours and spend the remaining time preparing for your next day examination.  

Reflect on all you have studied – At this point, you won’t be having enough time to read from scratch again. We recommend spending more time on reading areas you find difficult to understand. If you have more time, you can also revisit those areas you already know. The more you read them, the easier you will remember them.

Attempt the hard questions – Just like we mentioned above, you need to spend the last few hours attempting the difficult questions. Also, if you have a reading partner that knows the topic better, you can seek for a shorter solution from them.  

Pray – We recommend committing everything to almighty God before starting anything including your examination. You should always pray when you wake up, before and after you read, before and after writing an examination

What To Do After an Examination
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What To Do After an Examination

At this point we are assuming you are already done with the examination. We will be giving out some important steps you should take after writing an examination.

Eat and sleep – The first thing we recommended you do after writing an examination is retuning back home or to your hostel, eat and have a good rest. Just like we mentioned earlier, you need to keep your body in the right state to achieve your next goals.

Reflect On The Questions You Attempted – After eating and having a good rest, we recommend checking out the questions you answered and finding solutions to the ones you found difficult. This will further seal the information in your memory and it will become part of you.

Attempt Questions you ignored – If there are questions you ignored during the examination, this is the right time to find solution to them. You never can tell where you will find similar questions in future. Ensure you find solutions to the questions and read them until you can solve them alone.

Prepare for the next examination – If you have another examination, kindly follow similar steps when making preparation. At this point, we will be wishing you success in your upcoming examination. Good Luck!

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