How Students Can Earn Steady Income from Working Online

Welcome to our detailed article on how students can earn steady income from working online. In this article, we will be looking at how anyone can be a student and also work online to make some money. Also, I will be dishing out some important things I did during my days in school that helped me make a lot of money and also graduate with good grades.

A lot of schools are currently encouraging students to venture into entrepreneurship and business which is one of the reasons why I felt putting up this article will be very important to every student struggling to make money online.  Before diving dip into the most important aspect of this article, I will like to explain what steady income is and how students can go about it.

What is steady income?

A steady income is an income source that keeps generating income for a person over a period of time as long as everything remains in order. Such source of income can either be a job with security, a business idea or an investment plan. A person with a steady income source will enjoy the benefit of been paid most of the time and can easily diversify into other means of income.

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Is it okay to work and study as a student?

Working as a student has its benefits and setbacks but there are lots of online jobs that aren’t time consuming and also leaves you with the opportunity to study and also work at the same time. As a student venturing into working online or creating an income stream, you should be very conscious of your timing and academic performance. Also you should be prepared to sacrifice other things in other to have enough time for your work and academics.

Having a business online will definitely prepare and expose you into the world of business and entrepreneurship. It doesn’t matter if you fail or not. What matters is the experience you will be getting from the business and how you will be able to make adjustment for better improvement.

How to Earn Steady Income from Online Sources

Here are some common jobs students can do online to earn steady income:

Affiliate marketing: The first on our list is affiliate marketing which involves selling other peoples product to earn commission. Over the past few years, the affiliate marketing industry have advanced by employing strategies that have made affiliate marketing easy for anyone to perform without much effort and investment. Now you can easily sign up on platforms like clickbank, jvzoo, warriorplus to outsource other peoples product you can sell.

 There are also other independent companies that offer affiliate marketers the opportunity to earn commission from selling their products or services.  Example of such companies include namecheap, fxtime, bluehost, unicaf etc. There are also many other platforms online that are independent and you can earn from. You just have to check out the best platform that suits your needs.

One of the best ways of promoting affiliate marketing products is through social media, email marketing or on a website. You can check out several lectures on affiliate marketing on udemy for as low as $20. These lectures will teach you the basics and advance aspects of affiliate marketing and we highly recommend you go for lectures with the highest positive reviews.

Freelancing:  The second on our list is freelancing. Unlike affiliate marketing, freelancing involves offering a service to a client online and getting paid for a job done. There are lots of services such as designing, wordpress installation, business branding, content writing, email campaign setup and many more you can offer to clients and companies and get paid. A lot of students are currently making over $5000 monthly by just designing business cards for companies online.

Example of companies offering freelancers the opportunity to earn online include fiverr, freelancing.com, seoclerk etc. These companies earn little commission after linking you to the clients in need of your service.

Due to high competition, you might have it difficult to rank your service on the front page of this platforms. But one recommended way of achieving this is by offering cheaper and quality service at the early stage or going for services that have little competition.

Dropshipping: Dropping shipping involves buying products from a source and selling it to someone else without coming in contact with the product. For example, you can buy a product from amazon and sell it on eBay at a cheaper price without having to see that product. Even though a lot of platforms are against this practice, there are still some other platforms that are okay with it. You can also buy this products at a cheaper price and sell them on your personal website. Dropshipping is a very profitable and less time consuming business as you don’t have to handle the product physically. The supply company takes care of the shipping for you. A lot of people are currently making decent bucks from this program monthly and we don’t want you to be left out.

Ecommerce: Ecommerce is similar to dropshipping but comes with a different approach.  As a student, we aren’t expecting to go into full scale ecommerce business as this can be time consuming and stressful for anyone. Our recommended approach to this is by marketing only student related materials to people around your school. This approach is less time consuming, highly targeted and will only limit your scope to people around your immediate environment. With this, you don’t have to work all day, you only have to attend to your customers when they are in need.

Blogging: Blogging is a very lucrative and interesting method of earning passive income. Blogging can be converted into full scale business if done the right way. The most difficult aspect of blogging is how to get readers to your blog and this is where most upcoming bloggers get exhausted and end up quitting.

Our recommended approach to getting readers to your blog is by writing on interesting topics with low keyword difficulty.  Keyword difficulty is a phrase use to describe the amount of blogs or competition around a certain keyword. If there are lots of blogs/website writing about a certain keyword, that keyword will have a high keyword difficulty and vice versa.

Upcoming bloggers are expected to focus on their passion and on articles with keywords having low keyword difficulty. You can use tools such as semrush or app.neilpatel.com to check the keyword difficulty of a keyword.

Lastly, it’s important to understand that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme and it requires a lot of time and effort. You just have to be very patient and hardworking to achieve progress. You can also set up a team you will be working with for a faster success.

Forex and Crypto trading: Even though forex and crypto trading are risky methods of making money online, we cannot exempt them from the list because of the opportunities they also present. A lot of students are currently making thousands of dollars monthly and yearly from trading. We highly recommend you seek a mentor and also practice for a reasonable amount of time before diving into full scale trading. Also, you can start a tutorial and online lecturing business after you have learnt the basics and advance aspects of trading. This will expose you to other money making opportunities and also help you gain more knowledge while teaching other people.

