Great Hacks To Build A Strong Concentration and Focus

Concentration and focus are key areas when working towards been successful in anything you are doing. Lacking concentration and focus can make you a failure in your choice of activity. Whether you are a student, a business person, a full time company worker or an entrepreneur. You need full concentration and focus to help you move to higher heights and to help you achieve success in your field.

Lack of the ability to focus is one of the best ways to waste the time you dedicated to doing that thing. It can also make you focus on multitasking the whole day without getting anything done.

So in this article, I will be explaining some key points and ideas you can use to build concentration and focus when working on any project or when trying to build your lifestyle.

5 Great Hacks To Build A Strong Concentration and Focus

Here are the few great hacks to build a strong concentration and focus when doing anything important:


This involves using a system that binds you to a task and makes you finish it before you even started. You can make use of a commitment device such as beeminder that allows you commit yourself towards finishing a task. You can also write your plans down and set rules that you are going to finish them before a certain period of time. Another great way of pre-commiting to a task is by eliminating the ability to do any other task when working on a particular task.

Having a distraction sheet

The second hack is having a distraction sheet, where you state clearly what is distracting you during your focus. This will help you actualize and identify your distraction and you will be able to find solutions to them.

Making use of distraction free applications

Example of a distraction free application you can make use of is forest. This application is available for both android and ios devices and it provides you with instant gratification and reward when you don’t touch your phone for a specific period of time.


Using the meditation technique is another great way to achieve focus in an interesting way. One good way of going about this is by trying to meditate by focusing on your breath for 3-5 minutes daily. Doing this will help you build concentration and also help you focus on whatever project or activity you are working on.

Eliminate potential distraction while you are working

The last tip we have for you is eliminating any form of distraction that is not needed and also not associated with the activity you are doing. For example, if you are working on a side project, you might want to eliminate all forms of noise and social media activities around you.


If you find this article interesting, do your best to leave us with a positive note using the comment section below and also tell us about your plans to master strong concentration and focus habits your own way.

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