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How To Get A Girlfriend In Middle School

How To Get A Girlfriend In Middle School-It is not always easy getting a girlfriend in middle school as it is the period where many boys and girls go through a lot of physical and emotional changes in their body and are still trying to figure out themselves.

At this stage, a lot of boys and girls are confused as to what they actually want, who they like and what makes them happy so it might be kind of difficult for you approach that girl you have had eyes for.

Also, it is likely that you and the girl have not been into any relationship before and so you don’t have any relationship experience but all these shouldn’t bother you much as we are going to show you how you could get a girlfriend in middle school.

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Without further ado, let’s proceed…

How To Get A Girlfriend In High School

·     Make her notice you

For you to get a girl generally, you will have to make her notice you and so if you want to get a girlfriend in middle school, try to make her notice you. She has to have an idea of who you are and you can do this by always dressing neat and smart, maintaining good hygiene and also wearing a lovely and killer smile.

In doing all these, you have to make her notice you. You could walk pass her, sit close to her if you are in the same class. She will definitely notice you at one point.

·     Get her attention in class

There are several ways you could get the girl’s attention in class aside being the teacher’s pet. You will have to do some things to make her want to get to know you.

You can start by talking to friends in class so that you will see that you are social. Always pay attention in class and answer questions correctly so that she would know that you are smart and intelligent.

You can also make jokes in class to show that you are fun and have a sense of humor but make sure you don’t make fun of others or the teachers as it only shows that you are a bully.

If you make eye contact with her or meet her at the hallway to class, try to say hi and if you are sitting next to her, you can try to ask if shes ready for the test or class. Try to bring up little talks to get close to her.

·     Get her attention outside the class

Aside getting her attention in class, you can also get her attention when you run into her at the park, hall, mall, or even at a party. If you see her in an unexpected place, don’t be shy to say hi; walk up to her and ask how she’s doing.

Do not avoid her all because you are shy. She might have seen you and is expecting that you come up to her and say hi.

You could even walk with her and start up a conversation as this could breed the friendship that would lead to a relationship.

·     Be friendly

It is very cool to be friendly especially if you want to get a girlfriend in middle school. Girls are attracted to friendly and jovial guys. If there is a girl you have had eyes for in a while, always act friendly towards her and show that you care about her.

Always wear a smile when you are around her. A lot of guys in middle school are nervous to talk to a girl and if you act cool and say hi to her, you could stand a chance of getting her.

·     Start a good conversation with her

It doesn’t really stop at saying her to her, wearing a smile and making her notice you. When she has notice you, what next?

You should be able to start a good conversation with her. She would likely be interested in dating you if she knows that you are really good at holding good conversations as she believes that you would be fun to be with and she will feel at ease with you.

When talking to her, pay attention to her and make eye contact but try not to make her nervous. Make her laugh by making a harmless joke about yourself or a friend but try as much as possible not to take it too far.

·     Show that you are interested in her life

Showing interest in the girl’s life will make her know that she means something to you. In as much as you are showing interest in her life, don’t make her feel like you are interrogating her.

Relate with her and show that you care about her family, friends, life and things that are important to her.

·     Always ask for her opinion about things

If you always ask for her opinion about things or actions you want to take, she will feel important and know that she matters to you. You can her if she likes your new clothes, haircut or other more serious matters.

You can ask about her hobby, favorite song, TV show and many other things.

·     Compliment her

If you really want to get her attention and make her feel special, then you will have to compliment her. You should compliment both appearance and her personality. In as much as you are trying to compliment her, try not to make her uncomfortable with your compliments.

Here are some lovely compliments you should tell her:

  • Has anyone ever told you that you look like (name a beautiful actress)?
  • Out of everything you are putting on today, your smile get my attention.

·     Flirt with her

After you guys have gotten to know yourselves well, you can start flirting with her by teasing her and being playful with her. Show her how cute and subtle you could be and then you will have to use your body language to let her know that you care by facing her, making eye contact and smiling at her.

While teasing her, give her the chance to tease you back and try as much as possible not to tease her with something too serious remember you are still trying to get her and show her that you care.

You can also break her touch barrier by playfully hitting her arm or letting her push you a bit if you have said something funny.

·     Let her see that you are paying attention and listening to her

For you to make her see that you are serious about her and want her to be your girlfriend, you will have to make her see that you are paying attention to all she says and does.

Comment on most of the things she says and does and note every detail of what she says.

·     Let her know that you like her

You can start by letting her know that you think she’s cool and fun to be with and that you enjoy her company very much. You don’t have to list all the reasons you like her but make sure you passed the message across that you like her.

If she feels the same way about you, then it is a green light to ask her out and see her reaction. Try as much as possible not to put pressure on her because she might not give you a possible answer as it might be her first time of ever going into a relationship.

·     React maturely

Try to act maturely once you ask the girl out. If she says yes and tells you she likes you too and try to let her know that you are happy about her response. If she turns you down, do not walk out rudely without saying goodbye. Thank her for spending time with you and bid her goodbye.

She will certainly appreciate your maturity.

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