YouTube: YouTube is a great platform for content creators who are willing to make interesting and useful videos to the public. There are about 2.3 billion people actively using YouTube yearly but you only need a fraction of these people to make up your subscribers. You can start a channel on something you are passionate about and people will find interesting. You can also use platforms such as vidnami to create YouTube contents without showing your face.

YouTube has a monetization program that allows creators earn money from views they get on their channel. Currently you will be needing a thousand subscribers and a fixed amount of watch hours to get approved for the YouTube monetization program.  However, this shouldn’t be a problem to you as a starter. You should be focused on creating long, interesting and trending contents so that your visitors will be interested in becoming your channel subscribers. This will help you get to a thousand subscribers and be part of the YouTube monetization program within a short period of time.

Social media influencer: Been a social media influencer will require you to have influence on social networks such as facebook, instagram, snapchat, tik tok etc. You will be needing a huge amount of followers on these networks to be considered as an influencer. You can always use your influencer channel to promote your products and other people’s product. Do have it in mind that the more positive impact you have on the life’s of other people the more recommendations you will be getting on your channel. We highly recommend you start with offering useful materials to your followers before moving into full scale influencer business.

Positive Effect of Earning steady Income as a Student

One of the positive impact of earning steady income as a student is the ability to be independent on anyone to take care of your bills and personal needs. Another impact is that you will also be exposed to business and entrepreneurship at an early stage in life which gives you the opportunity and time to learn and correct your mistakes. If you intend going into full scale business in future, you will be having a strong foundation already.

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Additionally, starting and building a business is similar to nurturing a child till it becomes an adult. You have to add enough efforts and time into your business for you to get your desired result. In most cases the early stages are always difficult for anyone to cope with and this where you might be considering giving up. The more you keep pushing and never give up, the more closer you get to your goals.

Negative impact of earning steady income as a student

It’s believed that for everything that has a positive effect, there is always a corresponding negative effect. In as much as building a business as student from school is good, we can’t rule out the fact that if the business isn’t properly managed, it can have a drastic negative effect on your academics. We highly recommend you attend to your business only when you are done with your academic activities. Also we have been able to put up some important steps you can take to manage your business and academics and still make better grades in school.

How to manage your time as a student working online

Here are some important steps to take when managing your time as a student working online:

  • Setup a good time table: Time tables are very important for any student interested in staying organized. You time table should contain all the important activities you will be having in a day and the time you intend spending on each of them. One recommended tip towards setting up a good time table is to avoid stuffing too much activities in one day. Always ensure your time table is clear and simple to accomplish.
  • Adhere to your timing: After setting up your time table, it’s important you adhere to the timing. This takes a lot of discipline and will definitely help you get positive results in future. Adhering to your timetable simply means you should ensure you follow the activities as stated and avoid procrastination at all cost.
  • Avoid distractions: Unnecessary distractions include irrelevant and unproductive activities such as unnecessary conversations and events. Spending time on such activity will definitely be at the expense of an important one. As a productive student interested in managing time, you need to stay away from such activity and only focus on your daily plan.
  • Attend to assignments at the right time: Assignments are very important and should be attended to at the right time. Always ensure you save enough time for your assignment and reading activities. You will be getting the positive effects during your final exams.
  • Start preparing for exams from the first day in school: While most students ignore this step and only focus on preparing for exams days or hours to the due date. Its highly recommend you start preparing for exams from the first day in school. This will keep you productive and help you save enough time for other activities. You will also be able to attend to difficult part of your courses and still have enough time to attend to your side business.
  • Run an automated business: There are some businesses that require little effort to run them. For example, setting up a blog and monetizing it with platforms such as Google AdSense or affiliate marketing doesn’t require much effort and time to monitor. You can easily set them up and they will keep making money for you without you monitoring them all the time.
  • Work as a team: Working as a team can help you save a lot of time and stress. If your business can be managed as a team, we highly recommend you do so. In most cases, you will be needing a good leadership quality to manage such team. Do your research and ensure you are prepared for such task before embarking on it.
  • Stay Healthy: There is a saying that “Health is wealth”. In as much as you are eager to succeed in your business and academics as a student, we urge you to take good care of your health as you can only achieve maximum progress when you are healthy. Eat good meals, have enough sleep and exercise when necessary.
  • Appreciate your little progress: Always ensure you appreciate your little progress as this is the only way to motivate yourself to do more. You can reward yourself with a little treat anytime you achieve progress in your business or academics. Studies have shown that most people that appreciate their little progress end up making significant progress in life.

Final Verdict

Just like we mentioned earlier, a lot of schools are currently encouraging students to dive into entrepreneurship and having a business online is one of the best ways any student can earn passive income. However, we strongly recommend you organize your business and academics in other to ensure proper time management.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any contribution, do not hesitate to make use of the comment section.

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